How compatible is the stubborn Capricorn with the fiery Arrow, or is it not even worth trying?

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Couples in such a combination are very rare. It is challenging to achieve harmony in contrast, but there are always exceptions. The main positive of a team is the experience, which we cannot overestimate. Such a union will teach the pair to compromise and make the interaction between the partners as harmonious as possible. The main disadvantage of the couple is that they have to learn to exist in permanent conflict. There will be some animosity between the elements in absolutely everything. To keep the spark of love and mutual respect, it is necessary to constantly look for points of contact to sacrifice their interests for the sake of the other half. People of the fiery element are irascible. They need to pick up expressions and be more straightforward.

Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility

Capricorns have a very calm character. They take such partner antics seriously. Therefore, resentments and dissatisfaction constantly accompany the couple. It is not possible to live in constant synergy. They are contrasting personalities. Representatives of the fire element are still waiting to be ready to change for the sake of their second half. Therefore, it is necessary to work hard to preserve the union and learn to give in to the beloved. Even the stars are not an obstacle to true feelings.

Sexual life of Capricorn. How will he behave in bed with Sagittarius - is their compatibility possible?

The earthly symbol is characterized by mystery, which attracts the partner. However, it may be a cruel joke. Representatives of the fire sign may misinterpret the partner's true nature, taking it as a lack of mutual attraction. There should be trust between lovers for the couple to open up in bed. Excessive straightforwardness in heart matters could play a bad joke. 

The contrast of the elements will make intimate life as bright as possible: passion, openness, and a sense of partner - all this will be in excess. If lovers have never had other sexual partners, they can reveal themselves from an entirely new side. Representatives of the Fire element will be able to suppress his inherent selfishness. As a result, there will be a lot of feelings in their intimate life.

Can something important unite Capricorn in friendship with Sagittarius? What is the compatibility of partners?

The contrast between values and morality prevents the formation of friendship. As a rule, they can find a common language in childhood, but later, they will be nothing more than buddies. Fire sign carriers are eager to communicate with new people and are open to making friends. Capricorns, on the contrary, prefer to keep strangers away. 

Cardinally different views of life are the main obstacle to forming a solid friendship. No one is going to sacrifice his principles or change his beliefs. It is only in rare exceptions that they manage to find common ground.

Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Capricorn and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Will Capricorn become a soulmate for Sagittarius? To what extent will partners be a good match?

A temporary attraction may well end with a ceremony at the altar. You need to find a balance and put aside all the contradictions. Both partners have a solid inner core. They are true personalities who are not afraid of enemies and obstacles. Partners will be invincible if they learn to listen to each other. There is not yet a problem in the world that this couple could not solve. 

Capricorns are very moral. They are faithful to their partners and are not prone to cheating. The couple will form a happy union if it finds a balance between recklessness and planning. Family happiness is underpinned by material prosperity and stability. Capricorns know how to direct the energy of their other half properly. As a result, we get an exciting tandem of good luck and initiative. Centaur sign carriers are confused at first by their partner's puritanical restraint. Still, they find common ground, which makes intimate life crazy, and also brings maximum experiments to the bed. 

Will Capricorn have potential problems with Sagittarius? How will partners deal with conflicts?

Partners have different ideas of an ideal family. Therefore, there will be periodic domestic quarrels. Representatives of the various elements must work on themselves to create a suitable moral code for both partners. If we talk about the problems, Sagittarians are excessively passionate and ready to go to any lengths to achieve their goal. 

The leading cause of conflicts is the straightforwardness of Sagittarius. People born under this sign always say what they think. However, harsh criticism is not a sign of a lack of love but just an attempt to make their partner better. Capricorns find it very difficult to bear any comments, especially in public. It can cause them to shut down, to distance themselves from their other half.

Lovers have very different visions of their union and its core values. For example, people who are earthy sign bearers appreciate loyalty and respect. They can forgive a lot if they love. On the other hand, Centaur sign carriers are very free-spirited individuals. They will have to listen to their partner to build a happy life.

A contrast of temperaments arises because they belong to different elements. Both signs are prone to sincerity. As for showing affection, lovers do it in different ways. Carriers of the centaur symbol are known for their eloquence. It is okay for them to give an inspirational speech, but they can retract their words if their vision of the situation changes. Saturn people don't like this fickleness. They think that their partner has decided to renege on their promises. 

Will Capricorn manage to build a marriage? How compatible is it with Sagittarius?

Such couples rarely get married, but the chances of creating a strong and happy family are undoubtedly possible. A harrowing struggle for leadership begins immediately after marriage. There is no way to avoid conflicts. The main reasons are the budget and the education of children. Representatives of the sea goat symbol have a clear plan for the family budget, and Sagittarius is not against adventurous spending. Despite many contradictions, true love cannot be hindered even by the stars and the confrontation of the elements.

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