Cancer and Aries are slightly different in their relationship. So let's see if they are compatible?

As everyone knows, opposites attract. This is exactly what the above signs are. On the one hand – the sensual, tender, romantic, sentimental water sign, and on the other – the firm, confident, temperamental, stubborn fire representative. They have too many differences to get together, but according to astrologers, it is possible. Water zodiac sign are characterized by the vulnerability. They are very emotional and know how to express feelings correctly and accurately. Their central aspect is their feelings, to which they devote most of their time. They are pacifists. They do not tolerate conflicts and try to avoid them. However, their peace can be shaken when they converge with the aggressive, assertive and daring Aries. The fire sign is energetic and warlike. They love communication, arguing, and figuring out whose side is right, and they won't quit until they are proven right.

Cancer and Aries compatibility

This couple has a good enough chance to build a harmonious union, but only if they both want to. The Fire is passionate and purposeful, they see the opportunity to get new emotions in their partner, but often it fails. The representatives of the water element bring stability and constancy to the fore, and they need to have a balanced and peaceful person next to them, capable of calming their raging emotions in an emergency situation and taking everything under control.

Sexual compatibility is an important point. What do Cancer and Aries have in common when they spend time in bed?

In this respect, the couple is all right, and it is possible to talk about harmony in the intimate aspect, despite their different views on sex. For the water sign, the most crucial element is the attention, tenderness, and care of the chosen one, and the fire sign appreciates this most of all. However, partners know how to respect such dissimilarity because everything is based on trust and mutual understanding. Therefore, it is enough to adjust their characters, so they do not have problems in this matter.

How does Cancer behave in friendship, and what does Aries prefer? Let's find out how compatible they are in friendship with each other

They are more likely to become good buddies than true friends. As a rule, the comrades find a common language without difficulty and come into contact. Still, it is difficult for them to reveal their souls to each other. Buddies share all sorts of things, but there is a certain distance between them, which they will not be able to overcome genuinely. This zodiac combination has all chances to become excellent business partners because both are focused on the final result. They are united by determination and the desire to achieve victory, which inspires each other and motivates them to further success.

Cancer and Aries compatibility percentage

Cancer and Aries compatibility percentage

Are Cancer and Aries a good match to be soulmates?

There is passion, jealousy, and misunderstanding. At first, everything is bright, intense, and romantic, but then everything gradually fades away. These people have characters that do not fit together well. Cancer has formed views on life: they gravitate towards constancy, certainty, and home comfort. They need a sense of security and stability. In contrast, Aries is the exact opposite of them. They have a freedom-loving temper, do not tolerate frameworks and limitations, and do not impose their views. They strive for a strong and authentic relationship where there are no lies and secrecy, but at the same time, they do not understand to the end if they need such a relationship. The aggression and assertiveness of Fire hurts the excessive sensitivity and impressionability of the water partner. They also differ in their views on the financial aspect. Fire tends to spend it all, while Water tends to save it all. Conflicts and disputes darken the couple's life together and destroy confidence in a happy future.

Potential problems are present in every relationship. Cancer and Aries are no exception.

The main difficulty these two will encounter is communication. Partners can be overwhelmed by feelings and emotions that they cannot cope with. For this reason, there are almost always between them some serious passions that often lead to showdowns. Moreover, this is where the next problem grows – the issue of leadership. Fire signs need to feel like a winner, and they love to play at the forefront and get the leading role. However, their partner also does not mind being the winner. Here comes the complication because it is difficult to determine who to follow and who to obey. There are two leaders, and no one wants to give up their position. Any problem can be solved. It is only worth listening to the chosen one, leaving the negativity behind, and not bringing it into the house. One must learn to control their fiery temperament, and the other must be less offended by harsh remarks and unpredictable antics.

As for compatibility in love: how much Cancer and Aries match this

The chances are slim here. The reason lies not only in the characters' differences but also in the very ways of life. People patronized by the water element want to reach a new level of intimacy, while the representatives of the fire element value variety, brightness, and spontaneity. The latter can cheat only if their partner does not give them the intense emotions they crave. However, if setting aside all such unpleasant moments, then these two can make a harmonious couple. To win the heart of the object of their adoration, they will have to try and throw away some of their life principles. Cancer will not be able to get to the bottom of the thoughts and feelings of their beloved, and Aries should be careful with jokes that can cause hysterics in the other half.

Cancer and Aries: Conclusions

Although these people have very different temperaments, they wonderfully complement each other in these and other areas of life. Nevertheless, they need more courage to be themselves and respect the interests of the chosen one. Their alliance is simultaneously destructive but also able to give each other a completely new quality and open the world from another side. They can comprehend together aspects that were previously inaccessible to them.

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