10 Signs She Doesn't Want a Relationship with You

Often, everything happens exactly the opposite: a girl wants a relationship, and a guy wants freedom. However, today we consider the opposite situation when a guy likes a girl and is serious about her. But it turns out that she avoids constancy by hook or by crook.

I don't want a relationship

Reasons Why She Doesn't Want Relationships

A girl can avoid relationships for various reasons. Some of them can be discussed and overcome, while others may be so serious that it will be extremely difficult to change something in communication with your sweetheart. If it seems to you that you are stuck in that "she doesn't want a relationship but she likes me" situation, here are the reasons why the girl may not want a relationship.

# 1 She has recently broken up with a guy, and this parting was hard for her. After a long time of sorting things out, she may want to have some me-time at least for a while until her soul wounds heal completely.

# 2 Negative family experience. Her parents may have been arguing all the time or have even divorced. Or, for example, she was raised by a mother who was convinced that "all men are the same," and it is better to stay away from them. This is a rather difficult category of girls.

# 3 She doesn't like you enough. You are her backup plan. She seems to communicate, flirt, give hope, but this superficial connection will not reach the relationship. As soon as another guy who she falls in love with appears, even the communication that existed between you will come to an end.

By the way, do all girls want a relationship?

No, not all. Even if a girl says she doesn't want a relationship but keeps texting. All people are different. Everyone has their own life experiences and beliefs. Accordingly, life goals. For example, a girl is going to move to another country after a while. And she does not want anything serious until the moment of departure. This is understandable: she doesn’t want to suffer after falling in love with a person she will have to leave.

Or another example. She has a serious period of study or business. She has set herself a framework: a year to make efforts to develop the business or study, and not be distracted by anything. This rarely happens. But it certainly the case. However, often the girls just come up with excuses why they do not want a relationship. And such excuses do not overlap with reality. For example, she may say that she is very busy, and she has no time for relationships. And the thing is just that you are not cute enough for her.

Signs She Doesn't Want a Relationship

These can be also applied to guys, especially in the case when a man likes you but doesn't want a relationship. People may behave as described below.

she doesn't want a relationship but she likes meA person straightforwardly says they want to keep your relationship simple

Even if it seems too obvious for you, if a person says they are not ready for something bigger and more serious, this is a clear sign you will not get anything more from them. They can have their own reasons or intentions for behaving like this, but it does mean that at this stage of life, you neither interest them as a partner nor they can make up their own mind about what they want in general.

You are the one to call

If you are the only initiator of a conversation, you text and call them first in all situations, it means you do not mean as much for this person as they do for you. It is unlikely that something will work out between the two of you because there are no excuses for delaying the call or ignoring texts. If the person is truly interested and wants to spend time with you, they will always find time to reach out to you. When you are of little interest for them, then, of course, feeding a dog, doing housework or watching a film will be their first priority over you.

Avoiding physical intimacy

If the person cannot look directly into your eyes, tries to hide the gaze when you talk to them or keeps distant when you sit together, it means they do not feel anything towards you. No spiritual bond, physical passion, trust, any special kind of magic that arises love and close relationship. So, if a man as if unintentionally tries to touch a girl, but she steps back and avoids kissing, jugging or having sex, by all means, they will not be together because of the lack of intimacy. And it works for everyone. Because if a guy avoids getting closer, does he want a relationship?

Talks about other people of the opposite sex with you

Here you should be careful if they try to make you jealous, watch your reaction and change their behavior depending on how you perceive their stories about other people. But if they talk about people they like, other men or women who are to their taste and do not care about your feelings, chances are they cannot even imagine you being their partner. They may ask you for advice genuinely and unobtrusively because they want to build a relationship with other people and perceive you as a random friend.

You have met the person they like

Of course, they will introduce you to someone that has conquered their heart. Because you are just a friend to them. A person that is not going to build a relationship with you, builds them with someone else. And you will meet their partner because you are someone like a brother or a sister, and they cannot imagine you in the role of a passionate lover. If you find yourself in such a situation, know that this is the last straw, and you should abandon any feelings for this person. Because ruining someone's relationships is an awful goal, and it will not bring you any joy.

