Catholic Dating Advice

We all notice that everything around us blooms, pleases with beautiful colors and bright aromas in spring. Even if it comes slowly and insecure and it’s still cold outside, the heart is already warm and happy. Our hearts at this time of year “melt”, and the feelings “wake up”. We dream to get into a fairy tale story, where we love and somebody loves us too, where everything is simple and every moment is filled with romance. And this often leads young people to careless love.

Relations can be different. But, perhaps, the most interesting and the most difficult are relationships with the opposite sex. And here we face various problems and difficulties. For example, there may be misunderstanding because you don’t know how to behave with a certain person. In this article, you will learn how to date a Catholic girl


Catholic rules for dating

It is very important for believers that their minds and mindset will be tuned properly before they start dating. Therefore, we prepared 3 important principles of Catholic dating.

1. Go on dates with thoughts of marriage

It makes no sense for Catholics to go on dates without the intention to marry. This doesn’t mean that you should marry after the first date. If you need more time before marriage, it’s not a sin. People who want to get to know each other better need a lot of such meetings. It is normal for people to pray and ask God to send them a spouse. But this desire shouldn’t absorb your whole life. Be patient and expect it from God.

2. Listen to people

Feelings can deceive. In this case, other people whom you trust and who have the same values can help recognize the problems that you do not see by yourself being inside of the emotional storm.

3. Do not depend on a partner

Catholics shouldn’t look at their partners as at God. Such things as joy, calmness, understanding etc. can give not only your spouse but friends, and God as well.

Catholic dating rules

Catholic relations between a guy and a girl are very complicated. You have to observe chastity and also cultivate love. Do you like some Catholic girl? Read the next catholic dating tips and it will be quite easy for you to show her your sympathy and attract her attention.

  • She is a Catholic girl

Most likely, she will need a guy who will treat her like a woman. Behave as a Catholic should behave. Show your respect to her. Be a gentleman: open a door or help her carry books for example. Of course, you have to do this for every girl but show that you do it with a special zeal only for her.

  • Make her laugh

Yes, all girls love to laugh! She can sometimes laugh too much, but often it is because she feels uncomfortable or nervous, but she likes you.

  • Never scold

Girls basically do not accept blasphemy, so pray and ask God to purify your speech so that it becomes constructive, and do not encourage destructive statements in your company.

  • Respect her traditions

Most Catholic girls will appreciate it. It is very important for her that you are familiar with her parents and if you want relationships with her – this should happen during your first meeting. She might want you to ask for parental permission and take all the warnings into account.


  • You vs. God

Dating a Catholic girl, never put her in a position in which she has to choose between you and God. Most likely, you will lose in this fight.

Where to find a Catholic girl

To find a good wife is the hardest thing in life! But then, if you make the right choice, there will be a reward for the whole life. Career, money, football, friends – all of this is nonsense. The main thing is a family and a loving wife who is kind, understanding, sacrificial, caring and a good mother for your children.

Learn more about a girl before dating. Look at what she writes in her social networks, who are her friends, what are her interests. Sometimes it can be that a girl looks like a Catholic but on her page in social networks she is actively searching for some dishonorable things and can demonstrate her body to everyone, discuss some unsuitable topics. This happens, unfortunately, so be careful. Take a closer look, think, weigh all the pros and cons before you have a date. So, here are the places where you can become acquainted with a Catholic girl:

  • Catholic dating sites

Traditional catholic dating sites are created for people who want to find a life partner with a minimum of correspondence. It is clear that it should be a kindred soul with common interests and worldview, taking physical, social, educational and other factors into account. You should determine the importance and the degree of involvement in the church life for your potential partners and for yourself among the dozens of parameters.

Free catholic dating sites guarantee confidentiality and the absence of frivolous offers. Look for a life partner for free, without superfluous correspondence but you have to create a detailed profile with some photos. Ordinary dating sites give a minimum of information about their customers. It is filled with fantasies, conjectures and endless correspondence that inevitably leads to disappointment. So be careful when choosing a dating site for Catholic singles. Read reviews of happy couples and learn how to distinguish a swindler from a person who really wants to find love.

  • In the church

The life of the church is not limited only to worship services. There are always some very simple things for those who want just to help: cleaning, restoration assistance, repair, church charity, caring for the wretched and poor people. I think you will definitely find an opportunity to talk and to communicate with the person that you would like to see as a future companion in your life doing some kind of this work together.  

  • Common friends

A place where you really can meet a decent girl is a party of your friends. If you like some girl, try to support a conversation on any topic. For this, you need to know a little about everything. Try to learn the fascination of the object and to support the conversation about the things known to her. If you are not keen on her favorite hobbies, try to say honestly about it and tell her that you are not a specialist in this field, but you are really interested in finding out. When a party comes to an end, the question about a date arises. As an option, you can write down the contacts of this girl and meet her later.

So, if you want to please a Catholic girl, then try to make the atmosphere near you as comfortable as possible. Be nice and open. Be kind to everyone. This will not only make you attractive in the eyes of other people but also will help make new friends who may know something about your girl. Do not act so she has the thought that all that you do is just for fun or to tease her. She shouldn’t think that you don’t like her. She will never forgive you for this.

Tell her about your feelings. This is the rightest decision because she can’t guess your thoughts. You may be scared to reveal your soul (and this will be a bold step!), but otherwise, you will never move on. Maybe your relationships will not lead to a wedding, but you will show your courage by inviting her, and prove yourself that you are a real man.


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