How to Touch a Woman – 10 Places Women Like to Be Touched

How to Touch a Woman – 10 Places Women Like to Be Touched

Touches play a critical part in communication between people. Romantic relationships with women are an area where touching is especially important. Do you know that a man’s success with women largely depends on whether he knows how to touch a woman's body properly? After all, this is a whole art. With the help of touches, you can send a girl various signals about what you want from her. Today, we are going to talk about the 10 most sensitive parts of a woman body and give some useful tips on how to touch her.

where do girls liked to be touched

Some Tips on Learning How to Touch a Particular Woman

Typically, women are kinesthetic in nature. It means that their tactile perception prevails over vision, hearing, and other senses. The body of a woman is covered with a much larger number of receptors than the body of a man. And the number of these receptors is greater in certain parts of the body called erogenous zones. Women, knowing their sensitivity to touching, unconsciously touch their interlocutors on average up to six times more often than men.

Touches are a special language with the help of which people show and convey their feelings and emotions to each other. For women, touching plays the role of relaxation and the manifestation of tender feelings and care. The touches of a loved one or just an attractive person allow a girl to feel desired, increase her self-esteem, and create a sense of peace and well-being.

Therefore, it is impossible to build a romantic relationship with a woman without gentle touching. It not only maintains an emotional connection but also establishes and develops it. That is why many pickup artists recommend exploring the most sensitive parts of a woman and learning how to touch a woman and get her excited. Most women know the answer to the question, “Where do guys like to be touched while kissing?” But men have some problems when wondering about the same thing in relation to women. So where do girls like to be touched?

1. Lobe of the ear

The lobes are one of the most powerful erogenous zones, so take this fact into account. Also, do not forget about the area behind the ears. However, you should do everything gently and not very quickly. You can pass one hand over the hair of a woman and caress her ear with the second. Very few guys pay attention to the ears, almost leaving this zone unattended.

If you know each other for some time and have already moved to a new level of intimacy, you can caress the lobes of her ears with your lips. She will get a big wallop out of such touching. But you should not do this if you have met each other recently.

Moreover, make sure that a girl really likes these touches. Some women have too sensitive ears and do not like them to be touched.

2. Knees

A very small number of men pay attention to this particular part of the women’s body, preferring the hips. But girls really like when men touch their knees. If a lady wears sort dresses and skirts, use this chance and touch her knees.

By the way, note that the knees are one of the erogenous zones of the female body. So do not leave this part of the body out of consideration when touching a woman's body.

3. Lower curves behind the backhow to touch a woman's body

Another place where to touch a woman is lower curves behind the back. You can do this while hugging her. In general, hugs are very important for the weaker sex as thus, they feel your affection and care. Try to devote special attention to cuddles and make such a gesture as often as possible.

So, when you hug a girl you like, put one hand on her lower back and start caressing it slowly and gently.

If you walk somewhere together, you can put your hand on her lower back as if by chance and keep walking. Single women really like these touches.

4. Collarbones and shoulders

If a girl comes on a date wearing a dress, blouse, or T-shirt that denudes her shoulders and collarbones, be sure to touch them. First, tenderly touch her shoulder with your fingertips. Then, you can gently run a finger from her shoulder to collarbone – it will slightly arouse the girl. You can even kiss these parts of her wonderful body. It will bring the girl even more pleasure.

5. The back of the head and neck

Even the ancient samurais knew that the back of the head is one of the secret erogenous zones of a woman. But also, you should not forget about the caresses of the neck. You can touch it not only during a kiss but also when you just talk with a girl or sit next to each other in a cafe or cinema. The main thing is to remember that your touches should be tender and almost weightless. There is no need to pluck at the hair of a girl.

Do you want to find out how to touch a woman to arouse her? For example, you can pull a strand of her hair back and just move your fingers from the back of her head to the shoulders and then vice versa. Also, you can stand behind a girl and make her feel your breath. It will add more intimacy and romance to your touch. But, of course, you should make sure that the girl is really pleased with this.

6. Her hands

If your relationship has just begun, then hands are the most ideal and harmless option for caresses. There is a huge difference between the fact that you just sluggishly take the girl’s hand in yours and that you gently caress and massage her palm and fingers.

Touching her hands will show your girlfriend that you are not in a hurry and do not insist on something more serious but enjoy the period of relationships that you have now. Women appreciate such behavior.

Moreover, even an accidental touching with the back of your hand will be very pleasant for a girl. Believe us, it makes the hair stand up on the back of her neck.

