How to Fight Loneliness: 7 Tips to Never Feel Lonely

Loneliness is the main problem of modern society. Social networks create the illusion of being involved in communication, but as soon as people turn off their phones, they feel the strongest loneliness and detachment from the outside world. So, the question "how to battle loneliness?" is definitely relevant in our time. And today, you will learn what to do if you are lonely and single!

how to fight loneliness

Being single vs being lonely: the difference

Loneliness is not the same as being single. Being single is when you do not have close relationships and stay alone, but you feel quite comfortable with it because you know that this condition is temporary and will soon pass off. This state can even be useful, as you have the opportunity to be alone with yourself, analyze your actions and deeds, and deal with your affairs. In other words, being single is a great opportunity to enjoy life as you want it and take a break from the crowd of people and the eternal bustle that surrounds you in everyday life.

Being lonely is when you feel like a lonely person. In other words, it is a state of mind. You understand that you are somehow isolated from society. And not physically, but morally. Loneliness is a disconnection from the outside world, a feeling that no one around you understands you and you have no real, meaningful relationships with people. In fact, you don't even have to be single to be lonely. You can be surrounded by people and feel disconnected. It would seem that here they are – people! They surround you everywhere – at work, at school, on the street, etc. They are close but still so far away...

Therefore, being single and being lonely are two completely different concepts. People are burdened by loneliness, trying to hide it from others and even from themselves. And if each of us from time to time feels the need for being alone (please note that the word “being” indicates the desire to be alone temporarily, but not always), then no one has the need for loneliness. It’s really a shame that despite the fact that almost everyone has a mobile phone and Internet access in current times, loneliness continues to gnaw the souls of a large number of people.

Why does loneliness of being single appear?

Some people are prone to feeling loneliness when being single. Let’s consider the most common reasons why this feeling occurs: Difficulties with being alone. Some people find it difficult to endure being alone with themselves. This may be caused by psychological issues such as fear, high level of anxiety, inability to be interesting to oneself, etc.

Romantic feelings for a former partner. The relationship broke up a long time ago, but a person still dreams of returning that love. And then, such people have no place for a new partner in their hearts. A new relationship would force them to tear the very beloved person away from the heart. It hurts. So, a person does not dare to arrange a good first date and start new romantic relationships, but at the same time, experiences loneliness of being single. Fear of condemnation and rejection of other people. If a person has low self-esteem, lacks self-respect, and has irrational attitudes like "I’m not interesting", "I’m not loved", “nobody needs me”, it becomes difficult for them to build social ties and feel natural among other people. Self-doubt and negative self-feeling make a person withdrawn, which causes a feeling of loneliness.

How to beat loneliness when you are single: 7 adviceromantic loneliness

There are a lot of people who cannot remain without a romantic partner for a long time as they begin to feel lonely. However, things are not all that bad with being single. We would like to bring to your attention 7 effective ways to fight loneliness!

Communicate with strangers

Feel free to exchange phrases with a cashier in the store near your house, discuss the weather with your neighbor in the lift, or talk to someone while you are waiting for the bus at the stop. Such brief conversations do not require emotional investment from you but create the feeling that you are a part of society. In addition, you can get acquainted with a single woman online – it is a good way to find not only an interesting interlocutor but also a loving romantic partner. And, of course, this is how you develop your communication skills. So this is a sure option on how to beat loneliness when you are single!

Learn to take enjoyment in communing with yourself

Many people crave communication for one simple reason: they are afraid to stay alone with themselves. They feel happy in a noisy company, but as soon as their friends leave, they begin to feel devastated. If you notice that you have such a trait, urgently start working on communication with yourself. Find an activity that works fine for you and that you can do alone - be it crocheting or running - and do it regularly. Soon, you will realize how good you can feel with yourself.

Don't look for friends, but create them

You can spend years looking for the perfect friend who will suit you on all fronts. Or you can just take a closer look at others, choose a person, and try to communicate with him/her as often as possible. Because at the beginning of any friendship, two factors are important: mutual sympathy and frequent meetings. Friendship, like other relationships, requires investment. As soon as you realize that you are ready to invest, you will find that there are more soul mates around. However, you should not intrude yourself and communicate with unpleasant people just not to be alone – this is not going to end in anything good.

Develop your internal and external communication

To develop successful external communication, create ties with people who share your interests. That is, in case you are involved in sports, enroll in a corresponding sports section. It will be easier for you to establish connections with like-minded people who share your interests and hobbies. And by working on internal communication, we mean exploring your sense of loneliness. You should consider when and at what moment it first occurred, what feelings it gives you, when it passes away... At the same time, try to write down your thoughts. In such a way, it will be easier for you to identify the source of emptiness in your heart and start fighting loneliness.

Apply “fluffy” therapy

Animals give us a lot of positive emotions – it's not for nothing that they are called man’s best friends. They help to effectively beat loneliness because they increase the level of the oxytocin hormone in the body. So, spend more time with your pet, and if you don't have one, visit animal centers. It’s really an effective tip on how to overcome loneliness of being single!

Be in touch with your family

Believe it, the care and attention of the dearest people is the best incentive to overcome any life difficulties. By the way, a family is not only your parents. Try to keep in touch with your grandparents (brothers, sisters, uncles, anyone you wish), and you will feel better. Why? Information about your ancestry gives a clue to understanding your own origin and place in the world. In addition, these people are always ready to help and support you for better or worse.fighting loneliness

Accept yourself

Single people very often engage in self-flagellation. This is especially true for introverts who reproach themselves for not being overly sociable. This is fundamentally wrong! You should learn to accept yourself for who you are – of course, this is not about shortcomings that prevent you from living normally. And when you accept yourself, there will certainly be people who will love you for what your inside about. This is one of the best ways to deal with romantic loneliness!

Stop paying attention to other couples

It is believed that a single person must necessarily be unhappy. There is a stereotype that relationships are an integral part of human life. People idealize love, consider it a panacea for all problems and adversity. However, such idealization has nothing to do with reality. Perfect relationships do not exist, as well as perfect people.

If you feel that you are not psychologically ready for romantic relationships or family life, you should not enter into them just because of the external pressure from relatives or society. It will not make happy neither you nor your partner.

It is important to realize that your loneliness is not the result of the fact that you are “somehow different from others” but is your conscious choice. Happy people follow their desires – whether it's marriage or single life. None of this is better or worse, because there is no universal recipe for happiness. Live for yourself and remember, as Mark Twain said, "The worst loneliness is when you're not comfortable with yourself."

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