Aries and Virgo in a harmonious relationship - are they compatible?

The persistent and categorical fiery representative of the circle, the first in the fiery element, meets with the meticulous, far-sighted representative of the earth. It sounds like a perfect match only on some fronts. Can you imagine a couple where the partners are so different? On the one hand, the first is straightforward, stubborn and impudent; on the other hand, the second is closed, monotonous and slow. The latter will do everything to make others comfortable and well, while the former constantly thinks about themselves. On this basis, disagreements often arise. However, failure is not worth fearing because the fiasco threatens no zodiacal couple in advance. A detailed analysis of the compatibility of these zodiac signs will help to understand what the union needs to become happy.

Aries and Virgo compatibility

According to astrological studies, those born under the mentioned signs have little in common. For example, Aries is principled, irascible, constantly striving forward, and used to always relying on himself. Conversely, Virgo is more "down-to-earth," sensible, likes to think everything out to the smallest detail, and takes a long time to make decisions. Virgo, ruled by Mercury, is characterized by a high degree of logic. Nothing is better for them than to analyze an event for a long time, to investigate every fact. Mars rules Aries, so they do first and only then think. Representatives of these zodiac signs may need time to come to a consensus.

Sexual plans in bed - is Aries and Virgo compatible in this aspect?

Sexually, the couple may have misunderstandings. About Virgo, we can say that she is sensual; they explore the body of the other half without haste. In contrast, Fire signs which prefer to skip the foreplay and get right to the point, are the complete opposites. Astrologers say that Fire may not be able to stand it, and Earth will think that the first sign of the zodiac goes right through to satisfy their sexual needs. Virgo cares about her partner; she must "serve" her love to the highest standard. Her meticulousness and scrupulousness can moderate the ardor of her lover. Therefore, it is possible to introduce harmony and a suitable pace into sexual relations for both.

Peace, friendship, chewing gum - compatibility of opposites Aries and Virgo

When it comes to friendship, the representatives of these zodiac signs can become a real team. While affection and certain expectations come to the fore in a romantic relationship, the company is much more straightforward. These two can complement each other perfectly and feel comfortable giving the other a loyal, friendly shoulder. For example, Fire thinks Earth is unhurried and needs to think less and act more. On the other hand, the Earth believes that the Fire sign almost always makes decisions without thinking everything through in advance. Because he does not think at all, they will immediately get along when they realize what an invaluable experience they can have in friendship.

In mind that a representative of the fire element often has problems in friendly relations. This reason arises because they see competition in everything. The earth zodiac has opposite life goals, and the fire zodiac will not feel any competition. Virgo will be honest about anything that embarrasses or bothers them. Fire will be like a real friend who can share everything without offense, and Earth will want to find someone who will appreciate their truthfulness and openness.

Aries and Virgo compatibility percentage

Aries and Virgo compatibility percentage

Can Aries and Virgo be a good match? Will they be soulmates?

Soul mates can feel each other mentally, understand their partner's emotions, and experience the same. However, emotionally it can be difficult for this couple. Aries constantly need action. If a feeling connects with the energy of Fire, there is a desire to turn around and leave. This way out is more practical until depression and disappointment set in. Such dynamics can be challenging for an earthy zodiac sign prone to detailed introspection. Therefore, this can become a problem at the beginning of a relationship. The fire sign wants to move on, while the earth sign is still deciding. The Earth sign needs to learn to trust and accept the situation quickly, and the Aries sign needs to learn to cope with its emotions. It will then be possible to become soul mates and live in harmony.

If Aries and Virgo run into potential problems, what will their relationship be like?

They are an exciting combination of blazing Fire and balanced Earth. However, Aries are not used to thinking ahead; they live in the present and find it fascinating what they are doing now. That is why the fire element, to have a strong alliance with the earth element, needs to be able to slow down and wait for the Virgo partner, for which it is essential to think over the next step. Balance is another potential problem in a relationship. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, because of which they have an "I come first" position. On the other hand, Virgo gives all of themselves to their partner to make them feel good, and only then will they think about themselves. It is necessary to remember reciprocity. If the earthly sign sees that they are also given something in return, they will continue to "serve." If not, they will likely decide that such a union is not for them.

Marriage of opposites - compatibility Aries and Virgo

It is possible to assert compatibility in marriage only if the potential spouses radically reconsider their personal views on life in advance. The earth element prefers stability in all spheres of life; the same applies to marriage. The mode and consistency are in the first place for them; that's why the restless partner needs to fit into its perfect picture. The fire sign is prone to risk and unpredictability, which can discourage and annoy the earth sign. In addition, a representative of the fire element will quickly get tired of living under one roof with a predictable, meticulous, and perfectionist-loving person. Given the predictions of astrological research, it is not a very pleasant prospect for such a couple to be together. So these young people, as a rule, cannot get along and soon depart on different roads. The exception is marriages of convenience, which the earth sign may enter.

Aries and Virgo: Conclusion

Considering all the above, partners are incompatible with zodiac signs. However, overall, there is the potential for longevity. You need to work hard on yourself and your tandem.

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