How compatible Virgo and Sagittarius are if they start a relationship?

A happy relationship can sometimes take work. And between this pair, in general, the abyss. The first is, by nature, earthly and practical. She is accustomed to thinking carefully, organizing, and planning everything. The fiery partner is very spontaneous and does what he wants. You first need a stable union, security, and confidence in the future. She prefers family, kids, dogs, and weekend trips to light, casual relationships with her parents. However, a reckless partner loves freedom and a change of scenery and does not sit in one place for a long time. The first is cautious, and the expressive personality of the second causes subconscious anxiety in them. Although the union between these individuals will be complex, constant joint work on the relations will make them a strong couple.

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility

The tandem of these people is like a grenade. It can explode at any moment. The former needs balance and orderly life, while the latter resembles a jester who is ready to disrupt the measured energy of his half, bringing chaos and uncertainty into their usual life. This kind of behavior is not conducive to strengthening relationships. Being active, both partners strive for an exciting life and travel. However, they have a different attitude towards this. Earth plans the trip in detail, but Fire may still have to decide which city he will go to tomorrow. However, he loves surprises and spontaneous moments.

The ideal date for these two is also different. The Earth will choose a pleasant private conversation over a cup of coffee or tea, looking into a partner's eyes. Fire prefers dancing and fun. Night walks around the city, noisy parties, and light, non-binding flirting. However, the earthly representative needs respect and a controlled partner. The fiery representative does not tolerate control and tedious lectures. This can cause conflicts and the need to reconsider feelings.

What is the probability that Virgo's sexual compatibility in bed with Sagittarius will be ideal?

The intimate sphere is significant for any union between a man and a woman. However, the physical closeness between these people could be better. In bed, they don't match at all. A passionate, fiery partner can play a trick on his thinking, sometimes slow soul mate. And inadequately respond to her sexual failures. The representative of the elements of the Earth likes to act in bed on his terms; he needs complete trust and the opportunity to open up to a partner. If Fire shows excessive perseverance and ardor, the partner will experience discomfort and withdraw into himself. However, if both show wisdom, open their desires to each other, they can experiment in the bedroom and have a great time together. Thus, intimacy will bring them joy.

Will Virgo have a friendship with Sagittarius? How compatible are these two people?

Both partners can become good companions. They can mutually expand their horizons and push each other to new experiences, projects, and activities they did not even know about before. Fire appreciates care, and Earth is used to caring for her friends. This will indeed bind them together. In difficult times, the first will always be able to cheer up the second to become a reliable optimistic support for her. Since there are no romantic feelings between them, both representatives of this tandem can allow each other such antics unacceptable in a love union.

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Virgo and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Could Virgo become a matching soulmate for Sagittarius?

As for the spiritual connection between these elements, it isn’t very likely.  They can have great intellectual conversations, make good friendships, and have a common business, but building romantic feelings will take work. The Earth yearns for the family, and the passionate Fire seeks to get out of the family into society. So they will have to make a lot of effort to find a compromise and continue to build their tandem.

Are the potential problems between practical Virgo and optimistic Sagittarius real?

Different views on how to build an alliance can be a significant problem in this complex connection. Both partners want something else. Fire cannot drop everything and sit next to a partner. He wants to explore the world and conquer new heights. On the other hand, Earth needs to spend much time together. This will eventually get tired of the fiery partner, and he can go to another person. Or abandon the partnership and dedicate yourself to a fun, free life.

Another problem in this couple may be how they express their thoughts. The rough straightness of Fire can touch the Earth. Although usually, she accepts constructive criticism and is ready for sincere dialogue. Fire can be perceived as a nitpicking attempt to help it. This is something he hates and will avoid in every possible way.

What is the emotional compatibility of the earthly Virgo with a partner? Is the fiery Sagittarius able to interact with her?

The first meetings between representatives of these elements can be pleasant. Earth will hear about Fire's many adventures and achievements, and he will appreciate an attentive, interested listener. However, these two will quickly realize that they want different things from their soulmate. The representative of the fire element is usually busy with his affairs and can either be next to his soul mate or leave in an unknown direction. He will easily let go of a cruel joke and complain with deadly directness. The Earth needs a partner who will always be there, taking care of her feelings and giving a sense of security. Otherwise, the earthly representative will not be able to open up emotionally. His coldness and aloofness will cause resentment in the partner, and he will want to leave. For both spouses, the union should be warm and trusting. The emotionally exhausting tandem will kill all feelings and lead them to break up. 

Is organized Virgo compatible with freedom-loving Sagittarius at work?

Experts emphasize that the high harmony of work colleagues is the key to their successful cooperation. This couple, in a good way, is called careerists and workaholics. There is always a lot of humor and positivity between them. The work schedule of these partners is very bright and intense; they fulfill their obligations responsibly. It will be more profitable in a pair if the first becomes the boss and the second subordinate. So the work will go faster and more efficiently

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