7. The inner parts of the body

There are basic inner parts of the body where to touch a girl: wrist, feet, and a belly button. If you hold a girl by the hand, then you can caress her wrist gently and slowly. Women's skin is very delicate, so your touches should not be too aggressive and defiant. You can begin to caress

her palm and then proceed with the wrist. After that, you can touch the rest of her hand without focusing on the wrist.

Moreover, many girls go crazy over massaging their feet. You’ll be surprised, but the feet are really a place where to touch a woman to arouse her. It is clear that this should be done only when you are together at home. If the girl is sitting, then take her foot in your hands and massage it gently. But after some time, you can move on to a bit stronger touch.

Also, you can caress a girl’s belly button. This is a very intimate touch which suggests that your relationship is fairly close. You can run your fingers over her belly button, and then make light movements with your up and down. Thus, a girl will get even more pleasure.

8. Legs

Hips are one of the most sensitive parts of the female body. But you should touch them in case your relationship has already passed to a certain stage of intimacy. If this is just your first or second date, then in no case allow yourself such touches. How to touch the hips of a girl you like? To begin with, you can slowly run your hand up her leg and then go down the hip.

Dutch researchers came to the conclusion that anticipation of men’s touching stimulates sexual arousal in women. Girls love to think about what a man will do next. You should caress her hips but do not rush to touch the genital area. Every time your hand approaches her private parts, a girl becomes more and more aroused.

9. The lower part of the trunk

If you think that you can touch the waist of a girl only when you hug her, you are way off the mark. We are going to tell you how to touch a lady to give her maximum pleasure. First of all, do not grasp it as a lamppost on the exit of the beerhouse. You should do everything gently and sensually.

For example, you can stand behind a girl, gently remove her hair, kiss her neck, and touch the waist, gently moving your fingers up and down and lightly massaging this area.

Touching the waist is quite an intimate thing, so you need to make sure that the girl does not mind it. Remember this fact if you want to meet a girl now.

10. Hair

Many girls love when someone touches their hair. And if you still haven't used this trick, now it’s time has come! It is touching the hair that helps a girl recognize your care, affection, and tenderness. But there is one catch, a girl may not like when someone touches her hair. So first of all, you should check it up. For example, you can ask what her natural hair color is. And then – just touch her hair and make a compliment. If the girl’s reaction is positive, you can proceed to the next steps – run your hand through her hair and touch it slowly, or just pull a stray strand of her hair back from the face.

All these actions are aimed at expressing your sympathy to a girl you like. Such touches do not carry any sexual innuendo. Therefore, do not worry that the girl will think that you are hinting at sex. On the contrary, she will appreciate such actions.

How to Touch a Woman You Like

Just simple touches to different parts of the body can spark the interest of a girl, provoke amorousness, and even set her up for sex within a few minutes. But inappropriate touches cause a feeling of hostility, and a girl may no longer want to meet you again. So what is the science of touch and how to touch a girl you like?how to touch a woman and get her excited

  • Avoid touching her face too soon

A girl can react very negatively if you touch her face too early. There can be many reasons, the most common is make-up. Therefore, when you discover where a girl likes to be touched, leave her face for later. Moreover, do not try to touch the face of a girl you like until you become close enough.

  • Touch her during the conversation

You can allow yourself to touch a girl even at the initial stage of a romantic relationship, but your touch should look random and unintentional. Let her get used to your touches, then they will seem her natural and quite normal.

How to touch a girl during a conversation? When you see the eyelash on her face, you can gently take it away, but your touch should look cute and caring. However, keep in mind that a lady may have make-up, and she may not be very cheerful if you spoil it! Also, you can carefully brush a speck of nonexistent dust from her clothes or hair. Moreover, you can make a little trick: discreetly drop a small feather on her hair, and then remove it so that the girl sees it in your hand.

If something new appeared on the hands of a girl you like – a manicure, a ring, or a bracelet, then take her hand on the excuse that you are going to take a closer look. Hold her palm in a bit longer. And may your touch be loving and tender.

  • Teasing can make her more excited

You should be playful with a girl you like. If you fool around with a woman, it gives you an opportunity to touch each other more often. Perhaps she will begin to touch you even more often than you as teasing can make her more excited.

Don't overdo it

Let your touch look appropriate and unobtrusive. Also, keep in mind that there are people who don’t really like it when someone touches them. In addition, be sure not to grab a girl by the hand. It can be perceived as immature or obsessive behavior. There is a difference between pulling each other playfully and grabbing the girl so that she feels your rudeness.

  • Final Thoughts

As you can see, touching is very important for establishing and maintaining romantic relationships with a woman, and there are recommendations for good and natural kinesthetics. As a rule, women like to be touched. Moreover, girls have a lot of erogenous zones. And if you can find them all and know how to touch the female body, it is a great advantage in a relationship with a girl you like!

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