Compatibility of the feelings of Scorpio and its opposites. Is there a tale of eternal love for him and Pisces?

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Have you ever been to the ocean? Have you seen its raging waves of various colors? The love of two emotional, sensual people for the element of Water quickly reaches incredible proportions. It has practically no boundaries. Both partners dream of a soul mate, a unique, romantic union. During the first meeting, their eyes will sparkle, and lonely hearts will want to share stories they have lived without understanding for many years. Then, of course, this can develop into a passionate and promising union.

Scorpio and Pisces compatibility

And this is not at all surprising. Let's look at the stars. Scorpio is associated with the card of Death, which means the complete dissolution of a partner, a small death of individuality and independence. Gloomy Pluto rules it. He expects the worst but demands only the best. Pisces, who depend on the shimmering Neptune with its illusions, also emotionally immerse themselves in a partner. They are fragile and illogical and make you want to take care of them. The internal union of these two is secured, sensual, and lasting.

From the very acquaintance, Pisces and Scorpio will surely be able to find understanding instantly, on an intuitive level. There seems to be an ethereal connection between them. Each representative feels like a mystery to the partner, which they can not wait to solve. Characters belonging to the elements of Water listen to the heart's call; when attraction arises, they will not turn on the mind to analyze the situation. Romantic dates between them can begin from the first meeting. They feel like they've known each other before. Thus, this couple is already initially quite harmonious: without a doubt, their connection is a palette of bright colors, and attraction brings a storm of feelings and an emotional explosion.

Fireworks of feelings with Scorpio. Incredible sexual compatibility alone with Pisces for two in bed

There is nothing to guess here. Tandem intimate unions are unique. They fully satisfy both partners. Both love to merge into a single whole, to dissolve in each other. By making love, partners can significantly strengthen symbiosis. As a result, they get an emotional explosion of such strength that they cannot achieve with other people.

Establishing a cosmic, spiritual connection from the first days is standard for them. Such a trait means that their intimate union will be excellent. You will not need to invent any particular games or mental stimuli. However, the fantasy of the couple is all right. Scorpio is an invincible lover, he will be proactive and assertive, and Pisces are romantic dreamers who will quickly become led and grateful for it. The second's ingenuity and the first's mysterious flame create synergy. Each partner will receive physical and emotional satisfaction from the sexual tandem. The place and time for intimate communication do not matter much because these two feel good together. They like to spend time in such a way as to strengthen the tandem.

Will Scorpio appreciate friendship from Pisces? Do dreams come true, or will the couple's compatibility not work out?

This couple is the case when good news is not a surprise. It is no secret that the people of the water element from birth have a rich imagination and high spirituality. From the moment they meet, an emotional bond develops. They are pleased to dream and act together. Partners can become good friends because they can be sure of the sincerity of a partner. None of them will put a knife in the back of the other if the fear of betrayal does not prevent them from building a harmonious union. But they will always find words to tell each other the truth and support if one is in trouble.

Sometimes, due to an excess of emotions in their union, tense moments can arise. Still, both Waters are more likely to prefer a peaceful settlement because they appreciate what they have. Partners are subject to intense feelings but consider it reasonable to take care of each other. Sometimes they even get business unions, but the similarity of the sensory sphere suggests developing a closer connection. And the impracticality of Pisces plays a cruel joke here.

Scorpio and Pisces compatibility percentage

Scorpio and Pisces compatibility percentage

Pushy Scorpio and soft Pisces can be a good match. What do they need to become soul mates?

Like all Water, the mood of the tandem participants directly depends on their emotional state. They intuitively feel changes in their partner's state and may mistakenly take it personally. Scorpio belongs to the fixed representative of the water element, which should endow him with poise, but his mood is often zealous and possessive. Mutable Pisces are more volatile, can forget about promises, and have their heads in the clouds. But they have a beneficial effect on the partner. He, in turn, devotes all his free time to his partner. They like to please each other, and the waves of their joint ocean can cover entire coastal villages.

Potential problems in a strong relationship: learning more about Scorpio in tandem with Pisces

Thus, it is a harmonious, strong union of like-minded people. According to the stars, he has no serious problems. Perhaps the only obstacle to cloudless happiness is the doubt of Scorpio. He is very suspicious by nature. Love will be limitless if he feels that his partner belongs to him without a trace. But it is under the influence of Mars, which contributes to outbursts of anger. In turn, Pisces are pretty vulnerable. They take words addressed to them to heart. However, if the couple wants to create a strong union, these people can achieve it.

Communication between secretive Scorpio and calm Pisces

In the long term, this tandem has all the advantages of becoming ideal and worthy of emulation. Here we see a combination of weakness and strength, devotion and love flow, activity and dreams. In this union, each participant will be comfortable if he knows how to swim in a whirlpool of feelings, wearing a life jacket of common sense.

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