Top 10 Irritating Men`s Habits That Annoy Women

It is good when family responsibilities are clearly divided: he takes out the garbage, and she takes out his brain. And what to do if they take out each other’s brains round the clock, and the garbage is just there, quietly waiting for it to be taken out? While there are a lot of small annoying habits that aren’t worth talking about, today we will talk about irritating bad habits of men that are far worse than just throwing socks around, things that are much more annoying than that. When I was pondering over this topic, I came to the conclusion that there are quite a lot of them. Therefore, today I will try my best to summarize them and create the ultimate top 10 of such men behaviors. Let’s go.

annoying things

1. "Female behavior"

This is quite a funny one since men hate “male behavior” in women too. Yep, women get irritated when there is another woman in the house in form of their annoying husband that acts just like them.

We have one guy at work – his mouth is always open, he is constantly talking. And if he starts arguing with someone, his word should always be the last. And he seems cute, and he has a good sense of humor and is clever ... but this typical “female behavior” is just enraging!

The last boyfriend experience taught me: if a guy spends a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror, likes to take selfies and then uploads them to Facebook or sends them to everyone, you have to run away from him without looking back!

2. Greed

One of the worst negative traits that many men have. Greed is something that you cannot fight with. Yet of course, there are some benefits to having a greedy husband that doesn’t want to spend an extra penny on useless stuff, yet they aren’t worth it. Do not be deceived: you will get not the guy that is good at your finances but the most common goon that won’t spend a dime on you. I mean, when your husband constantly forgets his wallet when you go shopping for clothes or products, this is no coincidence, this is him being cheap on purpose.

If it is ridiculous of how greedy he is, when it comes to being overwhelming and sickening, well then do not waste your time on such a man. On the second date, the guy said: why do we need to go to a restaurant, if we can go to my place anyway? We can go to the supermarket, everything is much cheaper there. And flowers are a waste of money in general.

3. Reluctance to take responsibility

Truly one of the worst things that men habits have to offer. If a man on the first date declares that he is a “just a driver,” “just a manager,” “just a guy,” he is immediately uninteresting to me. Because of this cliché, of being “just a” behind which he hides, as a shield of some sort, warning in advance: do not expect anything from me! I am useless. I will not protect you. I will not take responsibility. Only count on yourself!

This is annoying. If a man cannot make a decision for a long time, he leans to one side and then to the other side, I automatically write him down as an indecisive wet noodle. And such a noodle is nonsexual and uninteresting.

men habits We, women, appreciate in men, more than anything, their power and strength, their ability to help us when we feel like weak creatures and to surrender into their reliable hands. But in fact, it turns out quite the opposite. We first ask to do this and that; when such tactics do not help, we begin to scream that he has to do it, and when you realize that you are on the verge of a breakdown, you go and do everything yourself. So, if you feel like you can do everything yourself without wasting your nerves, the question arises: “Why do you need this kind of a man at all?”

Also, a really painful topic to many women, which coincides with men not taking responsibility, is when they promise to marry you, yet it only remains to be a promise. The man does not understand that the years go by, he walks the walk, and it’s time for you to have a child. Yet when he finally decides to do it, you are already old, sick, you’ve got into many side affairs and all that.

4. Infantilism

This is generally a painful topic. I used to think that there are such men who bring flowers to their beloved women at all times (before and after marriage); yet it is just a fantasy, a stereotype. And my man loves to break stereotypes and never brings me flowers, while demanding absolute attention to himself. So, tell me, how can you be so insensitive? It turns out that his desire to please a loved one (that being me) completely atrophied over the years. And he acts like this is not a problem. If you want flowers, go and buy the kind of bouquet you want. While yes, you get the same result, this is when rationality of men takes over. General lack of attention to us is very depressing, so if you are a man, show your beloved one that you love her.

5. Sloppiness

While the practice shows that this is not always the case, to many women it still continues to be a reality. The floor in the bathroom after him is always dirty and disgusting. And it doesn’t matter whether he takes a shower or just washes himself – he splashes around like a hippo.

My husband thinks he can cook. I don’t disappoint him – maybe there’s really something worthwhile, I don’t know. The results are the same every single time, the dish is disgusting and the kitchen looks like a battlefield after he is done with it. No, of course, we are all people, we all have physiological needs and all that. Nevertheless, picking your nose, farting, burping, and then saying “What, am I not supposed to relax at home?”, is extremely annoying.

