Are the rational Capricorn and the easy-going Gemini compatible in every love union?

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The predictions are not the most comforting. Everything is as usual – there is a difference in the elements, different world views, and a clash of interests. Because of this, love unions have difficulties, and building a solid and happy union becomes almost impossible. Initially, qualities they do not have themselves may attract these individuals. The earth element likes the air element’s openness, lightness, dreaminess, and the latter the former’s reliability, resilience, and stability. Those who were born in summer know for sure that they can rely on a partner; the same, in turn, will provide protection, warmth, and comfort.

Capricorn and Gemini compatibility

The strength of character, integrity, and stubbornness characterize Earth’s representatives. He sees his goals and confidently pursues them. He is serious about everything, making plans for tomorrow and trying to stick to them. Air is his direct opposite. He cannot tolerate monotony, a routine when they have to do the same thing daily. He needs a flight of creativity and constantly searches for himself.

These representatives have entirely different visions of what their ideal partner should be. For example, in Air - it is the same dreamer, friendly, easy-going, open-hearted fidget who should seek adventure, drive, and new vibrant emotions. But, on the other hand, Earth wants a reliable, down-to-earth, not hovering-in-the-clouds companion who knows what he wants from life.

Sexual aspect: compatibility of calm Capricorn and expressive Gemini in bed

It is an unfortunate coincidence that these two are unlikely to boast of harmony in this respect. Such persons have their way of looking at not only life but also the romantic sphere and physical intimacy. For the Air, sex is an opportunity to relieve sexual tension and a great way to get moral satisfaction. He can spend a lot of time preparing for intimacy. He will create an appropriate atmosphere, buy candles, and decorate the room with rose petals. The entire process is vital to him from the beginning to the end. He also loves to experiment and try new things.

His chosen one will not appreciate it because it is a waste of money and effort for him. He will not understand all the romance, the result is essential to him, and the process can pass him by. The Earth element traditionally perceives sex. That is why the Air can leave looking for a more relaxed and open-minded lover.

Grounded Capricorn and air Gemini: what is their compatibility if friendship is struck up?

In this aspect, too, all bypassed. Friends can become friends on infrequent occasions. But, again, it is all the fault for the lack of contact points. They even find it challenging to find an activity that would arouse interest in both. Earth would rather spend a weekend reading a book or watching a movie at home. The Air will choose leisure time in a noisy company with loud music, alcohol, and pizza. The Air seems frivolous to the Earth; therefore, he does not want precious time for it.

Things are better in the business sphere. Although they do not have the same world outlook, they can give in to their principles and work as a team for common goals. Air representatives engage in a creative approach to solving workplace issues. However, they encounter some difficulties in implementing their ideas. Earth colleagues who are excellent at implementing any idea can help with this. They have excellent organizational skills and bring any initiated business to its end. Such workers need a clear division of responsibilities to achieve results and boast productive cooperation.

Capricorn and Gemini compatibility percentage

Capricorn and Gemini compatibility percentage

Reasonable Capricorn and cheerful Gemini are suitable for each other? What do they need to do to become soulmates?

Things are challenging here. The representative of the earth element does not receive any reliability from his partner; he is not satisfied with the behavior of the chosen one, who is constantly flirting and making new acquaintances. The Air is bold and does not see the boundaries of the permitted. But on the other hand, he appreciates freedom and does not tolerate restrictions. Excessive pedantry, conservatism, and a tendency to think ahead characterize the earth element. Its precise daily routine can scare away a companion, and the monotonous life with no room for novelty and vivid impressions is boring. Air will soon go in search of someone livelier and more active.

Potential problems in the shaky relationship of the cold-blooded Capricorn and the dual Gemini

The whole conflict is in the dissimilarity of characters. One is closed, indifferent, and cold; the other is cheerful, funny and ready for anything new. This difference in personality affects all aspects of life. Earth repels a kind of selfishness of the other half and fixation on himself. It requires that the loved one contributes to the household and knows how to earn and bring money into the family. But Air is too windy to think about such little things. He often lives for one day and sees no point in saving for a better future.

Another earthly representative needs clarification on the ambiguity and duality of the nature of the partner. In public, they can wear one mask, but with loved ones already is in a different guise. In addition, they often attribute nonexistent successes. And it irritates the Earth because she is honest and used to saying everything as it is, not embellishing reality. She is hard-working and makes every effort to gain the recognition of the leadership honestly.

Stubborn Capricorn and changeable Gemini: what can be said about their emotional compatibility?

There is little chance of normal coexistence. An Earth is often stingy with emotions, while an Air can be over-emotional. Such behavior can lead to disagreements. In addition, the Air is guided by emotions when choosing a partner, while the Earth chooses a partner with a cool head. They must make every effort and patience to achieve a happy future together. Both representatives must accept the shortcomings of the chosen one and slightly adjust their character. It won’t be easy, but if there is a deep and sincere feeling between the two, they can overcome everything. 

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