What Is Unconditional Love in a Relationship?

Love is the basis of the universe. You can agree with this or deny it, but in fact, more and more people gradually realize the importance of love. Otherwise, what are you living for? Do you live just to pay bills and go on a more expensive vacation? All this does not look so tempting without sincere and tender relationships as well as without the existence of close and dear people unlike the prospect of sharing joy and grief with your beloved ones. All people want to experience unconditional love in relationships, but, unfortunately, not everyone knows what unconditional love means.

what is unconditional love in a relationship

What Is Unconditional Love?

Do you want to find out what unconditional love is? However, first, it is necessary to understand what conditional love is. Everything is quite clear. Conditional love is when we love conditionally, “If you behave the way I like, then I love you,” “If you don't cheat on me, I love you,” “If you are healthy and attractive, I love you," etc. That is, conditional love is when you impose conditions and feel love only if your partner meets certain requirements. However, can you accept a person as they are? Do you want to be accepted for who you really are? Take a close look at yourself, hear how you pronounce these conditions. Many of them are at a subconscious level. They can be seen from those situations and problems that we face in life.

What is unconditional love in a relationship? True unconditional love is about loving and fully accepting oneself and beloved ones as they are, and not the way you would like them to be. This type of love means full acceptance of one’s personality regardless of life situations, time and conditions. The concept of such an attitude to another person implies constancy, so this feeling does not disappear. It exists against all odds. Most people dream of such a relationship since unconditional feeling is when a person is accepted with all their flaws and under all circumstances.

Such an attitude to your beloved one does not limit the freedom of both of you. It is the willingness to share a warm feeling and attitude without waiting for something in return. This love happens, for example, when a woman takes her newborn baby in her hands for the first time. At this moment she is filled with so much joy. Then it becomes clear that love is light, joy and happiness. She loves her child no matter what. A little kid may keep her awake, hurt her, take her time away, but she loves them unconditionally.

Is Unconditional Love Real?

Our feelings exist only in the psyche and do not depend on external factors, events, therefore it is difficult to explain the reasons for the emergence of sympathy and antipathy. Love for someone is a reflection of the inner world of the person. It is far from ideal, although it is covered with numerous myths.

Love really shows the best side of a person, but they can feel big disappointment, understanding its conditionality. To avoid pain, it is necessary to understand that one hundred percent unconditional acceptance of another person is a bit of a pipe dream. Striving for the ideal is fine, but you should not blame yourself or others if you cannot achieve it.

how to love unconditionallyUnderstanding and acceptance are indicators of individual maturity. It does not come overnight but is formed over many years under the influence of current events and reactions to them.

Answering the question, “Does unconditional love exist?” It’s possible to say that few people have experienced this excellent feeling, but, nevertheless, it still happens. As a rule, it is common among people who have felt this love on the part of their parents. Such adults grew up in families where the parents showed love despite the child’s marks, behavior, success or appearance. Parents did not make demands in an emotional form to such a person. They grew up with a clear understanding of the fact that they would be loved without regard to actions or qualities, and they are not obliged to make any actions to earn certain feelings or attitudes.

However, despite the wonderful background, having the ability to unconditional love, we often face difficulties. For example, with illusions. Let's say we confuse our own ambitions (to perceive a partner as an ideal) with feelings (to love no matter what). By choosing a partner by the mind instead of the heart, we deliberately deprive ourselves of the love we need so much. To love when it comes rain or shine is the easiest thing, but sometimes we avoid it because it is more dangerous.

How to Recognize Unconditional Love?

The greatest present you can give to your soulmate is your love and full understanding. You can search for symbols of unconditional love on the Internet, but anyway, it is all about freedom and your unwillingness to change or control your soulmate. If you don’t know how to define unconditional love on the part of your partner, look at the following signs of unconditional love.

1. Your partner wants to live with you the whole life

When you joke about how you will behave in old age, they understand and share your position. And this feeling only intensifies over time. It does not matter whether you have been together for three or twenty-three years together because readiness to spend all life together means that they feel very comfortable and safe close to you.

2. You aren’t afraid to share your secrets

This is a matter of trust, which means that you consider your partner a reliable person. Showing unconditional love, both of you are not shy or afraid to seem weird. A loving partner accepts you completely, understands you and supports you in everything.

