Two fiery temperaments in a love union - are Taurus and Leo compatible in such a tandem?

Earth sign refers to life conservatively. They are not too fond of changes, are a little slow, and prefer to avoid rushing. Compliance, soft-spokenness, and stubbornness are their main characteristics. The fire sign is characterized by sociability, and they have the desire always to grab the attention of others and the desire to control. Fire puts forward their needs and only then – those of their partner.

Taurus and Leo compatibility

These signs are always looking for adventure. They are not used to sitting in place, seeking to find something to remember later. When they are together, it is always an explosion of emotions, unforgettable dates, and nights in bed. But such moments are far from constituting a solid and secure marital union. Persons born under the aforementioned zodiac tend to stand firm on their own. When these two meet, they sooner or later bump their heads. Instead, they are compatible in terms of friendship or any spiritual ties.

For example, it is safe to say that representatives of the earth and fire elements are ideal partners in the workplace. This is because they always strive to achieve their goals and career heights. However, astrologers say this feature can cause unpleasant consequences in everyday life and love, making it difficult to live under the same roof and love.

An eternal fight for supremacy can hardly lead to anything good. If Leo realizes that they are losing their dignity, they will get up and leave such a relationship. Huge mediation is not a panacea, but at least it can make things easier.

Taurus and Leo sexual compatibility in bed

This is where the earth plus fire elements show firmness and assertiveness. At the first meeting, such people may immediately feel an attraction. On this, all the good that can be in this union ends. Taurus, under the rule of Venus, is characterized by great sensuality. Their partner is passionate, and spontaneity is their middle name. They like to make surprises for their other half. According to the rules of Taurus, an elaborate game is not relevant. They must find the golden mean to enjoy the process and remain satisfied. It will also be necessary to give the responsibility to someone alone so as not to fight and spend all the energy in the end.

How compatible are Taurus and Leo in a friendship?

In general, they can become good buddies. The earth sign is more closed, and they sympathize with the sociability and openness of Leo. This will be a mutually beneficial friendship alliance, where one will learn from the other to step out of their comfort zone, and the other will retain loyalty and the ability to support in a difficult moment. They do not limit themselves, ready to spend the last on their loved ones. Shopping, expensive restaurants, and joint trips to nature can rally them. The representatives of the earth and fire elements are generous and do not spare money for friends. This will produce a balanced partnership where everyone takes and gives equally.

Taurus and Leo compatibility percentage

Taurus and Leo compatibility percentage

Are Taurus and Leo a good match to be soulmates?

They can feel their soulmate in the emotional aspect. Both equally strongly appreciate the idea of real feelings, sincerely wish to make the other half happy, to surround them with care and warmth. They are united by the desire to trust and earn their partner’s trust. In this respect, they are kindred spirits.

Let’s not forget that independence is very important for Leo. Astrologers say that it is not easy for Taurus to accept this. When an Earth sign is in love, it will go out of its way to please its partner and expects reciprocation from the person it loves. Otherwise, the Earth sign feels that they are wasting themselves, not receiving exchange.

Potential problems in a Taurus and Leo relationship

It’s all about jealousy. An Earthman can demonstrate possessiveness in all aspects. Let’s remember that fire is communicative and cannot live without the company of other people. But if it is more vital for them to have the company of strangers and unfamiliar people, Taurus will feel abandoned. Their jealousy will become stuffy for Leo. The selfishness of the fire sign is another significant difficulty. They can be jealous only to ensure they are #1 for their beloved. If their other half pays more attention and time to work, buddies and fire will feel rejected.

Taurus and Leo love compatibility

A representative of the fire element likes creativity, and the earth element likes conservatism and practicality. In love, there are two opposites, which are known to attract. The blanket is mostly stretched over Leo, who loves to chat (usually about himself), Taurus is a good listener, and they are interested. They both appreciate loyal people. They can show it to each other, but that’s about it. Romantic relationships, if they get involved, usually don’t last. They are often hot-tempered, and careless words cause a storm that escalates into scandals. Such an alliance sucks strength and energy, and harmony can be forgotten.


There is a 90% probability that this union does not have a favorable prognosis. There can be chemistry and attraction between them, but it won’t go further than that. Otherwise, it will be difficult for both of them to reconcile, and the connection will come to a standstill. You will have to work long and hard before claiming success and understanding. It is necessary to agree on the main points. The best option is a friendship or a short-lived love story.

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