The Pros and Cons of Dating a Married Woman

Basically, I can name four groups of people who may be interested in this topic:

  • men, who are in a relationship with a woman married to another man;
  • men, who plan to win the heart and the body of a married woman;
  • men, whose relationship with a married woman ended up at her instigation;
  • men and women, reading the article because they are curious.

The article, in the first place, is devoted to men from the first groups, i.e.: those, who are currently in a relationship with a married woman. However, let me give a few recommendations for men from the second and third groups.

dating married women

The Pitfalls Of Dating A Married Woman

Is it worth making attempts to seduce a woman who has already been seduced by her husband? If you are looking for an answer elsewhere, then it is definitely not worth it. It may be based on your desire to throw off the responsibility. But it does not work out that way! Your decisions and actions with a certain probability will lead to changes in your life and the life of your beloved married woman. Therefore, it is necessary to come up with the reason why you are doing this and take responsibility for your actions. Ready? If yes, then act – invite the ladylove to a romantic, intriguing meeting, she won’t be able to refuse. And if you are not ready, then forget about this venture.

What does it mean if a married woman decided to break up with you? It means that you could not offer her any other life that would have been better than her life with a husband. Yes, she might find you attractive, but that's not enough. Building long-lasting relationships is a serious business and requires serious responsibility. I bet, she decided that in cold blood, and now she will stand her ground. The chance to return the relationship is tiny, but if it does not stop you, then you should keep all courage together and come up with a splendid seducing plan. Besides, polyamory married and dating people is not new nowadays.

Why many men ignore the status of a married woman? Just look at the number of married dating apps and dating sites for married people! Many men do not mind dating a married woman at all. First of all, dating married women is often associated with violent passion and a low level of commitment. Some time ago I thought it would be much more honest and easier to start a romance with a married woman without any serious intentions. In fact, it turns out to be more complicated: the more time the relationship lasts, the more adventures and problems it brings.

Historically, men do not make serious plans about married women. They love surfing some married women dating site and believe they won’t get into something serious this way. Yes, there are plenty of married and dating women, but even a light involvement guarantees a package of stressful situations. And if one falls in love and decides to take the married woman out of the family and marry her, then he will literally walk in a minefield. After all, in addition to the feelings themselves, a woman can be bound by children, the fear of condemning...

Anyway, nature is on your side. It made the opposite sex more demanding. Therefore, if a woman is having a love affair with you, it is likely that she is looking for a new serious relationship with the prospect of creating a new family. She is not satisfied with her current relationship with her husband. Thus, all you need is to be a bit better than her husband and have a place to live. Is it worth destroying someone else's family? It all depends on your motivation. Of course, love and passion are not enough here.

You should fight for the future of the relationship. If you are not 100% sure that you are ready for such obligations, the continuation of the romance will be selfish and unpromising. There will be no positive outcome if you do not create it yourself, with your own hands. A married woman expects you to guarantee that she does not go anywhere, that you will not put on her a burden of responsibility for your future, that the new life will be no worse than the old one, but even better.

If your intentions are purely entertaining, then you will have to “pay” for the pleasure to be with an experienced and mature woman. The woman you seduced will most likely come to a divorce with her husband and you will serve an accelerator to the divorce. You will find yourself in the middle of a family drama. And then, nothing entertaining is left out there. Especially if this drama is weighed down by the need to distribute custody over children. As a result, you risk of being involved in a drama stretched out for years.

Pros and Cons of Married Woman Dating

Life has an interesting sense of humor. And if you like a married woman, you should know about the main pros and cons that you will face.married women dating site


1. If you are interested in casual relationships, then it’s what you need since this girl wants them too. She is already married, so she will not bother you with talks about your wedding.

2. You will have great intimate relationships. In most cases, women are looking for lovers when they want to spice up their intimate life. So, you will have a diverse sexual life with a hot woman.

3. You will face fewer demands. All her numerous demands will be directed at her husband, not you.


1. Constant conspiracy can be tedious. If you don’t like “spy games” and alike things, then such relationships can bring discomfort.

2. You will share “your” woman with another man. If you are a keeper by your nature, then it can be hard for you to accept the fact that you don’t have any rights on this woman. She is not yours. Period.

How to Seduce a Married Woman

Every man on Earth wants to know more about women. We will not hide the fact that often such an interest is associated with sex. And, as a rule, the best sex happens with experienced women. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to seduce a married woman. You should learn some tips.

Compliment her 

A compliment can turn into a real weapon that helps not only establish contact with women but also achieve, if not everything, then a lot. And these are not empty words. From a good compliment, women just melt away like vanilla ice cream. Women feel special when men talk about their beauty and grace. Confirm your words with a pleasant surprise: flowers or chocolate will help seduce a woman even faster. Talk to her like a gentleman and never use vulgar compliments especially when you are trying to seduce a married woman.

Find out what she is missing in her marriage

A lady who has been married for a long time is deprived of pleasant surprises. Her life has become a routine, repeating day by day. Husbands quickly cease to notice the tender nature of women. They believe that romance is needed only at the beginning of a relationship. Therefore, flirting with a married woman, it is worth starting to give her what she is missing in the marriage. It is better if you know exactly what she likes. It is recommended to write beautiful poems, plan a horse ride, ride in a balloon, and much more. This will please a lady.