A wet towel is just lying in the middle of the bathroom, a mirror is splashed with toothpaste, clean and dirty things are piled up in one heap ... The first days of our life together were very difficult for me. Only you put everything on their shelves, yet you then find completely random items stacked on these same shelves that weren’t there yesterday and are not supposed to be there, like screwdrivers and batteries.

6. Sexism

If a man allows himself sexist remarks, especially about women driving, it is not a good thing. While yeah, an occasional fitting joke is good, but not when it is constant.

It infuriates me when a man is sure that all women are fools by definition. They constantly talk, scream, complain, they are bad at driving, bad at cooking, bad in bed. Never should you forget that all women are different! It’s annoying to see this stereotype that women only dream of getting married, and all men are trying to get out of it. What kind of nonsense is that?

It infuriates when a man explains something condescendingly, pretending that he is by default “an expert in the field” only on the basis of his gender. Moreover, his arrogance is not diminished even by the fact that he often doesn’t know what he is talking about. Which makes one quite irritated person. By the way, this is a common phenomenon, and it even has a name, it’s called "mansplaining"

7. Egoism

Truly one of the worst personality traits that many men have. He’s in charge, and you just have to put up with it. You’ve been planning your trip to Prague in June, you’ve mentioned it countless times in advance, he said “ok”. Yet then, just a week before the trip, he says that you are not going anywhere as there is a football tournament going on in June. Sometimes I get the impression that our whole life is subject to a television program.

He always takes on the most difficult part of the job. For example, he says: let's make a dinner, I'll put the kettle on the stove.

He knows that I drink coffee with sugar, pours himself a cup, adds sugar, pours myself a cup and says: oh, we’ve run out of sugar! It goes for everything you say. Yes, you repeated it to him five times already, and he even agreed with you. Now comes the time to some sort of event, and he insists that he does not know what you are talking about, because you did not tell him about it. Yeah, it’s one of the most annoying things when your man doesn’t listen to you. 8. Trying to keep up a “tough guy” persona at all times

personality traitsConstant cursing is very infuriating, but it is especially annoying when the man tries to create an image of a “tough macho” by using foul language. It’s hard to imagine a more sickening sight!

My "type of an intellectual" is there, constantly complaining that I watch moronic TV shows. And this is despite the fact that I am watching only one sitcom, and even then, not every day! And this is a man who watches useless crap himself. And yeah, nothing else but cursing screams about him being a “tough guy”, while in reality he is just a schlub.

9. Lack of empathy

Men do not know how to sympathize with women - it is a fact. They think rationally, and while we are emotional by nature, they do not know how to help us. And thus they irritate many women.

“I fell out with my friend, I am suffering and ask my husband to go somewhere to unwind. Listen, Honey, I wanted to watch football right now, go and get me a sandwich or something. I mean c’mon, what kind of an answer is that, how can you be so clueless?”

“I broke my arm. It hurts, it is uncomfortable to go around in a cast, I can’t do my manicure and I can’t even pull on my jeans, and instead of sympathy I hear: It’s nothing, it will heal in a month. Why do I need this information? I know that it will, the traumatologist told me, I just need sympathy!”

10. Inappropriate flirting

Hey, men, this is one of the most important habits to break! I had a boyfriend who couldn’t say a single phrase without a compliment. And if it seems to you that compliments after every word are very nice, I’ll disappoint you: it’s incredibly overwhelming and bitter! I just wanted to talk to him, but in the end, I constantly felt like I am talking to a lustful idiot. In the company, some guys consider it normal to come behind and start massaging your shoulders or try to tickle you. I hate it when people touch me for no reason. It frankly enrages me! You come off like an obnoxious person, an annoying man, nothing more. Why did you decide that kissing my hand is gallant?! I don’t want anybody’s spit on my hand!

They say that you need to love a person not for his qualities, but for how you feel next to him. It means that ideal relationships between men and women should be based on mutual understanding, trust, respect, and partnership. However, some moments in the behavior of one partner can be very annoying to the other. And yeah, we have our own flaws, of course, but I hope that every man got something helpful from this article. Something that will change their mind, behavior, and attitude towards their beloved women. Thanks for your attention and Godspeed!

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