Gemini Woman Dating: Facts for brighter relationships

Gemini is the third zodiac sign, its element is the air, the patron planet is Mercury. People born under the sign of Gemini are usually distinguished by the vividness and swiftness of gestures, they are always in motion and cannot stand sitting in one place. People of this sign are filled with energy and a thirst for constant activity, they often do several things at the same time, strive to implement the ideas that have just come to mind, and easily find ways to communicate people. But how is Gemini personality pronounced in the relationship? We have completed a list of several Gemini woman traits that will give you a more concrete answer to this question.

gemini woman personality

Gemini Woman Personality

They can be open, but you will never know what is on their mind. They attract people because they know how to find a personal approach, but sometimes it can seem they are hypocritical. How to feel the real soul of the Gemini woman and open her inner power? To do this, you will need to know some facts.

Fact 1. Gemini is not the most punctual people and is always late, compensating for this drawback with pleasant words and deeds. They are surprisingly easy to get distracted; any adventure can take them on an unexpected journey. Monotonous work kills them, and in the blink of an eye, Gemini can change not only their place of work but also move to any place that takes over their interest. Usually, they are reckless globetrotters that travel the world in endless searches. Throughout their life, they can spend, as they say, the half of it without sorting out their suitcases, ready to take off at any moment.

Fact 2. They constantly tear between two sides of their personality. The duality of their character forces Gemini to rush from one hobby, business or person to another: these people are constantly striving for some unattainable ideal, but they cannot understand what it is. Their life priorities change all the time, at one time they are only interested in their careers, in a few days they may already be obsessed with family and personal growth.

Inside, a Gemini woman can be extremely vulnerable, but from the outside, she is always strong and self-confident and will never show her weakness. Even their friends can never predict exactly what Gemini will do today, and you should be ready for everything with them: drastic mood swings, depression, alternating cheerfulness and so on. But they try to take life easy and try to convey this philosophy to others. The description of this sign can be controversial: single woman online, if they are of the Gemini sign, are elusive natures, and at first glance, they can combine incompatible traits – being calculus and romantic, they want to make others happy, but show egocentrism.

Fact 3. The air element perfectly conveys the difficult nature of Gemini: inconstant, changeable, forcing them to move wherever the wind blows. People of this sign better live in a mild and cool climate, where there is a lot of free space. They do not like to clutter the apartment with unnecessary objects, leaving complete creative freedom and the ability to change everything all the time. The best option for a Gemini home is a studio apartment, where there is a lot of open space, and you can safely bring into some changes from time to time.

Fact 4. A Gemini woman, as a rule, is incredibly smart and can demonstrate this not only by solving mathematical tasks but real-life problems. Their talents are diverse. They can be actors, musicians, athletes, politicians or lawyers. In general, these people are universal in the choice of profession. The only thing that unites them all is the tendency towards laziness and self-sufficiency. how to attract a gemini womanThey need a free schedule because the routine kills these people, eating them from the inside. It is very painful to work regular hours because they are people who like to see different colors in the world every day. Fact 5. Gemini is quite weather dependent. Bad weather or magnetic storms affect the changing mood of Gemini. Representatives of this sign do not tolerate extreme heat and extreme cold. The ideal place to live for them is where the summer average temperature is +10 degrees, and the winter temperature is –5.

Gemini Woman in Relationships

In relationships with Gemini, it can be very difficult because of their fickleness. Nevertheless, they are capable of sincere feelings, and if they are in love, you will feel it to the fullest. They definitely will not let you get bored or tired of the relationships: Gemini will involve you in all their adventures and add variety to the daily routine.

Fact 1. But do not forget that relationships can bore Gemini, and if they decide to break up, there is no sense in trying to keep them. The facts say that they need a certain amount of freedom in relationships and at the same time, care and attention. They can be talking about love but not support you, which means that they prefer words to actions. Monotonous family life with its burden of obligations and debt can bore Gemini very quickly: such people need regular rest from household chores, and that's why they love to travel to the sea or discover new places and lands.

Fact 2. They are good friends. Do you need to get the car out of the ditch at 4 am? They will come even if they cannot help. Appreciate their friendship because they love you with all their hearts. They can use a little white lie from time to time, but there is no place for lies in close relationships for them, so if they tell you that you mean a lot to them, then it is true. They are very friendly to their lovers, as they often fall in love with the best friends and start relationships with them. If you have common views in politics or art, then get ready for the fact that Gemini will entertain you for several hours with their knowledge. What is typical for a Gemini woman personality is that these people are great communicators.

Fact 3. They just quickly get used to good things. So, if one day you helped them a lot, and they say they will remember about it for the rest of their life, do not get surprised if one day the information about this gets lost in the labyrinth of their dynamic thoughts. Gemini will show initiative to help you if they care for you, but if you do not interest them, you should not wait for the same help in response.