Give her attention

When you date a married woman, she should realize that you are better than her husband. You pay attention to her, you care, you are not selfish and greedy. Women always subconsciously compare men, looking for the best among them. Well, help her with such a difficult task. Try to prove your position to her not by words, but by deeds. You have shown your advantages? It is time to put them into practice. Her husband doesn’t give her flowers? You give them. Her husband doesn’t compliment her? From now, it is an integral part of your communication with a woman. In general, take care of her.

Demonstrate your masculinity

How to date a married woman? A good and kind man will not be attractive to a married woman if he has little male character traits. From here, by the way, the opinion follows that girls more often like some kind of “bad guys”, when in fact, they just need a full-fledged man. In other words, be her authority. But in cases where the woman is more competent, it is better to give leadership to her. Some women regularly try to lead, subconsciously checking the masculinity of their partners but it is important not to change roles forever. Otherwise, she will not see you as a worthy man and lose interest in you.

Reveal your intentions in the sexiest way

A woman who decides to cheat doesn’t just want to sleep with another man, she needs him to be in love with her and wants her with every cell of his body. In her dreams, she imagines a gentleman tearing off her clothes and showering her whole body with passionate kisses. If a lady notices how her companion’s heart is beating fast, then it will not be difficult to persuade the woman to move to a more intimate setting. Infidelity is a serious step for a woman, so dating a married woman, you need to surround her with romance and passion, make her forget about her husband and plunge into new feelings with her head.

How To Date A Married Woman: 12 Essential Rules

Let’s go through dating a married woman rules now. It will be difficult to come up with a guide full of rules and recommendations on the matter. Dating a married woman is something special. No expert will give you a direct answer to the question: how to date a married woman.

However, we have come up with 12 essential rules of dating for married people here. Therefore, keep those things in mind and do not get into troubles.

1. No commitment. It is not a secret that the lack of commitment is what attracts men to dating married women. Men with a similar behavior do not want to go into a relationship, which someday and somehow can become a problem for them. A married woman is a perfect option to have a great time without any commitment for them. This is the reason why married women dating sites are so a married woman

2. Bad experience. Some men after divorce begin to perceive the events happening in their life from a different prospect. If in the past the representative of the stronger sex was deceived by his wife, then the one may deceive someone else in the future. A person with a bad experience can take revenge on other people, destroying other families.

3. A burning passion. Not only single women are able to start a flame in the heart of a man. In most cases, the development of extramarital affairs begins with a mutual sympathy. A man in love does not care much about the marital status of a woman he is in love with.

4. Collecting women. Usually, such Casanovas do not even know about the status of the sexual object they are attracted to. The fact that a woman has children and is quite happy in marriage does not stop them either. These men aim at seducing a hard-to-bastard bastion, in order to see how irresistible they are.

5. Possible exposure. If you are wondering whether to start a relationship with a married woman or not, you should keep in mind the exposure factor. Not every husband will adequately accept the information that he became a “cuckold”. In some cases, he may deal with the abuser not only by verbal means but using physical strength.

6. Family difficulties. If a man wants to have children and a faithful spouse, then the option with a married woman is not for him. You cannot be sure that your light o’love lady will leave her husband for you. In addition, no one can guarantee that she will become a faithful wife after she had an extramarital affair with you.

7. The conspiracy. At first, this precaution will add passion to your secret meetings. However, after a certain period of time, such espionage games can bore both lovers.

8. One woman for two. If you are falling in love with a married lady, you should keep in mind the fact that she does not belong to you exclusively – and this may hurt a lot. Especially if it comes to serious feelings.

9. Family drama. Dating a married woman means having a bone to pick with her deceived husband. Thus, you have all chances to become the epicenter of all subsequent misfortunes. Neither social condemnation nor her children’s hysterics will make your new family happy.

10. An obsessive partner. In rare cases, a married mistress begins to pursue her temporary choice. However, not a single man is immune to situations when his angel turns into a witch.

11. A sad end. Some affairs result in the decision of the woman to leave her family and start a new one. However, over time, partners may be disappointed in each other. Finally, everyone will lose, because the married woman will leave all the bridges burnt.

12. Live your own life. Everyone has the right to follow his own destiny, but it's easy to see the problematic consequences of the “husband-wife-lover” notion. Do not joke about such things, because the future of the family is at stake. Be wise!

Aren’t you afraid of the possible difficulties? If not, then your path will be much easier. There are even dating sites for married women. You just need to be extremely open with your beloved and wait for these feelings to be mutual. All the happy endings of extramarital affairs are nothing but the results of mutual trust and honesty of partners, as well as the complete absence of games. That’s a given! After all, you will face hundreds of different obstacles that are impossible to overcome without your combining efforts. Basically, the success here is possible only if you build relationships based on partnership, and not competition when dating married women. In other words, your relationship should be based on Win-Win strategy, and not on Win-Lose one.

Perhaps you are reading this article because you are looking for a clear recommendation, a ready solution for such a situation. But there are no ready solutions. This should be entirely your choice and your responsibility. Stay strong! You will definitely need it.

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Back in days, I had relationships with married women. It was a great experience until the moment I decided to create a family and looked at the situation from a different angle. Now I am interested only in single ladies.
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