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Finding striking Slavic brides at Ukrainian dating site

According to the region, there are plenty of Slavic ethnic groups, each of which claims its uniqueness and vigor, as well as an exquisite difference in beauty perception. Yet, along with several acceptable practices changing from location to location, exceptional standards of femininity remain a pillar on which half of the entire culture rests. Eastern European girls,  in the matter, stand apart from the other Slavic tribes populating west, north, or south.

This’s to be said that Slavic dating culture is extremely diverse compared to other nationalities settled on the continent. Although finding common ground is easy,  the mating game is different and sometimes requires a less casual approach. And Ukraine, with its curvy and voluptuous heritage, has long become commonplace for male singles interested in finding beautiful Ukrainian brides.

Unfortunately, crossing a Ukrainian border could be problematic at the moment, and the only possible way to first see those beautiful flowers is online. However, even if you aren't expecting committed relationships, in the long run, online dating may lead to something serious if you are patient. After seeing each other and learning crucial facts about each other, going on an actual date will be smoother.

Slavic women living in the US and maternity issues

Many Eastern European girls have already found their new home overseas and are not entirely married to American citizens. Plenty of them are single, leading a timid lifestyle in small rural areas, and some are building their way up in hectic megapolises. What unites them all is not only an absolute allegiance to democracy but preserving the fundamental values of a traditional family. 

A famous "Hamlet" line was rewritten in a female's context as “to be or not to be a mother” — not a question for a Ukrainian girl no matter her residence. Indeed, when it comes to the feminist movement, anything could touch her heart, but maternity cancels. She'd never accept such a seismic shift in the underlying meaning of a woman's ultimate mission. 

This narrative is inspired somewhat by childfree women (not wanting children) than childless (not able to bear a child), as the difference between the two is pivotal. Either a choice or a chance, any reproductive disorder is detrimental to a gene pool, population, and economy,  accordingly. This apparent decline of a society claiming the human right to life and liberty might substantially slow the evolutionary process.

American dating tradition and influence on a Slavic woman

Although it's very unusual for Eastern European girls to ask a man out on a date, they don't suffer from a lack of attention. Naturally, American women are more open-minded about casual dating, and your cheesy pickup openers, as usual, make them laugh. Unfortunately, this doesn't increase your chances of winning your crush after a few dates, even with a spark.

slavic brides dating siteYou should convey your intentions when searching for beautiful Ukrainian brides online or in real-time. Assure your timid Slavic cutie that you share common values and an equal level of commitment. Don't put her in an awkward position asking you whether you're serious about her or not really. 

In light of the casual scheme, however, meetups with unmarried women with no strings attached are not nearly healthier than exclusive dating. And seeing other people is unacceptable by default, not to mention other,  more serious,  consequences of such rendezvous. In the West, it's normal for a couple to move in together,  even if neither party wants to marry, like scheduled sexual contact with the same person under the same roof. 

Sharing a passionate kiss in a parking lot isn't uncommon for a Ukrainian lady, but refusing to do so is quite illustrative. When they meet, American men and women don't see any constraints in displaying affection in public, which is widely accepted. But the most distinctive feature, unlike in Slavic countries with significant parental pressure, is that American parents usually don't influence the decisions of their children.

Cultural peculiarities of dating Slavic girls in the States

Any single woman of Slavic ancestry you meet online at a Ukrainian dating site would be a good example of conservatism. You probably won't find harmony easy, but dating norms imply traditional gender roles and responsibilities for both parties correspondingly — what Caesar's is Caesar's. Your more current view might be a short squeeze of a feminization frenzy that's vastly depriving your personal life.

Surprisingly, Ukrainian American girls won't follow that demasculinizing pattern at their own will, luckily insisting on your breadwinning strategy. No time will tell when she stops seeing you as a commander in chief,  though many of your peers today are victims of humiliating masculinity. While known, rest assured she'd never bring up this offensive topic by her initiative, fully concentrating on your comfort. 

Eastern European girls are less susceptible to media persistently conflating gender roles and forcing couples to conform to them. The actual western view on gender equality is distracting from the smooth track to their successful marriage. The most exquisite mind would never persuade your spouse of a gender's role as a sum of active social interactions neglecting its innate origin.

Women in the US have more freedom than their mothers to rule their silly little worlds independently. But, such vague terms as "toxic masculinity" and "toxic femininity" grow anxiety en masse, making you think you are mismatching the societal ideal. However, you both know that boys will be boys and girls will be girls — only God knows for how long.

What an average Slavic girl thinks about an average American man

Potential American grooms are privileged to start low and go slow — their beautiful Ukrainian brides generally view them in high demand. This is thanks to Hollywood,  promoting the glittering American lifestyle and worshiping the American dream, while the rest of the globe prints national currencies to buy USD. And,  of course, the booming dating industry is not only a tool but an opinion poll helping most singles.

