12 Best Social Activities for Singles to Have Fun & Find Love

While online dating is so much fun, meeting people in real life has its allure with totally different emotional flavor & intensity to it. For those who prefer to meet offline, we compiled a guide of 12 social activities for singles, that guarantee a steady flow of new acquaintances into your life. With a bit of work and a pinch of charm, this list will both: inject some excitement into your routine days and help you meet a bunch of dashing candidates for dating.

social activities to meet singles

Mission Possible: To Meet Singles

It all starts with a bit of a positive attitude. Not all the best singles are married. Life is a flow. The singles market gets new arrivals all the time. You just have to position yourself in the right place and the right time to meet the best of the available options. Let’s get down to the “how” of it now.

Best Social Activities For Singles

Now in the post-COVID era, as a responsible entity, we have to make a disclaimer, that online dating websites are still a preferred option in the pre-vaccine times. Once the majority of the population gets the herd immunity this or that way, it's OK to go back to normal offline lives.

Seeing people is still very much fine, just make sure you use precautions not to catch or spread the virus. Otherwise, for the sake of this guide, let’s assume we are back to normal and can engage in activities for single people without second thoughts. Moreover, group activities for singles are an enjoyable pastime, if you land a date for yourself at the end or not.

Enjoy the process. Don’t rush. Be ready for adventure. Let's now go over the places to meet singles in the real world.

Meet Singles In A Coffee Shop

  • Coffee shops have a certain vibe to them. They have a vibe of a new day. New ambitions. New goals.
  • Coffee shops have a particular smell to them. They smell of freshly roasted beans of Arabica and sweet expectation of hedonistic delights.
  • Coffee shops have a bitter-sweet flavor to them. They taste of the tar-black thick espresso and a crispy guilty pleasure of a salty caramel nano-éclair.

social activities to meet singlesThat's pretty intense a haven on Earth. With all of those senses being on their most alert. With all the hopes high and your body awakening with every sip of a caffeine-rich embrace of your daily latte.

It’s simply perfect for striking a conversation with a total stranger. The great thing about coffee shops is that all those caffeine-addicts are pretty religious about their daily dose and you can rest assured that you can find the person you liked here again and pick up where you left off.

Visit A Sports Competition

Sports events are fuming with adrenaline and buzzing with emotion. When rooting for their favorite team, people are raw. Maybe a little tipsy too. There are no masks and social filters when you shout abuse to the opposing team for foul play.

On the other hand, a stadium offers a unique opportunity to mold an emotional bond with somebody just based on the sense of belonging to the same football fan group. It's like scoring a 9 out of 10 just because.

Attend A Festival

Festivals are not for teenagers. Festivals are where we all are teenagers. Music fests are pretty thematic. The theme defines the crowd. So you know what to expect. If it’s a rock or techno or folk – the crowd is going to be different. So a theme of a fest works as a filter to your potential candidates. Sweet.

Hobby fests, like retro car fests or steampunk fest, or medieval history fests all unite people sharing the same passion. Think Burning Man. Think Lollapalooza. Fests of all sorts are – loud and clear – are the most memorable social events for singles.

Get A Local Gym Membership

A local gym membership guarantees that you will cross paths with quite some well-built representatives of human species from the area where you live.

So, it’s a bit of a filter applied to real life. You automatically get exposure to a group of people conscious about their well-being. If you are a healthy lifestyle geek yourself, it might be the only productive way to narrow down your choices.

Alternatively, you could do a gym, that’s not too local but a bit upscale. In fact, if you are looking for a person with a bit of a social gloss to her or him, choosing an upscale gym is a valid idea.

Volunteer Your Help (Dog Shelters Are Best)

Volunteering your time is a confidence-boosting activity as such. Volunteering to take care of dogs in a shelter is super beneficial for your mental health too. Leave alone the pictures for your Instagram. It’s probably one of the cutest social activities for singles.

If you love animals or want to help raise awareness about an issue you support by giving out flyers or by joining a march – chances are there will be other single people to meet and chat with.

Join An Outdoor Yoga Or Pilates Group

Outdoor Yoga classes are so healthy. Specifically, with all the COVID 19 situations, the outdoor physical exercise, that allows social distancing is a perfect way to keep fit.

