7 Most Popular Excuses Women Use to Get Out of Sex

If your woman keeps coming up with new and new excuses every night just not to have sex, something might be wrong with your relationship. Here are what women usually say and how you should react to those pretexts.


“I have a headache”

This phrase is so popular and banal that many women try not to use this lame excuse unless the head really hurts. Your reaction: offer your girlfriend to take a pill. But if her headaches become regular and intensify by the evening, look at your relationship in general. Perhaps, there is a clear reason for her “headaches”, for example, you offended her and now she demonstrates her resentment.

“I’m very tired”

You may be surprised but the basic people’s need is sleep, not sex. If your girlfriend comes home totally exhausted after a working day, the only thing she wants to do in bed is to sleep.

Your reaction: go to bed with her and sleep together. Even if you don’t have sex but just lie next to each other (embracing if possible), you’ll maintain that spiritual (and physical) connection between you two. There is also a chance that in an hour she’ll be woken up by your touch ready for something more.

“I’ve never had an orgasm with you so there is no point in having sex”

This is the cruelest and the most hurting excuse a man can hear from his woman. If your woman openly says it to you (God forbid), it means she doesn’t care about your feelings and this is a bad sign itself.

Your reaction: break up with her if you know that you’ve done your best to make her climax. Blaming yourself for not being able to satisfy your woman is unbearable. The situation is even more unpleasant if she uses it as an argument for not having sex with you. By the way, there are a lot of women who don’t have an orgasm with men but they get a kick out of making love.

“I feel fat”

Women are extremely conscious of their appearance. And they really think that men notice every single detail about women’s looks. The reality proves the opposite. Even if a woman dyes her eyebrows blue, it may take a man several months to notice that something has changed in his girlfriend’s appearance. On the contrary, excess weight (be it even 10 ounces) or slightly unshaved legs may be a good reason for a woman not to have sex. The one who suffers in this situation is you.couple sex drive

Your reaction: tell your girlfriend that she is beautiful on a regular basis. If you do want to have sex with a girl, forget about criticism at all when you’re with her.

“You are constantly demanding sex from me. I’m sick of it”

If she says so, then there could be two reasons for it: you either have an insatiable sexual temperament or you’re the one who always initiates sex in your couple. This one-sided enthusiasm makes your partner passive and capricious.

Your reaction: hold your horses for a while and demonstrate your indifference to carnal pleasures. This way you’ll encourage your woman to entice you. Challenge her.

“We always do it the same way”

Even if you’ve been together for a long time and have your intimate timetable, it’s useful to change it from time to time. You should know that women have an adventurous spirit too and they get bored staring at one and the same ceiling every night.

Your reaction: try something new. There are plenty of options – from role-playing games to spending the night in a hotel room.

“I simply don’t want to”

This is the worst phrase ever. If a woman doesn’t want to bother herself finding at least some primitive excuse (a headache), she has made up her mind as to your relationship. And it’s unlikely you could change it.

Your reaction: just accept it. Ask her directly whether she wants to continue this relationship. If not, break up and forget her as a bad dream.

What Influences a Woman's Sex Drive?

A woman’s body is a very complicated and sometimes even mysterious thing even for women themselves. Their mood and life in general depend on the level of hormones too often. It is about their perception of themselves, their self-esteem, and their attitude to others. To be excited, a woman needs to feel that she is gorgeous, she needs to see that her man loves her and wants. Such things affect her sex drive and increase (or decrease) libido. Besides, the level of tiredness is of great importance as well. If a woman has a job and when she comes home, she needs to do all household chores on her own, then she might not want anything after it because she is exhausted and feels stress. So, if you want your woman to be happy and have a desire to spice up your sexual relationship, you should become her shoulder to lean on and not forget to praise her and say sweet words. If she knows that you consider her hot and seductive, she will pleasantly surprise you.

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When I had a girlfriend, I downloaded an app that showed her cycle, so I was aware of her mood swings. It helped a lot many times, and the girl believed that I am such a careful and sensitive dude who reads her desires (:
22.07.2020 16:21

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