A chance to build a harmonious union - is Taurus compatible with Gemini in Relationships?

Signs located next to each other in the zodiac circle rarely reach mutual understanding. By nature, Gemini is a friendly sign that demands public recognition, while Taurus prefers quiet leisure time in a home environment. Nevertheless, this couple will create a fantastic union through mutual efforts despite the seeming incompatibility. Harmony between partners is achievable, despite the prejudices about their heteropolarity.

Taurus and Gemini compatibility

In this union, communication is always tricky. The first is a model of consistency and regularity; his actions are justified and thoughtful. The second, on the contrary, make decisions impulsively, acting inconsistently. The most probable end is the one where Gemini will be tired of the slowness of Taurus, still at an early stage. In most cases, adjacent signs are too different from talking about their union. They exist in a parallel reality, so the ideas about the language of feelings are also different. If some prefer emotions, then other representatives of physical sensations trust them. You can attract him with taste, smell, or tactile stimuli. But this approach does not work for air signs because they are more susceptible to thought factors. A great way to charm them is through intellectual conversation, jokes, and the opportunity to argue.

Mutual attraction or different libido. Taurus and Gemini - sexual compatibility in bed

Such a union, in sexual terms, is unlikely to be harmonious. "Air" representatives consider themselves more attractive and intelligent even in sex. Frank's reasoning and fantasies of the representative of the air element make the partner blush. Indeed, unlike his ally, he is compassionate and not disposed to experiments. Excessive perseverance can be perceived as an encroachment on his right to choose. Such an imbalance in views on sexual relations can cause stress and not contribute to the harmony in a couple. The emotional component of this union is so different that it can bring additional disappointment to both. Gemini makes decisions through the prism of their feelings, which is too difficult for a partner. The slow earth sign will get a new dose of insecurity because it tends to think for a long time. A strong emotional connection is hardly possible in such a couple since partners experience feeling too differently.

Taurus and Gemini friendship compatibility - chance to make any business successful

Solid and friendly relations between the Earthly and Air representatives are possible, although they will most likely remain at the level of marriage unions. Consistency and stability are essential for an Earth elemental partner, as they are prone to planning and succession. He is determined, persistent, and purposeful. The element "Air" representative is the complete opposite; they show fickleness and impulsiveness. If they learn punctuality and thoughtful planning, it is possible to find common ground with Taurus. They must try hard to consistently interact with and accept each other's peculiarities. Patience on one side and openness to change on the other can build harmonious, friendly union.

Taurus and Gemini compatibility percentage

Taurus and Gemini compatibility percentage

Are Taurus and Gemini an excellent match to be soulmates

Representatives of the Air always strive to learn new things, but because of their inconsistency, they rarely finish what they started. On the other hand, the partner is usually obsessed with finding solutions and getting stuck in them. They both have such different views that any conversation risks ending in conflict. In a partner's eyes, the Gemini is too frivolous because they rarely worry about something. The conciseness with which Gemini speaks out, the partner considers frivolity. At the same time, when problems arise in the union, representatives prefer to discuss them frankly and seek a solution. Such directness will benefit both of them because you can find a compromise solution in communication and save love. Gemini does not like tough conversations and avoids them in every possible way. However, natural flexibility makes them give in to arguments. Taurus does not admit its mistakes, so there is no point in waiting to hear him apologize. Instead, they will insist on their rightness, even if their fault is apparent. 

Potential problems in a Taurus and Gemini relationship due to different temperaments

One representative resembles the indestructible earthly sky, and the other is the changeable Air. This disbalance generates a lack of trust between partners. The impulsiveness and inconstancy of the "airy" representative can discourage the nondescript Taurus. The first ones give the impression of being unstable and unserious, not credible. In such unions, the Earth sign gets more discomfort than the Air sign. Taurus does not perceive his partner as supportive and considers him too frivolous. At the same time, Gemini does not understand criticism and mistrust, and their partner may seem too dull and trivial. Disputes often arise on this ground as the points of contact between the Earth and the Air are seldom stable. Gemini can find any disagreement a savory and witty distraction. They quickly approach disputes and try to understand their opponent's side. Such a position is alien to Taurus; he is prone to self-digging and in-depth analysis of the causes of conflict. Therefore, their superficial attitude toward Gemini is offensive to him.

Moral tension or complaisance of characters - Taurus and Gemini in emotional compatibility

According to astrologers' comprehensive assessments, these two have no common ground. However, such an alliance can be unexpectedly beneficial for partners. If the partners in the union are open to each other, they can learn to interact effectively. It will be helpful for representatives of the "earthly" elements to adopt their partner's complaisant and accommodating nature. In turn, Gemini will excel in learning to plan and be punctual. Then the union can be profitable, although it will require serious efforts from both.

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