9 Dating Tips for Socially Awkward People

Very few people feel brave and confident communicating with strangers, and even less are socially awkward. But it does not diminish the problem, as even an open and friendly person may feel symptoms of being socially awkward under certain circumstances. Most often, this problem arises from the fact that we do not have enough social skills, and it's quite understandable – such skills come with experience. The question “Am I socially awkward?” is a fixture in the life of those who feel shy in a new social environment or choke in front of strangers.

Social awkwardness has many manifestations and may affect different aspects of your life, but it's especially critical in relationships. In this article, we will answer the question of how to stop being socially awkward and provide you with some useful information for bringing you self-confidence and raising self-esteem. Finding a soul mate, and saving current love is one of the essential things in our lives. Do do not neglect the fact of being rejected, meet single ladies and try to improve yourself. What Does Socially Awkward Mean?

dating for the socially awkward

What Does Socially Awkward Mean?

To better understand this concept, there was psychological research conducted by Joshya Clegg. He invited 30 participants, who made 10 groups. Three men of each group had to communicate with each other for the first time. Their behavior was filmed, and then they watched what they did when they felt socially awkward. People were unknown to one another, so they were embarrassed about starting a conversation, what to say, and the social norms. In a broader sense, it's the feeling of nervousness, embarrassment, and anxiety which appear in a situation when we're afraid of being unaccepted by others. Society has its rules to follow, but you should know that your awkwardness may be your advantage over others. Simple, shy people who do not pretend to be someone else, who do not talk all the time and laugh when it's not funny are more likely to find real friends and love one day.

Am I Socially Awkward? Signs To Consider

Psychologists have defined some traits that indicate your social awkwardness. This problem arises from our childhood when, for example, we failed during big events or forgot lines during school dramatics. These long, forgotten unpleasant situations may become a real problem in our adulthood, which should be immediately handled. To lead a happy life and find a wife, we have gathered signs you are socially awkward to help you find out you have this issue and how to get rid of it.

1. Online communication is better than real-life for you

It`s not surprising that nowadays, people spend most of their time on the internet. However, if you feel like chatting with someone, expressing your feelings and emotions via emojis is better than meeting in real life. In this case, think about social awkwardness. Eye contact, hugs, and walking are much better than video and phone calls, especially when you are not far from one another.

2. Fear of peoplesocially awkward and dating

This sign of social awkwardness concerns the situations when you are afraid of public speaking in front of an audience, prefer uncomfortable silence in a conversation rather than saying something, avoid parties, concerts, or places where you may contact the unknown people. Remember if there was a time when you just nodded and smiled in a small talk and wanted to escape? If you recognize yourself, keep reading, and we will help you find the solution.

3. Modesty and clumsiness in response to compliments

It might have happened to everybody when someone praised or complimented us for beauty or work we have done well, but we didn't know how to answer and blushed red. Being shy and modest in adolescence is not a surprise, but try to overcome this situation when you grow up. Being selfish and self-loving is terrible, but learning to appreciate your efforts and noticing your wonderful traits is good.

4. People distancing you and avoid eye contacts

Social distancing may have a couple of reasons which can be easily detected and solved. First of all, it can happen when you have a bad smell from your mouth or something with your clothes. The respect of hygiene will make this awkward situation disappear. The second reason is that you may stand too close to the speaker to violate his personal space. Keep it in mind when the next time someone will step aside from you.

5. Loneliness and feeling abandoned by others

There may happen when in a group of people, you feel lonely, don't know what to say, and do not get responses to your words. This problem may arise from the fact that people have already formed pairs according to their interests. It may be a movie/ serial you haven't seen, a music genre you do not prefer, or similar things that make you feel awkward. Try to share their interests, talk about your preferences, and be smiley and talkative to establish the contact.

Why Dating May Be Challenging For Socially Awkward Guys?

