Will Scorpio be able to ally with the opposite? Is their compatibility with Aquarius ideal?

Such a couple is two people with different views on developing a romantic union. What attracts them to each other? The mysterious Water wants to merge with its partner, and the Air is a nature that is in no hurry to part with its freedom to the last. Love is not the main event in the life of the independent Air. He will always choose the latter if you choose between a romantic evening with your soul mate and fun with friends.

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility

These people are opposite to each other. But, according to the universal law of gravity, such personalities, on the contrary, are attracted. The only indicator that both people in a pair can boast of is constancy. Water and Air follow the sequence in their actions, not allowing changes in their personal lives.

The characters of the partners are strikingly opposite. Water speaks openly about his feelings and is a great romantic in love. On the other hand, Air is pragmatic. He has many pressing problems in his head, which he copes with pleasure. Sensitivity is not the main advantage of the element of Air. This couple has a problematic tandem, but the ability to compromise can strengthen it.

The sexual and wild passion of Scorpio in bed? Is compatibility possible with Aquarius?

Intimately, the couple's harmony is hot, impulsive, and unpredictable. Professional experts assure that tenderness and sensual foreplay are impossible in this union. The Air is a famous experimenter who loves everything new and unknown. The mystery of Water attracts him. In an optimistic scenario, the couple may have an intriguing sexual connection filled with pleasant surprises. The inquisitive Air will love the dominance of Water, which guarantees unforgettable nights for both. Expectations from a close tandem of a couple will be different. For example, Water is jealous and more prone to romantic feelings, while Air can confuse passion with friendly feelings.

Friendship of opposites with Scorpio. How high is compatibility with Aquarius?

In this aspect, the union is more harmonious. According to experts, the couple is constant, positively affecting the development of friendly feelings. However, the chatty Air can puzzle the observant Water at the first meeting. The tandem of partners will be significant due to the combination of positive character traits. They harmoniously complement each other. Together they form a powerful union.

The problem may lie in the jealousy of Water since Air is friendly enough and will be open to communicating with more than one partner. Water can get upset due to lack of attention, but Air can turn the situation in the right direction and establish a connection with another person.

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Scorpio and Aquarius compatibility percentage

Will the fiery Scorpio be able to make a good match? How will the controversial Aquarius manage to become soulmates with him?

Emotionally they are two opposites. The first partner belongs to the water element, which makes the personality hypersensitive. The second is of the air element, more detached and consistent. With an overabundance of feelings and outbursts of emotions, Water can scare away the freedom-loving and independent Air. Yet, at the same time, the coldness of the latter will make you think about a partner who dreams of a calm, reliable union. The Air is dusty. This character trait can make his partner nervous. Therefore, Water will intuitively prepare for the worst development of events. She will try to control the situation, fearing losing the Air that he does not understand.

In love, the Water gives his all. It dissolves into romantic feelings. Unfortunately, Air prefers to do everyday things, meet friends, resolve common issues and live life to the fullest, which can hurt a partner. Both people in a couple tend to change priorities. Moreover, with a long connection period, they can be helpful to each other. So Air has every chance to become more sensitive, and Water will reduce its need for eternal control.

What potential problems and misunderstandings will arise with a Scorpio? Will he start a relationship with Aquarius?

The stable nature of Water and Air can become a significant obstacle in developing their union. According to experts, Water is constantly overwhelmed with emotions: love, suffering, resentment, and jealousy. Air, as a rule, is invariably freedom-loving, adamant, and calm. Demandingness and emotional buildup of Water can quickly tire the sociable Air.

Since both elements are in a square, this affects their tandem. Water dissolves in union and expects the same from Air, which is interested in world problems. As a result, the partnership will develop only if at least one partner is ready to compromise. If a couple learns to complement each other and begins to listen to the needs of their soulmate, then she will have every chance to create a lasting happy union. The main thing is the desire and hidden influence.

How will Scorpio behave if he decides to create a marriage with Aquarius?

Only the manifestation of solid feelings can push this couple to such an important step. On the other hand, if they have no mutual understanding, the probability of building a family drops to zero. However, if a romantic union has been going on for a long time, then partners can get used to the shortcomings of their love. The first will be the breadwinner and head of the family in the union. The beloved, in turn, will look after the house, but at the same time, she will not abandon her creative abilities.

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