Are Leo and Aries really compatible with creating a lasting union? Can two leaders build a strong relationship?

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These two have all chances to become a strong couple because they are both of the same element, which makes them similar in many aspects. In addition, these strong, confident, militant, and determined individuals have identical characters and temperaments, so finding common ground is not difficult. The ward of Mars, Aries, born in the spring, has intense energy, ardor, and an enthusiastic attitude to life. He never hides his true motives and used to play openly. He does not hide anything, says it like it is, and appreciates the honesty and straightforwardness in others. If he sees a goal in front of him, he goes straight to it, not paying attention to the obstacles.

Leo and Aries compatibility

The Sun's ward, the summer-born Leo, is decisive, selfish, and accustomed to taking the lead to be in charge everywhere. He likes to meet the goals set before him. He knows what he wants from life and strives to take it by all means. When such people unite, those around them should better watch out because they form a real bright flame that can consume everything in its path. This tandem can move mountains together and overcome any difficulties if they want. There is a high probability that the two halves will get together and establish a trustful connection when they meet. This is because fire elements possess great power and strength, allowing them to achieve everything they want when a common goal or interest rallies them. However, the important thing is that the couple shouldn't use this energy to compete. Otherwise, the raging Fire will consume them.

Experiments in bed: Leo and Aries are sexually active and innovative. We are talking about full compatibility in sex

It's a total hit. It's the perfect combination; these signs are great together. They are emotional, bold, and assertive; they love experimentation and are not afraid to try something new in extreme places. They appreciate each other's passion, desire, and lust. They enjoy each other because they can always look for something exciting and offer it on their behalf. They certainly won't mind!

The spouses are unashamedly able to tell each other about their desires. They try not only to enjoy themselves but also to bring it to their mate. Both Fire signs desire to be leaders; they want to be in charge, but there can not be two dominants in the bedroom, and they understand it. The main thing for a couple is to keep harmony. To avoid tension in the bedroom, one of the partners must refrain from showing selfishness. Both fire signs want to be loved and feel important.

Leo and Aries can create a strong friendship and partnership. Learn about their compatibility

And here, the match is 100%! These elements share common interests and hobbies. They always find something to talk about, something to discuss. They will find an activity to their liking and do it together. The signs can also become close in the background of work. But, of course, they cannot exclude disagreements and conflicts. Still, both are quick to withdraw and not vindictive, so there will be no problems with prolonged silence and indifference. 

It is possible to say the same about the business sphere. Fiery elements can reach unprecedented heights in their business. And if they work together, the project will surely be a success. The Fiery element will work tirelessly. They will get pleasure from it because they are industrious and used to work for results.

Leo and Aries compatibility percentage

Leo and Aries compatibility percentage

Is there a possibility for Leo to be a match for Aries? Are they true soulmates?

These two can become true soul mates because they are so much alike! They have many things in common - goals, desires, and aspirations; they can even reach their goals similarly. Aries is open, honest, truth-loving, stubborn, stands firm on its own, and does not depart from its principles. Leo believes in the best, is used to relying on himself, and knows he will get his way in any scenario. He needs an intelligent, erudite, educated person who can defer to the king's sign, support, and praise. It is a person of the same element who meets all the needs of the demanding Fire; in addition, she will be able to appreciate all his countless advantages.

Potential problems in a paradise: are there difficulties in the happy relationship between Leo and Aries?

Even the perfect couple has difficulties in certain aspects of life. They often balance on edge. It is difficult for them to restrain emotions and their impulses, the satisfaction of personal needs and the realization of desires are the priority. A fire sign, in general, is almost unreal to tame and even more unreal - to win. Constant rivalry for first place can be exhausting. If everyone finds their hobby, they will run away from each other and, possibly, from the rut in which they have driven themselves. Here it is essential to stop in time, take the same pace and be able to agree. It is necessary to listen to your partner, show your participation, and express your support. 

These two are too bored to live in harmony and tranquility. These two constantly seek adventure, obstacles, and struggles; they must prove their ability to cope. But this problem is also solved if looking at it from a different point of view. Then, it is possible to focus energy in another direction. A happy future together is assured if the couple can look in the same order and will not dust their soulmate's eyes.

Energetic Leo and decisive Aries – emotional compatibility

A too-violent manifestation of emotions is characteristic of the fire sign, born in summer. Thereby he can provoke in the spring "brother" a response, which can become an actual hurricane. The couple doesn't need to start to find out "who is the daddy here" in a public place, and they will use everything that comes to hand. Both should be careful emotionally and keep their feelings in check. Such a union will be favorable because it is two solid and bright individuals lighting a fire in the other that can grow into a fire. It is essential for them not to burn out and not to incinerate each other; then, there will be a success. 

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