How to Convince Your Girlfriend to Have Sex with You

If you look at the statistics, people who live in hot countries have sex much more often. Koreans, Italians, Spaniards, Argentines have sex practically all the time. They have even come up with a siesta to have time for sex during the day. In Brazil, the Minister of Health strongly recommends carnal delights and says to the whole country, "Adults should go out, dance and have safe sex." Every man would like to live in Brazil at such a moment in order not to look for tips on how to convince a woman to have sex.

If the whole thing was connected only with the men, they would have already corrected the statistics. However, full sex requires at least two adults who sincerely want to do it right here, right now and without any excuses.

how to convince your girlfriend to have sex

How to convince someone to have sex with you?

Any young guy has a desire to seduce an attractive girl. Many men who have high testosterone level are confident in their own irresistibility, they act and move ahead, doing very well. Other men lack the inner strength to take courage and take a decisive step. They don’t know how to convince a girl for sex because they are full of fear and doubt. If you are looking for quite simple but effective tips on how to convince a girl to have sex, you should first realize that the theory should always be accompanied by practice. Girls like beautiful words, but if you want to succeed, you shouldn’t forget about appropriate actions.

It is worth paying attention to the next important point, a true man shouldn’t literally face the question "How to convince someone to have sex with you?" To ask, to convince or to beg is the destiny of weak and insecure personalities. More precisely, the challenge is to seduce the girl and to get mutual pleasure.

How to convince someone to have sex for the first time? Having found the object of seduction, you should make a preparation. Before you start convincing the girl to have sex, you should get the best out of your own attractiveness. What does it mean? You should work on yourself.

Uniqueness. First, find a hobby and a job that will make you stand out from the crowd of other guys. The range of possible occupations is extremely wide, but it is worth remembering that there should be something interesting and catchy in it. For example, to play games at home is not cool. However, it’s cool to play games and go to the championships, where many smart and rich people gather, and where you can earn money. This will allow you to become a unique man.

Style of communication. If there is any problem or complexity in the world, then you can easily solve it now, or in a while. You should tell everything with a calm and confident face. Sometimes, it's even nice to add pathos and selfishness. In other words, you should show that you can do anything, that you keep everything under control and have the upper hand. This is the way you need to represent yourself to a girl. Nobody cares whether this is the truth or not. A girl should understand that you are a perfect option. So, she needs to do her best to get you.

Flirt and sex. Ask and you will get it. Flirting and a hint of sex must be shown in your communication, correspondence, and actions. A girl should see your interest in her and your desire. However, this should be within reasonable limits, and you shouldn’t look like a maniac. Compliments to her body, mind, femininity, and hugs will be enough for the first time. how to convince a woman to have sexYour communication should consist of a certain list of rounds, which you should pass one by one, achieving the goal. For example, first, you pay her a compliment and wait for her reaction. She accepts it and takes it positively. Then you try to hug her or to get closer somehow. If it doesn’t work out, you can wait a little and try again. If you succeed, go to the next round, for example, gentle hugs and hints of sex. The speed of the rounds depends on the type and place. If it's a party in someone's house, then all these rounds can be completed in 20 minutes. If this is a shy girl, then it can take from 2 weeks to several months.

Manipulation and sex. If the girl doesn’t mind many of your actions, then it's time for the final stage. It is necessary to convince the girl that she wants to have sex with you. This can be achieved in two different ways. Firstly, you can convince her that she has been provoking you with her sexual actions since the very beginning, that's why you’ve started behaving this way. And now, you also want her as much as she does. It will work out with forthright women, they like to feel insidious and cunning.

Secondly, you turn on the girl, and then abruptly stop and begin to talk about morality and the code of the knights. In general, you show your inner qualities, that you are not like everyone else. It will work with the good girls who want to seem bad and cheeky.

Here is also a straightforward method when you do everything yourself. However, the straightforward attack can work only with girls for whom sex isn’t anything "complicated."

How to convince your girlfriend to have sex with you?

Sometimes, it’s much easier to have sex with a stranger than with a partner who always has a headache, bad days and inappropriate mood. You start looking for the tips on how to convince your girlfriend to have sex. In the art of seduction, excitement plays a very important role. Don’t forget about that even if you are in a long-term relationship. You should know how to convince your girlfriend to have sex and turn her "no" into passionate "yes." It is necessary to take into account some moments and factors. So, how to convince your girlfriend to have sex with you?

