Is it possible to talk about the compatibility of Leo and Pisces if they start a relationship?

Such an alliance presents many difficulties, interests, disputes, and doubts. The eternal confrontation between Fire and Water. Who has more strength to overcome the other? And is it necessary to get higher when we can go together hand in hand, overcoming the difficulties encountered along the way?

Leo and Pisces compatibility

Representatives of the fiery element are self-confident, vital, bright, friendly, and accustomed to universal attention and admiration. They always spurt energy and desire for adventure. A water sign, on the contrary, is closed, often withdraws into himself, prone to introspection, the study of his mistakes to avoid repetition. Pisces has a rich inner world; they are primarily dreamers, and their head is full of creative ideas, which, however, are challenging to implement because of insecurity.

Such people are too different and have their way of looking at the world. They need help finding common ground, compromising, to agree on the same things on some issues. But if actual, sincere, deep feelings drive signs, this unit has all chances for an extended existence.

How sexual does Leo suit Pisces? Their compatibility in bed

Partners strive for one goal: to give maximum pleasure to the beloved. So they are ready to open up to each other as quickly as possible when they get into bed. At first, everything can go even too well, but Leo will not be enough after a while, and he will want vivid sensations and impressions. For Pisces, physical intimacy is magical, merging souls and bodies.

As a result, it may turn out that people expect different things from sex. Fire wanted passion, to try new things, to experience the unknown, and Water wanted warmth and tenderness. The first would have little desire for his partner, and the second would not need a volcanic eruption. This conflict of characters leads to dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Leo and its compatibility in friendship with Pisces

Not a good example, and again because of the contradictions. They are too different personalities to get along and become friends. It is infrequent for there to be even a semblance of companionship between the two. And if it happens, it is for some good reason. Usually, such persons can connect by mutual benefits, which they can get in the process of friendship. A robust and friendly alliance is possible only between relatives.

As for business, we can talk about success if the fire sign takes the role of the leader. He is responsible for communication and knows how to find the right approach to clients. And he knows better about financial matters because he is more focused and can think soberly in critical situations. The water sign is a muse, inspiring new achievements and goals.

Leo and Pisces compatibility percentage

Leo and Pisces compatibility percentage

Are Leo and Pisces an excellent match to be soulmates?

The union has a significant risk for a short-lived existence. For them, the task with the asterisk is to make contact. By nature, they need different things. Fire likes to be the center of attention, loves making new acquaintances, and flirts left and right, thereby revealing their perfection. For Water, it's all falseness and lies, and they will never appreciate it. Pisces choose to stay in the shadows, dream, fantasize, and imagine. They create the world where they spend most of their life and rarely show their nose. They demand the chosen one and want his attention, but the fiery representative does not tolerate competition. Admire him and only admire him! Because of this, Water can turn around and leave, looking for someone more calm and stable.

Potential problems in a Leo and Pisces relationship

At first, all may go well and quietly here. But, once the guys know the object of their adoration better, they will understand what is hiding behind the mask of a friendly and pleasant partner. First, the water sign will reveal that the mate was hunting for easy prey. In addition, the fiery representative instead works with other people's hands than with his own. And then Pisces will realize that he is less diligent than he claimed to be. Then Leo will fall in the eyes of the deep and sensual sign. At the end of the candy-bouquet period, when everything is in rosy tones, a person born under the auspices of the water element will face a selfish and self-righteous Fire. He will look differently at the fixated on himself partner, who, in addition, does not want to compromise.

The unrestrained temper and arrogance of a person of the element "Fire" become a significant obstacle in building a happy and solid union. But, on the other hand, the weak and soft water sign can not cope with the peculiar character of the chosen one, which prevents any reproaches at the root.

Leo and Pisces – love compatibility

The union of representatives of opposing elements is a bright flash, leaving an indelible mark on everyone's life. Water takes advantage of its magical influence on the other half and finds an ardent protector and executor of his will in his person. Leo will also open a fantastic palette of feelings - from romantic declarations of love to crazy fits of jealousy, which bring a welcome diversity to his daily life and mind. Trying to understand his partner, Fire gets an opportunity to develop spiritually and sensually.


The aquatic representative can channel the lover's energy to achieve excellent results. They will derive valuable experience from the union. But first, there will be some tests, which will help to feel all the advantages and disadvantages of this union. Then, it is up to the two to decide whether to stay together and work hard on themselves or to separate and look for a more suitable person.

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