Yoga & Pilates, as opposed to the cardio exercise, don't make you look like you just conquered a dragon, all sweaty and blushed in the cheeks. These low-cardio activities allow yogis to look great at the end of the class.

Bonus: you get to work on your body. So it’s like getting two giggles with one tickle.

Engage In Charity

Charity is an activity that people with high empathy levels tend to engage in. It’s a mentality that suggests care for other humans and full disregard for the class societal division.

social activities to meet singlesIf this way of thinking is dear to your heart – then joining a local charitable organization is just a great pastime for you and an opportunity to better this world. Which coincides with the fact, that there may be other singles with the same worldview. What a bonus.

Become A Player In The Local Sports Team

Mixed-gender sports teams are a rarity, but still to be found in smaller communities. Some sports, like beach volleyball and lawn tennis, are pretty genderless. It’s important to note that love for sports is a significant social filter.

We don’t recommend you do it if you are not part of the sports-loving flock. Or else, even if you do find a fling or two in the process, they may go dry too quickly if both of you find yourselves on the different sides of the sports fandom.

Become A Member Of A Social Club

If you are looking for activities for single men, social clubs have been a form of a public man cave for ages. Belonging to a gentlemen's club was a must and an acme of one’s social life and career at some point.

Goes without saying, exclusivity is a perk you get when you join a club with limited membership. On the other hand, for some people, it's an obstacle in view of social status and financial affluence.

It's now the 21st century, thank God. Things have become more relaxed and affordable when it comes to joining a social club. So, with a bit of research and digging of social media accounts, it’s possible to land yourself a spot on the list of top singles in the area. And have some fab time too.

Get Yourself A Hobby

Now. This is one of the most long-lasting tactics. Why? Because the hobby is something that you have for life. This is your passion, that you will share with your girlfriend, partner, or spouse. This is the glue for the times when you have talked it all through and the emotional bond weakens.

Say, you are into wines. Who isn’t, right? But, you are seriously into wines, not only can you tell your Chardonnay from your Sauvignon blanc, but you also can tell your Chablis from a California oaked Chard.

Your singleton status is so temporary, ma man. The best activities for singles are centered around passion and hobbies. With wine hobby, you can:

  • attend wine tastings,
  • go out to gourmet dinners,
  • take wine classes,
  • or sign up for a winery tour.

Now. The best part of this hobby for singles is: people may be slightly intoxicated and heavily jovial while "learning" wine. You know what we mean, right? [*blinks twice cheekily].

Attend A Public Social Event

Have you heard of Diner en Blanc? This is too good, isn’t it? The event is like an epitome of everything hedonistic and cultured. Its history is rooted in France – of course! So basically, it’s like an exclusive invitation-only picnic in all white! The images are Amazing!

Attending such an event is great in itself, but it sure is so much more exciting for single people. The model of the event suggests that you come along with +1 to share a table. So it’s obvious who is a couple and who is not. This luxurious dinner under the sky is usually held in public space and ends with dancing.

You get an idea. There are so many opportunities to strike a conversation – when you line up to take a picture next to an amazing prop or ask to take a picture of you and your friend. With all that sparkling on the tables, everybody is super open to chat & mix.

social activities to meet singlesTravel. Go To A Retreat.

Retreats are like a summer camp for adults. Lots of couples were made on those self-awareness trips, for sure. Best thing: there is now a retreat for everything.

  • a yoga retreat.
  • a wine retreat.
  • a life-coaching retreat.
  • a luxury retreat.
  • a spiritual retreat.

You pick. As people are locked down and share similar experiences for a specific time, it is easy to both: ignite a conversation and create a meaningful bond with a stranger.

Meet Your Singe Online

Those are just a few fun activities for singles, that can turn you from a singleton into a happily dating man or lady. But if you are in a rush and like the comfort of using filters to get to the bottom of options quicker. If you are still in the social distancing mode.

If you like to combine activities to meet singles with exploring the world – online dating might be a solution. Romancecompass.com is a reliable online dating website with years of experience of successful matchmaking. Slavic girls who are ready to join their man on his life journey await in the comfort of your home online.

Why not start with seeing which of the girls catches your eye and imagination?

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