How to Improve Your Sex Life in Your 40s

It is customary to talk about everything in modern society. Those times when the topic of sex was forbidden have long passed. But even today, there are certain situations when people try not to talk about sex. And it's not about a dinner party with the family.

We are talking about those people who are 40 or more years old. We are embarrassed to talk about our sexual adventures because they are rarely worthwhile. After 40 years, the testosterone level begins to fall and it’s something natural. The quality of sex also decreases with the decline in testosterone levels. But we have good news: the topic of sex can become again the matter to bring up during your next conversations with friends. And you will even have something to brag about! Dating in 40s can be really cool, believe us.

In general, the best approach is to take care of your sexual health at any age. Many problems can be avoided in the future if you start devoting enough time to this question now.


Male potency and quality of sex

Most men, when they turn 40, wonder one day how to increase the potency. And this is understandable because dating in your 40s (or even later) is still a real thing to do. The term "potency" refers to the ability of a man to have sexual intercourse. And since the main prerequisite for this is a normal erection, these two concepts are often used interchangeably. And it is right.

Powerful potency is the dream of every man. Normal sex life increases self-esteem, self-confidence, has a positive impact on other areas of life. On the contrary, failures in sex can develop a sense of self-doubt and even an inferiority complex.

Obviously, not every man can boast macho abilities. We mean the willingness to have sex at anytime, anywhere, and with anyone. This often happens in movies, but you do not need to strive for it. However, the thought of how to increase potency and have a good sex in your 40s worries every second man. According to the research of American specialists, the problems of erectile dysfunction associated with the lack of erection or its insufficiency, occur to 50% of men over 40.

There are many reasons for this: a sedentary lifestyle, improper diet, poor ecology, cardiovascular and other diseases, hard work, stress, and many others. After all, the body is a single system, and a failure in one part of it entails a chain reaction of failures in other systems, including hormonal. And its good condition is very important for your sex life in 40s. In addition, erectile dysfunction can cause not only physiological but also psychological

If someone has convinced you that the only way to solve the problem effectively is medication, you should know that this is not true. Stop believing advertising! A quick solution to a complex problem is rarely qualitative and long-term. It is better to use time-tested methods that are harmless for the human body and can provide awesome sex in 40s.

Let's start with the physiological tools (or tips for dating in your 40s if you like) for raising and maintaining the potency at the proper level:


  • Sports. Nothing increases male testosterone in the same way as physical activity. Choose the kind of sports that suits you and start to work out. It is recommended for men over 40 years of age to swim. This is a great way to keep your body healthy by improving the erectile function. If the state of your body allows, go to the gym. The barbell and dumbbells will return sexual fervor to your bedroom!
  • Proper nutrition. Do you want to have sex the way you did in your youth? Then give up the uncontrolled eating of burgers and fries. Fat food is the enemy of potency. You can say the same about alcoholic beverages, especially beer. Alcohol can awaken your sexual desire, but it will not provide the strength for its realization. When we are speaking of dating for seniors, it is a big problem. Whiskey and rum are not your friends in this case! Add honey, celery, and parsley to your diet. Eat plenty of vegetables.

The methods of physical impact on potency are best combined with psychological tools:

  • Avoid stress, prolonged depressions and other negative experiences. When the body is subject to any stress, the sexual function is inhibited. This is attached to the ancient mechanism of fertilization.
  • If you are hampered by memories of an unsuccessful sexual intercourse (senior dating сan be full of unpleasant surprises if you neglect our advices), get rid of them at all costs. Past failures are catalysts of problems in the long run.
  • You should sleep enough. At least 8 hours a day. And you should sleep under optimal conditions in complete silence and darkness.

The issue of increasing potency should be approached in a complex way, then the effectiveness of treatment will be much higher. Diligence and strict adherence to our advices will show you that sex life after 40 can be full of pleasures and adventures. Everything depends on you.


More on nutrition for improving sexual health

Products that increase potency should include substances that affect the sexual system, improve blood circulation, etc. First of all, you should give preference to a variety of nuts. Peanuts, hazelnuts and walnuts have a favorable effect on the testosterone production. Experts recommend mixing walnuts with honey. You’ll notice significant improvements in two

These products are also good for the male power:

  • red meat;
  • fresh vegetables;
  • greenery;
  • seafood;
  • dairy products.

It is necessary to exclude alcohol drinks, energy drinks, strong coffee, and soda from your diet. Reducing the use of potatoes and flour products is also beneficial. A balanced diet is a prerequisite for healthy sex life at any age.

The way of cooking is very important. Try not to eat fried, too salty, or peppered food.

Traditional ways to improve potency and sexual energy

Traditional ways of increasing potency also help in the treatment of male weakness. First of all, traditional methods include bathing with herbs. Regular soothing baths with decoctions from laurel leaves, pine branches and cones or chamomile stimulate the reproductive system.

A special role in the treatment of potency is given to the broths. Decoctions of herbs, mint, and lemon balm are great for potency.

Also popular is ginseng, infused with alcohol. This drug positively impacts the potency and strengthens the body in general.

Treatment at home is not always effective. It often makes sense to combine it with medication if the situation is very complicated. Do not self-medicate. Consult a specialist who will help you choose the right drugs for your situation.



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