Dating a Taurus Woman: Everything You Need to Know

There are few people like her: compared to the millions of naive, flirty, defenseless ladies, a Taurus woman seems to be a wise lady even in her youth. This interesting sign of the zodiac is characterized by incredible willpower, remarkable mind, ability to be completely calm in difficult situations and the ability to accept what is happening around.

She is fearless and calm, she knows how to work without any dropping sweat or fussing about any problems. And when everyone around her is panicking, she remains calm and finds a way out. A Taurus woman understands the structure of things, she is very strong but knows how not to show this character trait to men, everyone feels comfortable next to her.

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About Taurus Women

As you can see, Taurus ladies are fascinating creatures. While there are billions of women who are doing their best to be emotional and act like a lady, Taurus women don’t care about that, they are strong and indomitable. They are, in many ways, like men. These are women that will survive and become strong even when they are alone. But what else should you know about these beauties? Are you planning on dating a Taurus woman? Well then, here are the main facts you should know about Taurus women.

Fact 1
They are straightforward

A Taurus woman rarely seeks highly intellectual or spiritual groups of people since people who are concerned with these issues seem unreal and insincere to Taurus women. In other words, they soar in the clouds, while the practical Taurus stands firmly on the ground. She has clearly defined the goals in her life and knows what she needs from life. However, she cannot be called uneducated; it’s just that her knowledge is not based on Kant’s philosophy, but on experience, common sense, and an understanding of the nature of things.

Fact 2
Taurus women take life for what it is

The world in the eyes of a Taurus woman is stable and harmonious because it is based on true values. People around her feel like the winds are blowing, and the crisis is raging, people are panicking, but a Taurus is calm and collected. A Taurus woman is able to accept a situation and people as they are - with all their advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, when the storm comes – she won’t be afraid to face it. It is because of this trait of character that her friends and acquaintances feel a strong sense of connection to her, like sunflowers reaching for the sun.

Fact 3
They are cool, calm, and collected

A Taurus woman is certainly a strong personality, but she won’t show this to her man. The integrity of her amazing nature can only be envied. To stand out among the competition, she doesn’t need to rush forward or prove anything to anyone. Her poise, self-confidence, calm demeanor, and attentiveness speak for themselves.

taurus woman datingFact 4
Taurus women love experiences

She likes everything that caresses her senses, be it the enchanting sounds of music, the beauty of colors of an autumn landscape, the subtle aroma of perfumes or the sensation of warm sand flowing through your fingers. That is why, if you want to make a Taurus woman happy, give her those feelings. She will certainly begin to perceive you like a different man after a trip to a great place or an event, like an ethnic music concert, an art exhibition, etc.

Fact 5
She is the perfect blend of power and beauty

Taurus women are simply amazing because their self-confidence and the ability to display indomitable power are combined with calm optimism, tenderness, care, and understanding.

Taurus Woman in Relationships

Well, as you can see, there are no other women like Taurus women, they are something else, something unforgettable. Any sane man that wants to have a strong woman by his side should do his best to find a suitable Taurus woman and seek her attention, you cannot go wrong with their power and ability to withstand stress. If you are interested in Taurus woman dating, then here are 5 facts about Taurus ladies in relationships.

Dating a Taurus Woman: Tips and Advice

Taurus women don’t fall for fake signs of sympathy

In dating, a female Taurus is not looking for external attributes of sympathy. Snobbery is alien to her, and it is not so important whether you are a director of a gigantic company, an artist, or just a regular worker. If she perceives you as a lively, interesting person, she will respect you and admire you no matter what. So, how to attract a Taurus woman? Be yourself, be honest and show care for the people around you.

She is a fierce warrior

To be a friend, and especially a lover of a Taurus woman, is a great success because it is so good to be next to her, it is so warm and calming. However, you will be surprised to see how formidable and furious she may become if something threatens her loved ones! Rising to your defense, she will not retreat and fight until the end. If you or her loved ones need help in a difficult situation, she will be ready for almost any sacrifice.