Circumstances. The place where you offer to have sex with her greatly affects her answer. The young lady needs to be calm and relaxed. Choose a place where she will be most comfortable. The atmosphere should be playful and easy. Nothing should distract, irritate or disturb her. Make sure that she can forget about unnecessary things and focus only on you. Cinema, zoo or public transport are not the best places for having sex in comparison with, for example, a lounge bar with muted light, hotel, car or your flat. Every girl wants to feel the romance and care of the boyfriend.

Words. You should always start with the words, and only then go to caresses and kisses. Pronunciation is much more important than the words themselves. Pay attention to your intonation, timbre, and closeness to the girl. Speak emotionally and add artistry, you should make your girlfriend want to listen to your speech. You should speak without any intense, slowly enough to make her feel calm and trust you. Sometimes, you can go into a whisper. It will excite her if you have chosen a suitable topic for that.

Talk to her on intimate topics, this is the very beginning of excitement. Be as sincere as possible, you do not need to invent an image of a hero-lover. She knows you quite well. Nonetheless, you can mention some personal, intimate moments, ask her about preferences, it can turn her on. Pay frank compliments and tell about your big desire. Be confident, do not be shy and do not take your eyes off her.

Caresses. If you have already taken into account all the other factors, you can go to the caresses. Women's skin is six times more tender than men's. That's why women need more hugs. Do not immediately touch her hips, bosom or buttocks, this is too much even despite the fact that this woman is your girlfriend. Although, there are young ladies who will be happy with such a behavior. Especially, if you have already turned on her well.

So, how to convince your girlfriend to have sex? Better start small, touch her hands gently and put your arms around her. One of the erogenous zones of girls is the neck, so you can casually touch it, fixing her hair. Fantasize and do not be afraid to act. There is a lifehack, touch the girl with the back of the hand, this excites the young ladies much more. Don’t forget to make and maintain eye contact. Look at her reaction because her gestures and poses will show you much more than words.

Kisses. Girls like tenderness. Try to put such a message in your kiss, especially if you are in a long-term relationship. A kiss can help say a lot of things and understand much more. You will feel how passionate and feminine she is. You should show the impudence and rigidity later because to do that, you will need to create a special mood, which she will be ready to share.

Ears and neck are the places on which it would be nice to make an accent. Whisper a compliment in her ear, and your breath near her neck will be an additional plus. A woman is a big erogenous zone, so don’t hesitate to use her sensitivity! Women say that if you know how to kiss, then you know how to bring pleasure.

Complete relaxation. If your girlfriend has a difficult period at work, she is nervous all the time and just is not able to relax, use a method that some men use to pick up a girl. The essence of the method is to get the young lady drunk. However, the main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise, instead of the desired sex, you will either look at the sleeping "body," or will help her pump her stomach.

Ideally, buy a bottle of good champagne or wine. Create an intimate atmosphere at home, cook a dinner and make a foot massage. She will surely relax after two glasses of wine and will be ready to tell you her secret desires, which you, as a true gentleman, will be simply obliged to put into practice.

how to convince someone to have sex for the first timeHow to convince your girlfriend to have anal sex?

Most young people like anal sex. They consider it to be a new way of getting more acute sensations. It positively affects the whole process, and men see the maximum dedication of the partner. Few men want to be satisfied only with a blowjob or the usual kind of sexual intercourse, all this eventually becomes boring, especially in long-term relationships. That's why you are also interested in how to convince your wife to have anal sex.

  • Learn the issue, all pros, and cons. Tell your partner about your desire and ask about her attitude to it. The main tip on how to convince your girlfriend to have anal sex is that your partner should be as sure as possible that she will not get hurt.
  • Buy some sex toys for her ass. Give preference to a vibrator because it brings maximum pleasure and stimulates curiosity to move further. Her sphincter should get used to foreign objects of different sizes.
  • Prepare a quality lubricant, it will reduce friction and allow painless penetration into her anus. Lubricate your penis very well.
  • Try to do your best to help her relax the muscles of the anus and buttocks. In simple words, you need to massage the girl's ass well and turn her on.
  • When she is ready, you need to start gently. It is important to give her time to get used to new sensations, which, at first, may not be the most pleasant.
  • When your penis is completely inside, do not rush with the frequency of frictions. If her discomfort does not disappear, you need to stop and try again without taking out the penis.
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