Fun Date Ideas on a Sunday Night

Some men are sure that romance does not work and kills sexual desire. Is it really so?

In fact, it all depends on why you want to know how to make your date interesting and fun. If you feel an excess of positive emotions and behave confidently, you will increase your attractiveness in the eyes of the girl. You can create an image of a sexually attractive and romantic man.

It is easy to arrange an interesting meeting for two on a Sunday evening if you know some Sunday night date ideas. In every city, there are many cool places where you can take your beloved one. Even if your partner is not romantic, an unusual and fun date will not only pleasantly surprise her but also make your date unforgettable. The main thing is to wish to give pleasant emotions and to surprise your partner.


Run away from the cafe without paying the bill

The first one of the fun Sunday night date ideas sounds like this. In the depths of the soul, every girl dreams of meeting a "bad guy". A joint act of hooliganism, which will not lead to harmful consequences, is capable of giving the date an interesting mood. In order to avoid any risk, you should pay the bill in advance while the girl goes to the ladies' room. It will be better to tell the truth somehow later but not on this Sunday night date. This trick is good only for once. If you do something like this again, the young lady will get frightened and decide not to get involved with such a man.

Find a "treasure"

Finding something interesting in an unexpected place is akin to magic. If you want to use another one of Sunday date ideas, you just need to hide a little thing in advance in the place you will pass by along the way. For example, you can hide a chocolate egg in the flowerpot of the artificial palm at the mall.

You can stick an envelope with a nice postcard or a small collection of poems under the bench in the park, etc. Such find will be a pleasant surprise as well as a living reminder of the meeting. It is only your choice whether you make a hint to the girl it was you or not. However, most likely, she will guess and you will only score extra points.


Date at the amusement park

This is one of the good and slightly extreme date ideas for Sunday night. In any city, there is a park. Try to reason with the employees of the amusement park that at night you and the girl will be allowed to ride the Ferris wheel once or twice.

The excellent view over the night city, an unexpectedly appeared bouquet of her favorite flowers or just champagne, and your kisses will allow you to achieve the desired result in the form of loving eyes and sweet “to be continued”.

Ride bicycles

If both of you have bicycles, then you can arrange a romantic bike ride through the park or any other unsociable place (do not forget to smile and not look too threatening, otherwise she will not go with you anywhere after dark). Biking by chance will cause positive emotions, which she will associate with you.

If you cannot cook, then you can order dinner in advance (or even use ice cream and fruit instead of dinner), and rent bicycles. It can become one of the most fun and unusual date in her life.

Cook a dinner

Joint cooking incredibly brings together: culinary magic will make you constantly be in inches from each other and chat freely about the preferences in food and other fascinating things. By the way, it is unlikely that a girlfriend will agree to come straight to your house or invite to hers. The most neutral option of the Sunday date night ideas will be a culinary master class where she will feel more comfortable and will not have to take a pepper spray.

Start spying on others

The option is suitable if the girl is the same lover of modern technologies as you. The point of the game is simple: you choose a random resident of your city in any social network by chance and try to find him or her personally (naturally, without being contacted by phone) by various clues like his check-ins, hobbies on the page and the trail in the network. The result is to make a selfie with that person no matter under what pretext. If you are able to take it seriously and do not give up completely, it will be a very exciting event. Do not forget to take the erudition, unlimited Internet, and Sherlock's hat.

Dance tango

If your relationship is quite close to engaging in the most passionate kind of dance, then you should definitely try to visit the master class on tango. During the lesson, you can find out a lot about your chosen one, for example, how not to "pull the blanket on yourself" and harmoniously engage in a joint activity. This is useful not only at the initial stages of the relationship but also in the future.

tennis_couplesPretend to be foreign tourists

Even if both of you know your city to the very last public garden, there is an opportunity to diversify the banal walk in the streets. Of course, the basics of a foreign language will be required but it is worth it. Just take the camera and dress as if you arrived yesterday from another country and get lost in the role. Ask the passers-by for directions to the nearest monuments, make funny shots at the sights, and explore the local places.

Play tennis

If you have not watched the Wimbledon movie, you cannot understand the intensity of the passions that arise between the two players. This is a great chance to awaken each other’s emotions being driven by the sporting excitement. Be sure, on the court, any timid girl will be liberated. Even if it is her first time with a racket, you can gently show her the basics standing behind and directing her hand. A brief break will allow for fooling around and having fun.

Make an evening of improvisations

The option is not for everyone but rather for those who differ in their love of art. Just play the guitar and tell your girlfriend to do the same. Adjust the strings and play what both of you want. If there are no skills, you can sing along. This is a great way to liberate and give an opportunity to show your creative sides. The same goes for drawing: take the albums and give each other tasks like "draw your favorite food" or "portray me in the style of expressionism." The skill is not important here, your desire and imagination play the main role.

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