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7 Reasons to Find a Russian Bride

The fact that women with Slavic features are extremely attractive to overseas men is true. And there is no reason not to be fascinated with their beauty and common traits of character of Russian women. Fortunately enough, it is quite easy to find good Russian brides free dating site with plenty of Russian brides galleries. Here’s a list of seven reasons as to why you should consider finding yourself a Russian bride.

1. They are attractive in appearance

As recognized by even the most enviable bachelors of the planet, Russian women are truly the most beautiful in the world. Probably, the fame of Russians goes against the myth that there are bears roaming the streets. In fact, there are lots of unimaginable beauties, and only a few bears.

It is believed that women from Russia have a special magnetism, and in their eyes "a thousand-year history can be seen," as one famous actor said. According to men, these women clearly understand their role in relationships and the role of men in a couple. In addition, many women from Russia are quite soft in terms of character, which only emphasizes all of the other character traits that they possess.

2. Different approach to family values

Their approach to family values is quite different from the general wide-spread approach of the western world. They are a lot more family-oriented, and most women seek to create a strong family first, and only then think about anything else. These beliefs are very much engraved in the culture of Russia.

3. You cannot find a more faithful wife

Are you interested in Russian brides dating? Well, here’s another reason that you are on the right track. Western culture is a lot more tolerant of all the different types of relationships, and not all of these types make sense. Some believe that is ok to introduce a wife to a mistress, to get engaged in a love triangle or a square seems to be completely normal, well, not to Russian people. Those who do not accept such relationships are running into the arms of Russian beauties, who, according to their culture, will devote their whole lives to their men. But this is true, a Russian woman does not need to seek outside entertainment if she decides to marry. For her, cheating is a sign of uncertainty, not a way to transform a relationship.

4. They cook great

From childhood, Russian girls are raised in the kitchen, their mothers cook for their fathers, their grandmothers cook for their grandfathers etc. With age, a girl realizes that she will not be able to keep her man near just with her looks alone, she has to be not only a great wife but also a great cook. However, foreign men are quite aware of how skillful Russian women are when it comes to cooking, and this is one of the main reasons as to why they are so popular.

5. Russian women are collected and calm

There is an opinion regarding the character of a Russian woman, that, unlike a European woman, a Russian woman will not put too much pressure on her husband, even if he does strange things, the wife will always understand and forgive her husband. However, it all depends on the specific woman, so, you should get to know a girl before committing yourself to her.

6. A man is the head of a family

This goes back to the point about family values in Russian families. The values are quite traditional, but it doesn’t mean that they are outdated or obsolete. No, Russian people value the concept of the family and they put it in front of anything else they have in their lives, their career, their hobbies etc.

7. They are great mothers

The family orientation of Russian women cannot be praised enough. So, here’s another reason for you to marry Russian brides. They are great mothers. Children play a big part in the culture of Slavic countries and giving birth to children, and raising them up in a big strong family is the ultimate goal of both men and women in Russia. Well, newer generations of people are a bit less fond of this idea, but it is still quite dominant in the Russian culture. So what you are waiting for? If you want to meet Russian women, then get registered on Romancecompass and meet your Russian girls. Romancecompass is the best site for men who want to meet Russian girls.

Where to Meet Real Russian Brides

There are many ways in which you can meet hot Russian girls. If we are not talking about online dating services, you will have to come to Russia for successful dating with local women.

Come and work in Russia

There are many foreigners living and working for more or less long time in this country. 85% of them are concentrated in three cities, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Yekaterinburg. They are overwhelmingly men, from their late twenties to their forties. For those under 28 and higher education graduates, you could easily find a VIE contract on-site, especially in one of the agencies in your country or in Russia (they are the big luxury brands and many others) Food professions are also guarantees of success in Russia, cheesemakers, chefs, pastry chefs, pork butchers and caterers, bakers.

Many of these profiles have had brilliant and lasting careers in Russia, some others have succeeded with highly sought-after specialties, in particular in the control of Finances and other profiles of executives in niches (which give right to special visas for specialists, the KS visas). The vast majority of foreign men who married Russian women had come to work in Russia. There is an absolutely overwhelming majority of them.

Get involved in Russian projects

There are all kinds of them, via your state, via companies, cultural events, you sometimes have to be in professional circles of mixed nations for a long time. Your perfect meeting can happen during exchanges, during business trips, and help you in Russian dating. You can participate in several of them, there are many, via universities (exchanges), or cultural heritage, agricultural projects, the industry, or cultural associations, educational environment, or various economic projects.

University cooperation and partnerships are a good example, among many others, but they obviously imply that you yourselves are linked to one of these structures or associations. If you are connected with such organizations, there is aa huge chance that your destiny will have led you into this ideal situation of dating Russian women. There is of course nothing impossible, and this can be a good idea if you have the possibility, time (in years), and you can't stand the idea of ​​using matchmaking sites whatever their nature.

Your friends who have links with Russia

You have a friend who lives in Russia, you have friends who spent a few years there, acquaintances, a distant cousin, family, you can perfectly ask for help from people in your circle or that of acquaintances who have practiced or know Russian? Then, you already have support, perhaps through them, you will be able to get to know Russians. All Russian women who come from various backgrounds, still like the idea of communicating and dating foreigners. To reach them, you sometimes need to have Russian friends to be able to meet women who would never have been on internet dating networks anyway.

