Are the temperamental Taurus and Pisces so perfectly compatible or will there be conflicts in the relationship?

Representatives of this union create extraordinary unions. The Earthly does not believe in love at first sight, but the sensual Water One can change his worldview. Their tandem can be pleasant in combination with seething energy, the planet of love of one and the planet of the second, filled with dreaminess. These people are a great combination. They are a great union, as they have a lot in common. They quickly build their alliance and can get out of any conflict. This tandem is based on trust, and its members complement each other perfectly.

Taurus and Pisces compatibility

The earthly representative is a fixed element. He brings stability, fun, and sensuality to the union. Both partners are prone to romance and can put their souls into their soul mates. The couple has mutual support. Their collaboration does not begin with love. Instead, they often become great friends, and then love comes to them.

What is the compatibility of passionate Taurus in bed? Will Pisces be able to find feelings in the sexual aspect?

In intimate terms, partners are charming couples. But, of course, the first one inspires the dreamy half. But a representative of the earth element can learn from the Water partner to show feelings and fantasy in love. The second is the receptive nature. They are incredibly caring and attuned to their partner's needs during intimacy. The first wants to be with someone who allows him to open up. Therefore, the partnership will focus on him, trying to bring bright colors into his bedroom. Earthly by nature, romantics; will willingly pick up all the ideas of their beloved and bring them to life. The intimate life of a couple is very diverse and pleases both partners. In the first stage, it may not be easy to understand your desires, but over time you will be able to achieve a complete idyll.

Will the alliance grow into friendship? Perfect compatibility in tandem with Taurus and Pisces

In this regard, the representatives of the union are a reliable couple. Moreover, their tandem is stable because they are between two elements of the circle; that is, they have a rhythmic texture. Therefore, they can become true friends after 5 minutes of dating. In nature, these two elements are an excellent combination. The first provides stability to the second, and the second gives sensuality to the union. There will be an order with clearly separated roles in such a tandem. However, regarding emotions, both representatives are in no hurry to open up. Water is more sensual than Earth. They are the first to share their feelings. And the second, only after weighing all the pros and cons will he decide whether to open up to his new partner.

At the same time, do not forget that water representatives are used to freely "swimming," which means they do not like pressure. Otherwise, they may initiate a breakup. If the earthly one somehow offends their feelings, the partner can sail away forever. If, on the contrary, a representative of the Earthly element helps the beloved to manifest himself, then he, in turn, will reward him. Aquatics will be attentive and catch the mood changes of their soulmate. Conflicts in such a pair are most often talkative. There is no need for lovers to quarrel; they can quickly agree on everything.

Taurus and Pisces compatibility percentage

Taurus and Pisces compatibility percentage

The key to the heart of Taurus is to become a good match. Are he and Pisces to be soulmates?

The couple has no particular problems in communication. They intuitively understand each other. By nature, the second is balanced and reasonable. They often put others before themselves and allow their partner to be themselves. The latter appreciates such an attitude and, as a result, will listen to advise without expressing dissatisfaction. In such a union, the Water ones follow the Earth ones, who take on all the hardships. As a result, the former can dream and not worry about the material side of life. Instead, they often go with the flow, and the latter can create all the conditions for such behavior to benefit their couple. These two people are one of the most successful unions. Of course, the couple has specific problems in such a tandem, but they successfully cope. They have great potential in all areas of life.

If everything is so perfect in a relationship, could Taurus and Pisces be facing potential problems?

The first partners are earth energy. They think through everything to the smallest detail. The latter often fly in the clouds. At first, the first may be disappointed by the impracticality of the second. The Earth does not count on anyone and tries to achieve everything independently. The Water does not crave earthly pleasures at all and is used to dreaming always and everywhere. The first can often spoil the mood of the second, preventing them from breaking away from worldly affairs.

Water can act according to the situation and do what it wants. The Earth plans everything and rarely gets off schedule. The first can move forward without seeing the goal. Such a trait can offend a prudent partner who is used to controlling everything and everyone. This couple may have conflicts at the first stage of creating an alliance. After a quarrel, the Aquatics tend to fall silent, trying to catch the Earth by surprise. However, the latter is too busy with earthly affairs and may not notice the silence of the other half. If partners learn to hear and listen to each other, such a union will be beneficial.

Conclusion - should partners start a family?

This couple needs help to take their feelings to the next level. Aquatic is subject to Neptune. Therefore, they show care and emotions. There is a lot of room in their heart for a partner. They know very well how to calm their soulmate. The Earth, in turn, loves to take care of and is very patient with his soul mate, who is chaotic in his thoughts and actions. The Earth is passionate. However, she can reveal herself only with the help of Water. They can keep secrets and help with advice in difficult moments of life. The worldly partner, in turn, is ready to give loved ones a sunny weekend and diversify boring everyday life.

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