She is the center of harmony in a family

At the same time, by seeing a Taurus woman in a normal, non-extreme environment, you will find that her main purpose is to be a center of harmony and comfort. She appreciates the natural beauty in all its manifestations and tries not only to enjoy it but to create it herself. She is a great cook, loves nature and art, and she can also manifest some talents for arts herself – she can start painting, playing music, singing, etc.

They are not prone to jealousy

Another amazing quality of Taurus women is that they are practically incapable of jealousy. Of course, we are talking about baseless jealousy, and not about some serious scenarios. If she catches you looking at another woman – her normal reaction will be to poke fun at you and make a joke out of it rather than to start a drama because of it. Moreover, if she sees that women like you, she will take it as a compliment. However, keep in mind: her tolerance has nothing to do with real cases of infidelity. Don’t you ever think of cheating on a Taurus woman, this will be the worst mistake in your life.

Taurus women are great listeners

The ability of a Taurus woman to listen and understand people makes her a beautiful wife, mother, and mistress. She is a very strong person that knows how to handle stress, she will be able to listen and participate in an important conversation while there is utter chaos around her. Her calm smile is the best medicine for depression and disease, and her ability to cheer up and give good advice at the right moment can sometimes be perceived as something rather supernatural.

Taurus Woman in Bed

Now we’ve come to the most interesting part. Now we are aware of most the things you should know about Taurus ladies, but how do they perform in an intimate setting? If you are interested in attracting a Taurus woman, what should you know about her as a sexual partner? How to seduce a Taurus woman? Let’s find that out.

They know a thing or two about sex

Taurus women are simply incomparable in love, especially if a lady loves the energy of her male partner. Taurus is also capable of subtle sensuality, even if they are a bit tired after some passionate lovemaking. True, they don’t like to feel tired, if there was a magical potion that would give back the energy after sex – they would have bought them in bulk for a few years in advance.

how to seduce a taurus womanTaurus women are exquisite lovers

A Taurus woman despises primitive sex just as artlessness in everything else. She is very sensual, gorgeous in intimate relationships, giving a partner everything that she has.

She needs caressing

For a Taurus woman, every sign on the part of a man is important, whether it is a hug, a kiss, and even a gentle (or not) slap on the ass. However, soon she will be ready for action - what's the point of caressing if nothing comes afterward?

Taurus Woman Compatibility

Best Couple for Taurus

Cancer: The representatives of this zodiac sign make up for a very good companion for a Taurus woman. Neither Taurus nor Cancer does not like active forms of entertainment and spends all their strength on creating a cozy family nest. Conflicts may arise on the basis of the changeable mood of Cancer. To preserve the harmony of relationships, Taurus should be more tactful, then Cancer will appreciate its reliability and power.

Capricorn: A relationship of this couple promises to be successful. Capricorn and Taurus are similar in their love for reliability. The patience of Capricorn is successfully combined with the realism of Taurus. In general, a relationship of this couple will not be burdened with excessive sentimentality. Capricorn and Taurus have the same interests, which are the key to a happy and lasting marriage. Boredom and routine can become a serious problem for these relationships. Worst Couple for Taurus

Aquarius: A difficult relationship is guaranteed for this couple: A Taurus will be annoyed by the desire of Aquarius for everything new. Aquarius will become bored with the possessive habits of Taurus. Taurus and Aquarius will have certain disagreements: Aquarius will feel like Taurus is trying to limit them, and Taurus will not be able to accept the frivolity of Aquarius. This can cause the collapse of a relationship.

Gemini: This couple is virtually incompatible: Gemini likes a faster pace of life and Taurus seems too slow for them. Relationships of this couple will be filled with lots of different disagreements. However, this romance can be long and successful if they accept each other as they are. A Taurus needs to be a bit more open to new things, and a Gemini needs to know the importance of coziness and peace.

Final Thoughts

Let’s recap everything that has been said at this point. Taurus women are very strong, they are reliable, cool, calm, and collected. You cannot shake them and make them stressed out. These are people of iron will that are going to stand for the people they love and protect them till their dying breath. They don’t like fakeness in people and accept them for what they are. They are not very jealous of their partners, and they are great listeners. A Taurus woman in bed is a true innovator and master of everything that has to do with intimacy, what else would a man want?

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In my opinion, Taurus girls are the best! I like their calm character and natural attractiveness.
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