Hot Military Women by Country: Which Female Soldiers Are the Most Beautiful

The Modern world is full of stereotypes about women in the military. Some even say that military women are not very attractive and behave approximately in the same way. While in the real-life, women serve in the army trough all around the world under the same conditions as men. But it doesn’t mean that in the uniform, they all look clumsy and unattractive. On the contrary, both men and women look very attractive in uniform. Most of the hot military women, just like female tennis players are thin and have very nice health and physical conditions, because sport exercises is a very important part of any military serves. Often sexy military women in uniform look even more beautiful than Russian women in bikini, and you know how attractive Russian girls are!

1. Serbia

sexy military women

We will begin our list of hot military girls with this small European country. At all times in Serbia, girls struggled to join the army, and now they are an indispensable part of the armed forces. Over 90% of the army are volunteers, many of them women. Most women serving in the Serbian army are primarily looking for stability. According to statistics, today, in the armed forces of Serbia, one hundred and fifty women serve in officer posts. There are a few women on the high officer's posts in the Serbian Army, but it doesn't mean that ordinary female soldiers are not beautiful. Their constant exercises combined, with Southern-Slavic beauty, can easily drive any man crazy.

2. Israel

Israeli military women

Israel is one of the most famous examples of countries where women serve in the military. Moreover, in this country, females are required to serve in the army. Israel's army in peacetimes looks more like an ordinary camp. Every week, girls are allowed to go home, they also visit courses and learn various professions. There they can even master the basics of computer programming or hairdressing. In Israel, contests and discos are organized for women soldiers. Not that long ago, Israeli army women were entrusted only with medical care, and equipment repair. Over time, the government decided that every single girl who turned 18 years old should do military service. Today, every fifth soldier in the Israeli army is a girl. The thing is that there they perceive the army more as an entertainment (peculiar, true). Women serve 24 months. Israeli military women are well known for their beauty and readiness to defend their homeland.

3. Turkey

hot military girls

Personally, I had no idea that women are allowed to serve in the Turkish army. The Turkish armed forces have made some changes to the internal rules. Innovations primarily gratified women serving in the army. From now on, makeup and a beautiful hairstyle will become the same integral part of the appearance of a woman sergeant, like any other woman. Thus Turkish forces not only serve as an example for other Muslim countries but also only there you can find women in the army why to wear makeup. If you like middle-eastern beauties, then Turkish hot army women are exactly what you need.

4. USA

women in the US military

Of course, we would never forget about the women in the US military. Today, more than 140 thousand women serve in the American army. Many women serve as officers, some of them, even, served in hot spots. In the American army, women serve in almost all types of forces: land, naval, and technical. There, girls drive military vehicles, refueling planes, repair weapons, and shoot from mortars. Also, they work as translators, signalmen, military psychologists, and doctors. The US Department of Defense considered that the state should benefit from the best that America has to offer. US military women definitely can compete with Russian military women.

5. Russia

sexy military women

In Russia, women also allowed to serve in the army. Usually, in the Russian army, women serve under more severe conditions (including cold climate) than in other countries. But it doesn’t make them look like Russian bears. Instead, they became stronger and healthier while remaining feminine and beautiful. The big difference between women in Russian and US military forces is that American military women often go to the army because of feminism, they want to prove that they are as strong as men, while in Russia girls serve because they search for better living conditions and want to protect their motherland. Thus, usually, Russian girls are more natural and feminine than girls in any other armies.

6. Ukraine

More than 55 thousand Ukrainian women do military service and work in this area. But, interestingly, there are very few colonels and generals among them, officers, for example, a little more than three thousand. Ukrainian women either go to the army with the goal of “saving and protecting,” or feel that their skills will be more needed on the battlefield. In recent years, a huge amount of females joined the Ukrainian army. Ukrainian girls are among the bravest girls in the world, and they require at least the same level of bravery from their men. You will effortlessly recognize Ukrainian women on any photos of military females. Their hazel eyes, wide smiles, and blond hairs are hard to forget. If you decide to date a Ukrainian military female, then you need to know that their Eastern-European beauty comes with a great desire for discipline.

7. Czech Republic

hot army women

The Armed Forces of the Czech Republic provide women with over 100 different military specialties. For them, the army is not only trenches, dirt, tanks, and weapons. Most of the girls are registered in communication units, specialized educational institutions, medical personnel, food, and clothing services. Of course, different women chose different serialities. If you are more into strong women, then you definitely should find a girl who serves “in the field.” If you more into beautiful Czech girls in military uniforms, then you should search for those who serve in medical and communication units. Their Western-Slavic beauty, combined with military uniforms, will drive you crazy. Actually, Czech female soldiers easily kicked German beauties from our list.

As you can see, nowadays, women serve in the army together with men all around the world. There are many different reasons why women decide to serve in military forces, first of all, the army can teach skills that will later help achieve success in the civilian world, including how to effectively present yourself, control emotions, set the right priorities, plan and make decisions, and also understand and feel your own strength. Secondly, the military in all countries (including the US) have privileges and advantages not available to civilians. In a situation where women do not have the right to serve, only men can apply for benefits, and this is unfair. You can find beautiful girls in every army in this world, so if you want to date a military woman, then it is better to search her according to her nation mentality first, and only then pay attention to her looks.

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I live in Ukraine and I can say with confidence that our women are the most attractive and hottest soldiers in the world!
21.08.2020 11:25

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