An explosive mix: Are the unconventional Leo and the idealistic Aquarius compatible?

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When Fire and Air meet, as it is easy to guess, there is an irresistible attraction. The latter is aloof and rather cold-blooded. However, even though he cannot resist the charisma of Fire, the latter is impressed by the extraordinariness of his partner. These two do not need anyone. However, their essences contradict each other. It is challenging to make this mechanism work. These personalities are incompatible, so they cannot avoid problems and reconciliation of characters. However, a feasible joint work allows them to create quite a harmonious couple.

Leo and Aquarius compatibility

Fire can light up a room with his smile, and Air can notice it and be attracted. Cupid’s arrow is capable of striking these two quickly and very vigorously. One cannot deny the lightning attraction here. It is enough for them to meet to experience a sense of affection. They are a couple who do not isolate themselves from the outside world. They like to have get-togethers with their mates and can gather a vast audience. They can support their chosen one’s dreams, no matter how glorious they may be. They cannot find all this with another person. 

However, let’s not forget that they are known opposites. Therefore, they will have to work hard to achieve the golden mean. They will have to learn how to solve the problems of estrangement. When opposites come together, they are bound to have difficulties that they must solve. Each side has its point of view, so it takes an opponent to be able to see the other side of the coin.

Passionate Leo and energetic Aquarius’ sexual compatibility in bed

Intuitively, this is a reliable couple. The initial social connection will be searing and hot. They can have different role-playing, experimentation, and great fantasy in bed. Intimacy is something our heroes can not worry about, as everything is excellent in this respect. Fire responds to the temperature heat, and his chosen one expands the boundaries so that intimacy is always fresh. In this case, there are all the qualities for extraordinary intimacy, as the Air can fuel the Fire. Fire is more romantic than his mate. They can bring something new, fun, and playful to intimacy. This allows partners to discern the genuine inner filling of each other. 

Generous Leo and easygoing Aquarius’ friendship companionship

These lucky people are capable of being great comrades. They don’t take strength or care. They are capable of being great listeners and sharing their ideas. These two are capable of supporting each other no matter what happens. They gravitate to be among people, and their first meeting will likely occur at a social event. Air has a habit of acquiring new friends, and his chosen one used to be the soul of the company. Once they meet, they will never be bored.

Leo and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Leo and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Are strong Leo and determined Aquarius a good match to be soulmates?

On the outside, it may seem that Leos are quite cold-blooded and confident, but inside they are very vulnerable and sensitive, as they are ruled by the Sun. They are big egoists and don’t mind making a scene in front of the general public; they can slam doors, cry and tell what their partner did wrong. After all, Fire always gravitates toward drama. February dabblers of fortune can be called unemotional. They do not handle difficult emotions well enough. They may take time out and need time to process their feelings. Unfortunately, their other half can mistake this aloofness for indifference.

For a Fire, the consummate partner is the one who worships the ground they walk on. They adore attention and want their loved ones to be there for them. Air can balance relationships, make the world a much better place, satisfy the person they love, and enhance their mood. If one is too selfish and reaches for power, Aquarius will become bored. He will try to leave.

Potential problems in a self-loving Leo and eccentric Aquarius relationship

As soon as these two begin to talk, problems arise. Air should understand that he should not blow out the creative Fire of his chosen one. Aquarius can be a know-it-all, which can offend his other half, which sometimes becomes quite vulnerable, especially if they realize they are not getting proper attention.

Of course, there may be problems here, but if the lovers can get through the obstacles, they are guaranteed harmony. Communication is an area that both will have to work on. Our heroes are not mutable, so they do not lack stability, loyalty, or commitment. Each has his way of looking at life and getting things done. 

After the first fireworks show, there will be a fight for control. The couple will have to learn to respect the other side and compromise. Moreover, fiery egoists dislike criticism and will defend themselves with their flame. Their chosen one is very straightforward in his statements. Consequently, there is a chance that he may offend. Such disagreements can be loud, scandalous, and controversial.

Elegant Leo and unpredictable Aquarius in marriage

Nothing stands in the way of a happy marriage. When these dabblers of fortune first meet, their sexual energy is off the charts. Things can erupt even from a close connection and later develop into heart affairs. Air is very observant. He can immediately understand that his partner likes him. Such dates are filled with fun, conversation, warm words, and endless trust.

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