How to Understand a Russian Woman

It’s probably not a secret that Russian women are perfect marriage materials for guys interested in serious relationships. However, the nature of these ladies is sometimes hard to comprehend. They are simultaneously tender and strong, introversive and outgoing, innocent and smoking hot. Their qualities are so diverse that foreign gentlemen genuinely get lost when it comes to online or live interaction with Russian girls. Seems like someone is in need of assistance! And we obviously can’t refuse to help. In our new article, we would like to give you a highly valuable insight into the mysterious Russian soul.

How to Understand a Russian Woman

1. She is ultimately feminine

Communicating with your fellow countrywomen, you definitely know what they would like and dislike about your behaviour. And how about Russian girls? The very basic thing you need to know is that they are impervious to feminist propaganda. Which means they support the traditional division of gender roles and fall for courteous and manly guys. Everything a Russian lady does or says is soaked with that special ladylike allure. So the easiest way to find a path to her heart as to be a real man and display this. Heave a sigh of relief: masculinity and chivalry aren’t dead!

2. She is good-hearted

Human nature is in fact quite simple: we all get attracted to kind, generous, and friendly people. By all means, Russian girls possess these traits – in combination with many others. Their graciousness is glorified in folk tales and literary pieces and depicted by numerous artists all around the world. A typical Russian woman always has a place in her heart for her precious people. If you become her lover, you automatically get her care, attention, fidelity, and compassion. And a wife from Russia will likely become your best friend and most reliable supporter.

3. Her sense of family is fantastically strong

If you ask us about the most significant merit of Russian women, the answer would definitely be their family-oriented mindset. You see, feminist and child-free convictions sometimes go together. That’s why some ladies in the West focus on building their careers rather than on building their families. At the same time, many Western guys wish to find decent wives and have children. Russian women definitely know that family is the main goal of a woman’s life. Hence, they will never choose professional success instead of their dearest people. Keep in mind that a regular Russian girl takes dating responsibly as she sees her potential husband in almost every guy she meets.

4. Her intellect will likely astonish you

There are tonnes of stereotypes about Russians spread throughout the Western world. One of those is that a Russian wife is always a beautiful brainless doll capable of just wasting your money and demanding gifts. Let’s clarify this right now: on average, Russian ladies possess really high intellect. Their culture raises versatile and multi-skilled people so local girls learn many things since their early childhood. Almost any Russian girl has a university degree (or even two!); she is hard-working and determined. In fact, such a lady won’t fall for a first available guy – she will rather spend more time to find an equally smart man.

5. She is self-sufficient

You might already understand that gold-digging isn’t appreciated by Russian women. On some forums on the Internet, there are stories about westerners who had unpleasant experiences with Slavic brides. Of course, not all of those women are saints but on reliable dating services, you have all the opportunities to meet a Russian girl willing to become your loyal spouse. As a rule, these ladies attempt to find a good job and achieve everything on their own.

6. Her beauty is unbelievable

Physical attractiveness of Russian women is probably the first thing coming to a foreigner’s mind when he thinks of them. Indeed, Eastern European girls were always famous for their gorgeousness which has become somewhat a landmark of this region. No wonder so many single Western men are obsessed with an idea of building a long-term relationship with a Russian girl. Furthermore, these ladies have excellent taste; within just an hour they can dress to kill, put on a splendid makeup, and choose the best hairstyle to fascinate their partner and everyone around.

7. She will always be sincere with you

Another thing that is commonly associated with Russian girls is their loyalty, straightforwardness and honesty. Unlike westerners, Russians tend to share the bottom of their souls with strangers. Not that they aren’t taught about etiquette, it’s just the peculiarity of their national character. Another curious thing about these people is their strong sense of fidelity to their lovers and relatives. So dating a Russian lady, you can always count on her high moral qualities.

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