They are not laughing at your jokes

It is a great sign you are not interesting for a person if they normally are in good humor and do not lack the sense for quality jokes but stay silent if you say something amusing. It doesn’t matter whether it was you who actually said a bad joke, or they usually ignore everything you say even if it is really funny, the situation says they are tired of pretending you are excellent at humor. So they do not even make any noise when hearing your jokes.

They do not include you into their plans for future

A person that is not attracted to you will tell their plans about moving to another country, starting a business or making an expensive purchase but stay distant. They will not as for your opinion because their plans do not include you at all. If you have found one or more of these signs she or he doesn't want a relationship with you, be sure that a person is not interested in you. If there are three signs, they will never be with you. Draw conclusions and do not drive yourself to a dead end or think "then I don’t want to be in a relationship either." You shouldn't waste precious time on the wrong people, so move on. There are so many people who probably want to be with you no matter what.

What to Do If She Doesn’t Want Relationships?

Think about why you need this particular man even if you know that "he doesn't want a relationship but won't let me go." Is it just because he is so handsome? If this is the only reason, then you will have problems. The same can be said about girls. Because beautiful people have no problems with the attention of the opposite sex. So think again whether such a person is suitable for a serious relationship or not.

Answer reciprocate. The best way to encourage a person to do something is to ban them from doing it. So be joyful, be friendly. Say that you also do not need a serious relationship. And the person may fall for it.

Show them that you can be a good friend. Friendship is the key to any serious relationship. If there are common interests and topics for conversation, then you can always interest them to spend time with you. And everything can happen even if you fall after a girl and think "she likes me but doesn't want a relationship right now."

If they tell you that they are not interested in a serious relationship, then you have to show them that you have fallen in love. Even if nothing works out in the end, at least you can make them jealous, which is not the worst way of vendetta after all.

If you are friends, do not forget about touches. Random touches, glances, and hugs can tune a person into a mood for a more serious relationship. Especially girls in friendship with guys allow themselves much more than guys themselves assume.

Do not ask a person to be your lover. Every time we put a person in front of a choice, we can lose them. Therefore, do not put any frames or limits. Walk with them and enjoy their company. Nothing more is needed.

Some More Tips

  • she gets jealous but doesn't want a relationshipMost girls say they don’t want a serious relationship only when they don’t like a guy. Since it is impossible to make someone fall in love, it is worth spending your energy, time and money for the one that will appreciate you.
  • Very often, those who were greatly wounded in the past do not want a relationship. Therefore, you cannot push and force a girl to meet with you. Let it happen by itself.
  • To change the attitude of another person towards you, you must first change yourself. And then the person will understand that they were a fool to miss you out.
  • Be able to admit defeat if a person does not give in to your charms. It is much better to spend your time on someone else. No need to fight for a prize that you cannot win.
  • And finally, if a girl rejects you, perhaps she has already had a lover, or she secretly loves another guy.

What You Need to Know

  • While you are trying to get a person who rejects you, you miss those who sincerely want to be your soul mate.
  • The more you talk about your feelings at the early stages of a relationship, the more desperate you look. And it scares any person away. And almost everyone will run away from you. So self-reliance and self-confidence are always helpful in a relationship.
  • No need to deceive yourself. If a person spends time with you, goes to cinemas and cafes - this is not a sign that you are dating. For example, girls can use guys without offering anything in return.
  • There are just people who want to be surrounded by attention. In this case, none of the crowd can become their partner. Such individuals need attention, not relationships.

She Doesn't Want a Relationship But Wants to Be Friends

It sometimes happens that even you begin to think, "I don't want a relationship" because you are tired, but a man (or a girl) does not let you go, in this case, does he want a relationship?

This is exactly the case when they keep you as a backup plan. Both men and women love to attract the opposite sex as much as possible not to stay alone. The more candidates they have, the better. If they do not love you, but you can provide any service, then they will gladly take advantage of it, friendship included.

So, they just do not see a lover in you but consider you to be a good friend. And this is normal because the friendship between people of the opposite sex does exist! It will be, of course, difficult for you to abandon feelings, but if you respect the choice of a person, you can agree to stay their support and a shoulder to cry on.

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