Do not think that all Russian women are "starved" and expect Western men as liberators, because in general, it is absolutely the opposite. The Western man can have a very bad reputation (as bad as the Russian women in the West!). You might expect to meet an interesting woman on repeated trips to your friends who live there, for example on a New Year's Eve party, and repeated trips back in time. It is always a good idea to have some plan B in a form of a friend who will introduce you to hot Russian brides.

How to Approach Russian Girls Online

Correspondence brings people from different countries together, who get to know each other through letters. They get closer and closer despite the distance, as if they were both in the same cafe in the middle of a conversation. If you want to win the heart of a Russian mail order bride, pay attention to these points.

Meet the woman of your dreams

Then comes the time to meet the woman of your dreams. You will certainly have butterflies in your stomach when you think your dream is so near. You have been waiting for this very special date for a long time and this day will be very important for you. A real date should always be your goal, it's better than a thousand letters. Try to meet the person in real life as soon as possible. Be sure ti express this desire to show your intentions.

Win her heart

The woman you admire so much pays attention to every word you say and draws conclusions about what kind of person you are. Don't be shy or nervous: your destiny is in your hands. You can win her heart. During this competition, you may be hesitant, but you can't go wrong by being confident, honest, and trying your best. You are a charming and intelligent man, after all - show it to her. Try to make a good impression of yourself during every chat.

Don't be too formal

Keep the conversation informal, be positive, make a few jokes, and consider asking her questions about her life and tastes. Humor makes life more beautiful, and even longer. It also helps bring two hearts together. When this woman sees how approachable and easy-going you are, she will understand your interest in her and open up to you more easily.

Be romantic

Romance always pleases. Do not hesitate to be romantic to attract the woman of your dreams. You can order her a beautiful bouquet of red or white roses. All women appreciate flowers, and like to receive them for other occasions than just their birthday. This sweet attention will appeal to all women, it is one of the best gifts you can give. Your goal is to make her happy.

What not to talk about

Avoid talking about money if you are rich. She may think that money matters more to you than feelings or a serious relationship. Never talk about your former wife or fiancée, she will think that you are still in love with her and look for a woman to replace her. You can look through the Russian brides photos, but never appeal to another woman in the presence of your interlocutor.

It takes time for love to develop

Do not hurry: a warm conversation is built little by little. Do not say that you believe in love at first sight and that you fall in love on the first date, she will think that only sex interests you. She needs time to fall in love with you, and you need time to get to know her. Conversations about sex should be avoided during your first sessions online because she might think you're only looking for a one-night stand.

It's all in your hands

To put it simply, behave like a true gentleman: show yourself in your best light, by putting forward your serious intentions and your affection. Everything is in your hands. Rest assured, if you do well, her heart will be yours. You will then embark on a long and happy adventure for two.

Best Compliments to Melt a Russian Girl's Heart

Don't flirt with a woman indefinitely. As soon as your princess starts to take an interest and open up to you, close the deal. Pay her compliments to create the connection and thus install comfort between you two, to finally seduce her. When conducting a hot Russian brides search, pay attention to the next compliments that will melt the heart of any Slavic woman:

Here is a list of compliments you can say to your princess:

  • "I find you interesting".
  • "I ​​like the way you dress, you choose your outfits so well. "
  • "I love your haircut, it's original. "
  • "I really like your way of thinking, I like your soul. "
  • "You are different from other girls. "
  • "I've always found you pretty BUT I didn't know you had so much depth ..."
  • "What I love about you is your energy. You really radiate with good vibes. Beauty is common after all, people with good energy are much rarer. "

You've probably noticed, these compliments are just "different" from what women are used to hearing.

What Do Russian Women Hate in Men

There are some types of men that Russians cannot stand. If you often look at the hot Russian brides photos and fall in love with them, learn more about how to attract them. These are the mistakes and types of behavior you should avoid:


Many women believe that if a man loves and respects his mother, so will his wife. But this does not apply to those cases when a man calls his mother for any advice, if she still pays his bills, if a man invites a Russian woman to consult with his mother on various issues.


Women are repulsed when a man cannot make a decision on his own, when he is often offended by any little thing, takes too close to heart that a woman does not agree with his opinion. They do not want to marry a man who throws a tantrum for any minor conflict.


If a person keeps his body in a good shape, that's wonderful. However, when admiration for his body turns into mania, a man cannot live for several hours without a selfie in the mirror, and all topics of conversation boil down to admiration for the achievements of his six-pack, then women do not want to connect their lives with such a man.


Russian women are in no hurry to marry a man who is unable to come to the rescue when a woman needs it, a lazy man who lives at the expense of his parents, and does not think about the future.


This is the type of man who never starts a conversation, and if someone asks, they answer very shortly. They don't laugh at any joke attempt.

"Bad guy"

Women doubt whether it is worth starting a relationship with a man with a criminal past, a man who can raise his hand against a woman, sell drugs, or behaves in a toxic way.


A Russian woman may not know for sure that her husband has someone on the side. But she can guess. Certain behavior may indicate cheating. For example, when he speaks on the phone and goes into another room, when he does not want a woman to go with him to some kind of party, when various female things (makeup, accessories) are accidentally lying around in his house or car.

The man who constantly asks

Women are pleased when a man is interested in their opinion, but when he asks questions about everything and always, it is frankly annoying. For example, the questions "Can I kiss you?", "Can we have sex?", "Did you like it?", "Is everything okay?" infuriate Russians.

Too bossy person

A man who wants to control every step of a Russian woman scares her away. Partners should have personal space.