How will Taurus manifest itself in a relationship - are they compatible with Sagittarius?

Building an alliance with another person is serious work. Unfortunately, there is only one definition to describe the contact between partners: "tense." The earthly representative, ruled by Venus, represents a measured, stable, stable energy. On the contrary, the fiery partner ruled by Jupiter is unpredictable and active, acting quickly and spontaneously. But in a union, these two people can teach each other a lot, so it's worth continuing.

Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility

Five more representatives separate the couple in the circle. Astrologers point out the aspect of tension when the planets involved are in movements that are in no way related to each other. Completely different partners may feel a strong mutual attraction. They may be curious about each other from the first meeting but need help to build a strong union. Partners in this union move at different speeds; they have various paces and lifestyles. The fiery representative, for example, tends to rush the development of events, including in the sensual sphere, while the earthly one needs more time. The first may take this for coldness and indifference and leave searching for another partner. A jealous earthly representative seeks to keep close and control his fiery partner. But the latter loves freedom and independence too much and will not be able to live on a short leash, following the orders of his beloved.

Who pulls the blanket over himself in bed - the sexual compatibility of the couple. Taurus with Sagittarius

Cardinal differences in temperament and manner can cause particular problems in the intimate sphere. For example, a fiery representative loves spontaneity and a quick transition from one caress or pose to another. On the other hand, the partner prefers to move at a slow pace. He is characterized by sensuality, seeking pleasure in the moment and not wanting to rush anywhere. But open communication between partners and the desire to hear the other, understand his needs, and find a compromise can make a difference.

In the bedroom, the fiery representative can expand the horizons of the earthly, releasing his passion hidden inside. The other, on the contrary, can help the passionate partner discover new pleasures and new horizons. So achieving harmony and a high degree of harmony in the intimate sphere is possible. But it is important that both feelings are deep, and the union is permanent.

Friendship compatibility: how do Taurus and Sagittarius manifest themselves?

As for the friendly feelings of this deuce, they make up a problematic couple. The stable energy of an earthly representative differs too much from the reckless energy of a fiery one. The first is stubborn and feels comfortable when everything goes according to plan. But a restless and inconsistent partner acts according to the situation. For example, he can cancel a pre-arranged meeting or go to the mountains, not the sea, at the last moment. A measured earthly representative is more focused on a partner, therefore, can often feel more interested in union and support them. But, on the other hand, the representative of the earth representative in his beloved, fickle, unreliable friend. And the fiery half notices a rigid, authoritarian personality in the partner. And maybe away from him. So the incompatibility of these people is reflected in the difference in their worldviews.

Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

Taurus and Sagittarius compatibility percentage

What does it take to be soulmates? Are Taurus and Sagittarius a good couple?

Despite their initial curiosity about one partner for the other, this couple quickly finds that they are too different. It's not enough to be soul mates and make each other happy. As a result, both will need a lot of patience, understanding, and compromise to maintain and strengthen their union. You get a harmonious union for many years if both go towards their beloved. Only love and understanding will strengthen feelings.

What potential problems do Taurus and Sagittarius face in a relationship?

Feelings without difficulties are impossible. The main problem in the union of this couple is communication. The earth representative is leisurely and tends to think over an idea before discussing it. On the other hand, the partner has a lively mind and often switches from one topic to another during a conversation. Simple conversations about everyday affairs can confuse the earthly representative of the couple, leading to complete disappointment. Therefore, they will have to seriously work on understanding how to communicate. The second tension aspect is the different needs of partners in a union. The fiery representative wants a partner to accompany him in all his exploits and adventures. However, the latter is more comfortable in a quiet, cozy home environment, surrounded by everything familiar. He would rather spend the night cuddling with his partner than go to a noisy party with friends.

Emotional couple - compatibility of different in spirit Taurus and Sagittarius

This sphere is necessary for any feelings. As for the emotional component, the partners are also quite different. The first is focused on security and stability, slowly processing feelings and listening to their emotions. On the other hand, the fiery partner in the series has feelings, his emotions boil, but they pass quickly enough. It ignites instantly but cools down quickly. The earthly representative is frightened by these changes and the ease with which the fiery partner approaches the union. Therefore, there may be reproaches of unpreparedness for a long-term alliance, frivolity, and superficial attitude towards the second half.

Working moments - compatibility of Taurus with Sagittarius

The harmony in the work of the partners of this pair is neutral. This trade union is not successful, but not hopeless. Different ways of achieving the goal can cause them dissatisfaction with their work. The plans themselves may also be other. But there are also positive aspects because both love money and know how to earn it. They will complement each other with certain character traits and will get excellent results if they agree. A fire partner has excellent communication skills, ideally generates ideas, and knows how to organize a workflow. And his earthly satellite can perform even the most complex monotonous work around the clock, has analytical thinking, and can calculate everything a few steps ahead.

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