3. You boast of each other and do not hesitate to tell that

Regardless of your achievements, your partner will definitely tell you that they boast of you. When people feel recognition and approval, they are happier in their relationships and get the motivation to make these relationships even better and stronger.

4. You have disagreements, but you always find a compromise

You will hardly find a couple who doesn’t have quarrels or disagreement because sometimes it is impossible to avoid that. But when you have different points of view, your partner understands your opinion and doesn’t take offense. They are always ready to talk about the issue to find a reasonable way out or just end the argument peacefully. You don’t worry that a quarrel will destroy your relationship because you both know how to fix things.

5. You are emotionally open to each other

It is very difficult for many people to open up emotionally. But if your love is pure, it is not a problem for you. Such love is the ability to be receptive, trusting and honest. You perceive your relationship as a safe harbor where you can be yourself. This type of love is about a healthy, interdependent relationship where both partners treat each other with kindness, respect, and trust. And if you notice the unconditional love symbols in your relationship, then you are a lucky one.

How to Show Unconditional Love?

This type of love may seem complicated when people do not quite understand what it is and how to show it. To be in love with a person means to be in love with the very nature of a person, despite all the flaws and without any expectations, including reciprocal feelings. Although this is one of the most difficult concepts to understand, here are several tips on how to show unconditional love.

1. To experience this type of love means to love a soulmate without a reason, but it does not tolerate manipulation and violence

You should support a person in any situation and stick together through thick and thin. Nevertheless, it is not about blind loyalty, an unhealthy attachment or indulging in unworthy behavior. If you want your partner to be happy, then you shouldn’t neglect yourself or humiliate. A big number of people try to hide behind the idea of "unconditional love," using it as an excuse for their toxic partnership, pressure, or domination. A person may convince themselves that they are living with the tyrant because of pure love. But sometimes love is about a drastic breakup so that everyone can feel better and easier.

your love is unconditional2. You should ensure the happiness of another person without showing over-care

Love is action, but not just feeling. This is an informed decision that you take all the time, and it does not occur naturally. Help and support for your beloved people are of great importance, but your desire to help should not harm them. In some cases, it is generally worth taking a wait-and-see attitude or the role of an outside observer for the good of the person. Let your partner go their own way and gain experience themselves but be ready to lend a helping hand in time.

3. Respect and allow your beloved ones to make life decisions without condescension or connivance on your part

This type of love does not involve cutting them out of your life just because you do not agree with their crucial decisions. How to love unconditionally? Take the "less care" position, and in other words, avoid control of their behavior and value judgments. It does not mean that you should stand aside and watch how your beloved one is in danger - it is a manifestation of respect for the choice. This love is about your support and help only when it is necessary. It can change you and your beloved one. This is a matter of balance, which demands you to constantly correct both your actions and attitude. But the result is worth it.

Talking about the advantages of this complicated process, it is possible to say that you’ll learn to accept and love yourself. You’ll learn empathy. You’ll deal better with a process of change and the frustrations. You’ll better understand what true love is.

4. Learn to express it in different ways

If love exists, it can be expressed in anything. It’s not even about words but rather about intonations, facial expression, and most importantly, about the very message of your feelings. If they come from a beautiful source, which is unconditional love, then it will be felt.

Start with yourself and your own attitude towards yourself. Start watching what you think and say about yourself, how you act towards yourself. Do you think this type of love manifests itself in your words, thoughts, actions or in the way of behaving? In the case of a negative answer, think about how you feel about yourself.

5. Look for the natural forms of its manifestation

If there is a genuine feeling, it will tell you how to act. The main thing is to constantly monitor everything that you say and how you speak, how you behave towards the person you love. You may have a flash of lucidity and understand that love is not shown in your behavior, although you are sure that you love. Learn to show your love in different ways. There are several hints that can help you. Firstly, in this case, it is about soft and calm behavior since there is no place for sharp intonations and raised voice, secondly, there is no place for negative emotions, such as resentment, anger, condemnation.

If you do not like something, you should say it gently and without abrupt emotional manifestations. In the end, you may wonder about the effect and understand that the love between you exists, and you have been just hiding it for a very long time under the mask of mutual claims and discontent. Now it's time to think about it and give it the right to life.

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