Luckily, Ukrainian women somehow weaned from perceiving an average American as a visa fan. But, of course, Americans are wealthier,  though plenty of high-profile IT specialists are making decent money working on outsourcing. So it's not solely about finances; more evidently, women's primary concern is a much higher living standard in a more developed society.

Thanks to Hollywood, they see Americans not only as wealthy Gatsby but also more affectionate Romeo, wanting  to find their stunning Juliets, utilizing the following traits:

  • Express their feelings freely. This allows them to tune up a smooth connection with a more profound emotional affinity. A tough guy, insensitive and inconsiderate, thick-skinned and narrow, wouldn't be able to do so. On the other hand, a delicate gentleman doesn't have to be vulnerable.
  • More success-oriented. In the eyes of a Ukrainian single lady, American men are more confident not trying to assert their rights on a woman. Their dominance is invisible; their independence is decisive. Sure,  it could be portrayed in movies again.
  • Hopeless romantics. She's sure you will find the best words for her, compliment her, and cuddle her at the right time and place. And that's what she's starving for, your affection and attention. Who wouldn't appreciate a little romance?
  • Americans are more sociable. Most Slavic men are non-ambitious, often disagreeing over how to manage their grim reality. Spotting a guy sharing a smile in the crowd is a miracle. Americans quickly build plentiful social connections; they are affable, easy to get along with, light-hearted, and sincere.
  • They seem to be healthier. All possible detrimental habits one may suffer from are widespread in Eastern European countries, especially in Ukraine and Russia. One of the reasons is a lower educational level and high unemployment rate, respectively. While your peers settle down in a more prosperous environment and have enough potential to find a dream job, build a successful career, exercise regularly, and have other hobbies.
  • Americans are more open-minded. Not only because the Western civilization is cutting-edge and they can touch things and see their history anywhere in the world. Postmodern society made them skeptical, not hastening their assumptions concerning evolution, etc. Knowing your potential, Slavic ladies expect you to recognize possible cultural discrepancies that might pull you apart.

Western controversy in relationships with Slavic women

However, Eastern European girls with their views on globalization, equality, and multiculturalism might grow tensions between you. Your spouse might find it formidable to change her cultural code in this "melting pot" irreversibly. People of Slavic ethnic groups are more close-mouthed, leaving almost no room to absorb or be absorbed by other ethnicities.

slavic mail order bridesNevertheless, intelligent Ukrainian women set themselves the task of making a dramatic shift in their consciousness when entering the US. You must be willing to help her assimilate as quickly as possible, accepting her into your life. Your attempt to control the entire process won't end well for both of you — she might be cautious about any information you are pitching her.

Remember that she's always looking to settle down with a guy she likes, so nothing but a 100% commitment is what she's interested in. Your intention to marry her someday must rest on mutual love and respect, so having failed to propose in the foreseeable future, don’t hurry to reconsider her as your wife. Weighting conceivable chances, you could give her a second chance or ask one from her, too.

The most evident controversy is that signing your Slavic doll brings you a vivid emotional package with many now anachronistic character traits, like humility, gratitude, generosity, and some gullibility. Compare those with your guilt, depreciation, and deprivation, which your love boat rams gaining momentum with an American chick onboard. And which you choose is upon yours.

And last but not least: whatever pathetic your status back home, for her there, you are a big shot, if not a tycoon. Of course, if you can hardly make ends meet, you better rethink your desire to find a beauty queen in Eastern Europe — there are plenty of local saddle tramps. Don’t fall short of her mandatory expectations, and be prepared to treat your woman accordingly.

A few words on Ukrainian immigration waves to the US in the context of a Slavic woman

American citizens of Ukrainian descent represent 0.3% of the entire population, standing at more than a million people, according to The United States Census Bureau (USCB). The Ukrainian American population comprised the first Ukrainian settlers, who began migrating to the USA in the late beginning of the 20th century over a few waves.

The first significant Ukrainian immigration wave to North America was in the 1880s. The second wave was right after the revolution in the Russian Empire of 1918 — 1920. The third wave was right after World War II; the most significant wave of Ukrainians came in the 1990s with the imminent fall of the Soviet Union. 

After World War II, the third wave of immigrants further aggravated the already complex issue of the Ukrainian diaspora. The war left about 10 million people homeless, and its devastating impact on the country was tremendous. Along with the economic stagnation, Stalin’s “repression machine” killed hundreds of thousands, making survivors flee and find refuge abroad. About 80,000 Ukrainians immigrated to the USA during that time, creating several cultural institutions, including museums, dance clubs, newspapers, radio shows, etc. 

The most recent, or fourth wave of immigrants, ongoing since 1991, is a well-known economic immigration wave. It was first fueled by the Ukrainian independence collisions that brought hardships to Ukrainian citizens and left many unemployed. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and to the nearest time, the economic decline has been horrible. 