Fact 4. The other side of the restlessness of Gemini is their inconstancy. Any stable relationship, be it friendly, love or business, scare them, dooming the Gemini to the eternal pursuit of some distant goal, to ideas unknown to them. For the sake of the illusionary dreams they can leave everything, they are ready to sacrifice what they have, and when they realize their mistake, it is often too late. Their gaze is directed beyond the horizon, and in their pursuit of novelty, the Gemini often overlook the treasures that lie right under their feet.

Fact 5. They often enter into disputes and discussions. Be ready for the argument at any time of the day. Drama is peculiar to this sign. A Gemini female hates boredom and tries to change behavior or decision if they seem predictable. So she has a lot of experience in such things. Because of this, sometimes she becomes capricious, the truth changes her mood surprisingly quickly. If the conflict is growing, then you need to focus on what you want to discuss. Gemini will listen to your explanations, so if you want to convey certain messages to them, just stay calm and persuasive. She will change her mind if you manage to prove her wrong. Just never cut off Gemini, otherwise, she will immediately switch the topic or put you down.

Gemini Woman and Intimate Relationships

Gemini has a lot of secret sexual desires, and they are very diverse, and if you use sites to find women, focus on this zodiac sign. Gemini can have sex anywhere, anytime, so the passion finds its way out instantly. Therefore, do not be afraid to experiment, try to invent new possibilities to receive pleasure, this is the only way to keep Gemini near you.

Fact 1. The most suitable partners in sex for Gemini will be Sagittarius. The compatibility of Gemini in sex and Sagittarius is very high: such a union will be as harmonious and long-lasting as possible because the diversity in bed is their strong side. Difficulties in sex can arise with Taurus and Pisces since, in such unions, there will always be a ground for conflicts because a jealous partner for Gemini is a real burden.

Fact 2. A typical Gemini has so many secret desires that there will be enough of them for all of her chosen ones. They are ready for sex anywhere and anytime, for example, the edge of the forest, the back seat of the car, hotel room, and the list can be extended. So, if you are dating a Gemini woman, do not be shy and indulge in pleasure as often as possible.

Fact 3. Do not make scenes of jealousy. Sometimes, Gemini women may deliberately cause the jealousy of a companion, so that a man pays attention to her shortcomings and takes urgent measures to maintain the relationship. Representatives of this sign have too much sexual energy and desire, they cannot tolerate abstinence in sex, therefore, a man needs to quickly respond to the intimate needs of such a woman otherwise, he risks losing her. How to attract a Gemini woman? Boredom and monotony in sex for Gemini are unacceptable, but they will never openly break off relationships, hoping that the partner will make a decision or change his behavior. Female Gemini in sex is so virtuoso lovers that she can captivate any man with her charms, but not everyone will be able to keep such a sexual partner with them.

Gemini Woman Compatibility

dating a gemini womanIt is important to remember that Gemini is one of those people who want to see a friend, lover, and mentor in their life partner at the same time. If relationships with Gemini begin with friendship, you should not worry, perhaps it is this kind of friendship that will turn into something more.

Gemini woman dating and relationship with the other zodiac signs:

  • Aries. Great compatibility
  • Taurus. Low compatibility
  • Gemini. Good compatibility, friendship
  • Cancer. Medium compatibility, friendship
  • Leo. Sustainable compatibility, possible marriage
  • Virgo. Medium Compatibility, Attraction
  • Libra. Sustainable compatibility, love
  • Scorpio. No compatibility
  • Sagittarius. Medium compatibility, friendship
  • Capricorn. Few compatibilities
  • Aquarius. Sustainable compatibility, possible marriage
  • Pisces. No compatibility

It is difficult to say who is the best match for a Gemini for sure, this capricious sign is in a difficult relationship with almost all signs. However, Leo can be a great partner for this air sign, they complement each other well, the fire of the Leo sign will warm up the air of the Gemini, while it will blow and help it burn lighter. His grace and royal majesty make a strong impression on Gemini, who love successful people who know how to behave.

The most suitable relationship for marriage with Gemini can be formed with Aries and Gemini. The best sexual compatibility is with Scorpio.

Final Thoughts

From the general characteristics and preferences of Gemini in bed, it is easy to derive recommendations for their partners. First, forget about jealousy scenes. Remember that when a Gemini cheats, there is a part of your guilt in this situation. It means they do not get all those feelings in bed, to which they aspire, or they intentionally cause your jealousy because they seek your attention, which you do not give them enough.

Secondly, do not deny your partner the fulfillment of her innermost desires. Gemini girls are passionate lovers and for them, sex is the form of expressing themselves. Sooner or later their sexual energy will spill out somewhere on the side. Boredom and monotony "kill" even the brightest feelings. To make intimacy with them more interesting and richer, it is enough to feed their curiosity all the time. To do this, you can simply try different methods.

First, you need to ask them about their most secret desires, and then embody them. She perceives information not only with her eyes but through the mind, so you need to excite her imagination. Only in this way you can give your woman pleasure and joy.

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I have a Gemini girlfriend, and really, she is always late. I can wait for her for hours! Sometimes it just pisses me off.
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