It is difficult for some boys and men to find a girlfriend as they may feel uncomfortable because of their awkwardness. In case when all your friends already have girlfriends, or even wives and children, go out on dates or family picnics, post a bunch of new photos, and you are still alone, then look through this advice to improve your life. It may not be easy to find someone in real life, but the same difficulties are waiting for you on the internet. Fortunately, there are other people with similar problems, and they are gathering into groups, communities, or specific websites. It may be handy for you to search for dating sites for socially awkward people. According to your preferences, there are sites for serious relationships and romantic communication.

Dating For The Socially Awkward: 9 Advice

If you feel that you are socially awkward and dating seems to be a real nightmare for you, read this list of brilliant tips and forget about your awkwardness and lack of confidence forever.

1.Stop thinking about your insecurities

Every person has positive and negative habits or traits; you should not focus on what you do not have. Think about something you are proud of or the feature you've been praised for. Dating for socially awkward guys seems an impossible mission. They become shy and nervous and stop thinking about attracting a girl or making a pleasant surprise for her. Once you've read this, stop repeating past mistakes and look for someone on the websites we've suggested.

2. Make sincere compliments

If a boy is complimenting a girl, then she will definitely like him, especially if it was said sincerely. Awkward dating will turn into pleasant communication if you like each other and are not afraid to underline how you admire each other. It may be a simple phrase like: you have fantastic eyes, smile, hairstyle or dress, just be creative.

3. Mind-body language

In addition to what you say, you should pay attention to how you sit or stand. If you have your arms crossed, you always turn away from your interlocutor, yawn and do not follow what she is talking about, think of how rude and socially awkward you may look. On the contrary, be open and interested in a person showing it not only by your words but also actions.

socially awkward and dating4. Stop pretending

People often want to seem someone they are not by making up complicated stories and bragging about the things they do not have. Lying has never been a good option, even if it is a white lie. Of course, we want to make a good impression, but if you are going to continue communication, you should not deceive your partner, as it will not lead to anything good. A girl may like you for what you really are but not the image you created by your tellings. We know that dating for the socially awkward is a real challenge and we here to help you handle all the insecurities and be yourself.

5. Presents and surprises

We won't definitely be perceived as an awkward person if you are attentive to your partner and generous. Women like small gifts, would it be a bouquet of flowers or a bar of chocolate, a cup of tea or a movie ticket? They like to feel comfortable and protected. Do not make awkward surprises, the ones that may harm or afraid your partner, find out what she likes and try to make her dreams come true.

6. Go on a date alone

It may be strange, but there might have been some cases when a guy took his sister or friend in order to feel comfortable on a date with a girl. It will really look like socially awkward dating and a girl wouldn't like to meet you one more time. Be confident and ready to respond for yourself in a new situation. In order to not lose your nerves, you may invite your friend, but ask him to sit somewhere nearby to feel calm when you just see them.

7. Mind your appearance

An old proverb says: "Always dress for success," which means that the first opinion is made regarding our look. It's essential to wear good perfume and nice shoes, have a new haircut, and be neat and clean, because it's your date!

8. Make your awkwardness your gem

Awkward people tend to be shy and calm and this feature is highly appreciated by some girls. If you are clumsy or have done something strange, do not panic and laugh at yourself, try to make a funny situation out of it. Make eye contact with your girl and then look away in a bashful manner, it will surely make your partner feel beloved and attractive.

9. Find something in common

Your girl will be astonished when she finds out that you have something in common. Listen carefully to your partner and try to find parallels with your experience. It would help if you tried to joke and make her laugh. By the way, it is considered one of the best ways of flirting. Find something you both laugh at and make your pastime unforgettable.

It is not critical if you are socially awkward, what's important is to be a good person who is always ready to help and is interesting to talk to. It may be not easy to find a soulmate nowadays, but socially awkward people dating websites are helpful in this situation. These pieces of advice will improve your behaviour and change the way you treat people.

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