Capricorn is in love: how compatible is it with Pisces?

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Timely irrigation is a component without which the soil will not be fertile. The synergy of these symbols is evident in their elements. All living things need moisture. However, Water also needs shelter; it cannot hang in the air. The signs complement each other. It, of course, affects the communication of the representatives of the characters in question. 

Pisces and Capricorn compatibility

Earth gives rationality and erudition. People under the patronage of this element do not like to show their emotions. It is impossible to say the same about water signs. Often, these are sensitive individuals who are not used to self-restraint, constantly reacting roughly to everything that happens. 

Grace reigns not only in matters of the heart but also in the material situation of the family. Carriers of the Earth sign are consistently successful at work, actively moving up the career ladder. They often open their own business, which becomes profitable due to their developed organizational skills. Women patronized by the Water are often lazy, so they can not be called model housewives. They like to enrich themselves spiritually and develop their morality. The spark between the lovers never goes out, but they manage to avoid contrived jealousy. Loyalty and honesty go hand in hand in this union. 

Pisces and Capricorn’s sexual compatibility in bed

A spark of passion is born almost immediately during acquaintance. When it comes to bedtime, it ignites, turning into a dazzling flame. The bed scenes are a perfect balance of piquancy and modesty. The lovers complement each other, which reveals them to the maximum. Refusing to experiment is not for them. Representatives of the water element take the initiative, allowing their mate to relax and loosen up. Their vivid imagination eclipses the excessive conservatism of their earthly, rational partner. As a result, the lovers’ bed will burn like a red-hot flame. 

Despite the intense sexual attraction, the partners are earnest about the bed, so they will never lie down after a fleeting acquaintance. They are very selective in finding a significant other for intimacy. Lovers will prefer to delay the first bed scene, but such a waiting time will justify this pleasant expectation in full. 

As a rule, in such couples, the women take the initiative, embodying the deepest fantasies of their men. At the same time, they are not vulgar; men like their partners’ subtle feminine nature and tenderness. Lovers need time to reveal themselves ultimately. They prefer to study the desires and needs of the other half thoroughly. Such couples are often called the heroes of a love novel. On the one hand, there is a strong and terse man; on the other, there is a gentle and careless girl. Lovers practically do not coincide with interests. However, they have complete harmony in bed; there is no place for discord. 

Pisces and Capricorn’s friendship compatibility

The harmony of the elements is an indispensable component for a love union and a strong friendship. People born under these stars have similar life orientations. They need a faithful friend to confide in. Women representing the element of Water will let their mate speak out. Men of the Earth can help with practical advice. It is possible to compare the friendship of such a tandem to motherhood or fatherhood. Naturally, each symbol will play a different role, depending on the situation.

Pisces and Capricorn compatibility percentage

Pisces and Capricorn compatibility percentage

Are Pisces and Capricorn a good match to be soulmates? 

The romantic epic is doomed to success. Even those around this couple notice the elusive resemblance between the lovers. The only flaw in the ideal union is excessive pessimism. The partnership makes the partners more confident; they develop a mutual interest daily. Water will fill a couple spiritually and Earth – materially. The locomotive of the couple is Earth. It also has excellent patience and endurance. As for Water, her wards prefer to distance themselves from making important decisions. The carriers of this sign are very much exposed to the negative influence of bad habits. However, together the couple can overcome all difficulties, building a happy family. 

Potential problems in a relationship between Pisces and Capricorn 

Initially, no one is at all frightened by the prospect of cohabitation. On the contrary, the partners give themselves over to falling in love, not thinking about possible problems. But, over time, the arrival of household difficulties replaces enthusiasm, which can become a reason for sobering up about one’s partner. The Earth provides energy and activity. It is the one whom this element patronizes that delivers prosperity and material stability. Naturally, the partner wants the same, but laziness prevents them, which can provoke scandals on the domestic ground. 

Inconsistencies in worldviews and goals are another problematic component of the tandem. Too much conflict for too long has a detrimental effect on the lovers. If the edges of the cup of resentment overflow, then the relationship breakup is inevitable. Lovers are ready for self-sacrifice, especially if there are children. However, this is a road to nowhere, and the union participants will not find happiness.

Pisces and Capricorn communication: emotional compatibility 

Both signs have no problems finding mutual understanding, which reflects positively in the workplace. Capricorns are very successful in their careers; they can teach how to work effectively and achieve their goals. As a result, a kind of mentorship can form in tandem. Pisces is more suited to the role of second fiddle, but a good helper at times is not less important than the leader, who is the soloist. Both signs are very intellectual, erudite, and have a broad outlook.

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