During the 90s, Ukraine’s GDP was extremely low, and an average Ukrainian's economic and social life was more like a survival strategy for each Ukrainian. However, an overwhelming unemployment rate in conjunction with turbulent capitalism has produced the next wave of migration. Before 2000, more than a hundred thousand immigrants had legally crossed the US border.
This crisis was especially harmful to tender, beautiful Ukrainian brides, who started looking for financially secure American single men to leave the country for good. Unfortunately, they had to face all the economic disasters correlated with the drawbacks of all post-Soviet smithereens. The first wave of mail-order brides “ordered” by lonesome American gentlemen was established.
Nowadays, many Ukrainian Americans reside in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, and hundreds of other towns throughout the country. Over the years, most of them have become thoroughly integrated into the democratic society and been making their way up the ranks by exploring and expanding their capabilities.

Winning over your Slavic female with all accompanying perks

Nothing worth having comes easy, especially your Ukrainian broad. That’s why following advice like "get out of your comfort zone, bro" — all that trash is ridiculous. What you should better pay attention to is next:

  • Make yourself irrationally confident. By nature, you're neither a dog nor a control freak with some hedonistic habits. Irrationally confident people usually achieve more success. Adapt a habit of putting yourself in a superior mental state.
  • Start banning negative thoughts. Get rid of any self-doubt and develop a more positive attitude. Use any practice that works best for you. Then, build a mental firewall to block all negative thoughts traffic.
  • Couple your words with your actions. Stop devaluing your words by doing nothing promised. Your virile demeanor is the most efficient chick magnet. Her respect for you will be much more existential since your word gains value.
  • Separate your actions from your emotional background. Whatever you do for her, don't let your emotions prevail over your actions. Also, don't let them halt or postpone your intentions to improve your girlfriend's life. Instead, learn to abstract from any outer influences with negative polarity, thus sheltering her.

Find Slavic girls dating online — social networks and dating sites for singles

There’re plenty of trustworthy dating platforms with thousands of lonely people looking for other half, not to mention major social networks like Facebook. Of course, you’re always welcome on Facebook Dating with 1,5 billion matches, Tinder with 75 million singles, Bumble or Badoo, and a bunch of other sources. However, you do not need those to find young and hot Ukrainian singles — all you need is a good dating site to help you set up committed relationships or meet up in HD video chat with a classy lady.

Unfortunately, it's not that easy to find a couple meeting all your expectations. Besides, you don't want to pay a fortune to find the one and only. So it might take a while before you find a trusted website with thousands of vetted profiles of gorgeous ladies. 

To pick up a good dating site without overcharging, you must manually separate the wheat from the chaff. For example, pay immediate attention to women's photos — these must be quality shots with less refinement. Also, ensure women are for real, requesting to share some vigorous stories from childhood and ask her to revise them in a few weeks.

You could also ask your woman to meet up in video chat, touch her with your eyes, and feel the vibes online. Many Ukrainian women are familiar with such forms of online dating, and some are waiting to explore those. Both are welcome in your chat room, aren't they? 

Facebook has been continuously blamed for unethical use and embezzlement of user data. Although Facebook Dating would ask users to create a separate profile from scratch, it could easily use any of your data. Hence, you should avoid using some major social networks concentrating on Slavic dating websites with a long track record. Why would this sweety look for you on Facebook if you were no longer there?

Conclusion — analyzing Slavic dating online

Do they have to know, these beautiful Ukrainian brides, what colors of the sticking out Pride Flag meant this last June? Obviously, not. Besides, you won't be calling on all concerned any time you need a piece of advice on the matter.

What she wants from you, a socially adapted individual with some higher IQ, is to give in to her whims. Your genuine words praising her beauty, occasional flowers, memorabilia, or even necklace — she will appreciate any attention from your side, something she's greatly missing. Do anything to make her realize how much you value her, even through an online video chat on a Ukrainian dating site.

Ukrainian American women who have long been living in the US appreciate such gestures, too, as all women do, regardless of the color of their flag. However, they are more grateful than American girls because their reciprocity is genuine, and their contribution is always tangible. Moreover, their traditional view of family units is unchangeable with time, predisposing hard work and care for their spouses.

While in Ukraine, single girls traditionally marry very early, usually before they turn 23, the identical girls in America won't be ostracized for their childfree and often perfume-free obscurity. But, none of them would agree upon such ostensible independence of a pathetic spinster living in a fading hope to find their Mr. Big. Their disappearing beauty remains too fragile to play hide and seek with you and reality.

Again, if you play hard, rewarding your colleague with a tentative smooch — your beautiful Ukrainian bride might not get it. Instead, she would start thinking of you as a latent womanizer, artfully hiding your ego. But Hollywood suggests a second take to make the love scene successful and with an excellent background.

How is the Walk of Fame really helping you win her over? Thanks to the seeds of Western masculinity sowed in the fertile Ukrainian fields, guys like Robert De Niro did a massive favor to his grateful kinsmen. Now you're blessed with a perpetual pole position; just beware of a false start. 

Hollywood actors have added a few massive strokes to the canvas of your character, like courage, strength, independence, leadership, assertiveness, reliability, and gentleness. Now it's your turn to comply with those.