12 Christian Dating Rules You Need to Know

You will hardly find a manual that gives you a step-by-step instruction on how to follow all Christian dating rules. Remaining faithful to your beliefs, the boundaries and restrictions are a very important challenge.

Nevertheless, when you’re looking for your soulmate, it’s hard to step back from temptations and create a common ground to build a relationship on. Despite all the fears, it is possible! You just need to remember some useful rules for dating and implement them within your personal lifestyle. These Christian rules for dating will help you still be you and find the perfect match to become happy. Your timidity is in vain because these Christian dating rules will work.

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Be true to yourself

Don’t allow anybody, including yourself to become anyone else except you. It’s of vital importance to stay true to who you are and what you believe in.

When you’re dating a Christian girl, you should be sure that she sees your real soul and that she falls in love with the true you. Being yourself will reduce any anxieties that she has other views on different things and she hasn't the same beliefs as you. Being yourself will reduce the chances to meet someone who wants to change you but will attract the very person into your life for your shared life journey.

Be faithful at all times

The best thing you can do is to not allow any relationship to obscure your true faith. God should remain the main priority in your life. He alone will be always by your sides and lend a helping hand no matter what challenges you face in the life. When you meet the right person, they will understand and share your sincerity and faith. Moreover, they will have the same list of priorities as you and their faith will be also pure and strong.

Be open to a friendship developing into something bigger

One of the best Christian dating tips is that even singles who are searching for serious relationships on different Christian dating sites should better remember that the best foundation for any truly happy relationship is often a friendship. Such friendship begins with shared interests, worldviews, and invitations to the community’s events. In such moments, you are able to see the devotion and sincerity of faith of the future partner.

When you are involved in Christian singles dating, you should pay attention to your physical attraction to your potential partners if you are already on the same spiritual page.

Even if you don’t feel a physical spark at the very beginning, remain in close relationship with your potential partner because that friendship may start to flourish in the nearest time. Don’t forget that it is impossible to maintain this spirit of friendship for a long time, sooner or later you should take things to the next level and bring it to the right conclusion.

Be realistic and honest about your intentions

dating a christian girlAre you dreaming about a big family with many kids? Do you want to climb the career ladder? Do you want to emigrate to another country or even continent? Do you want to get married?

Create a list of such points and highlight those that play the essential role for you and those that can be overshadowed. You need to be really honest with yourself. It is necessary to discuss each point with your partner in order to start on the same page and increase your chances to spend a happy life together, facing challenges and preventing possible breakup in the future. Both of you should be honest with each other and you should be not at odds with yourself when dating a Christian girl.

Don’t avoid social media

Some people think that Christian dating rules should prohibit all the social media as the main obstacle to live communication. Nevertheless, the truth is that social media opens a door for people who think about Christian singles dating but don’t have many opportunities to find a partner offline. There are so many unique portals with perfect checking and matching systems that can unite different singles from all over the world on the one Christian dating site, making their life a little bit happier.

You should remember that flirting tone will not help you find a good partner as well as determine the relationship in any case. Social media creates a barrier between people and allows to try different masks and not enter into commitments. Nevertheless, if you are looking for a woman with the intent to create a family, having pure thoughts, then don’t hesitate to use social media.

Stick to the moral rules

Physical intimacy plays quite a big role in any healthy and serious relationship. However, stand firm and avoid temptations if you don’t have the long-term serious relationship. Keep your values unchanged whatever happened. Never allow someone to embarrass your morality, your essence, your innocence. Talk openly with your partner about limits and get mutual understanding what both of you want to have in the future and where you, as a couple, stand now. Establishment of limits shows your maturity and readiness to be a couple, to face challenges and take responsibility for each other.

Having respect for desires and morality rules of each other will help create a firm foundation for the happy relationship within which both partners will not feel insulted and dishonestly used.

Be a leader in the relationship

A man has the right to lead his woman in life, protecting and taking care of her. It is he who should create a background for the future relationship, treating her with respect from the very beginning. It is he who should lead their relationship as a couple to the marriage and desire to have children, having only pure thoughts and intentions.

The man assumes a great responsibility for his family. Sticking to the Christian rules for dating can help get to know each other better, find out whether the feelings are mutual, and be convinced of the correctness of this decisive step. There are no time limits for this period. Do not rush and not be delayed for no reason at the same time. Dating can lead to betrothal, or to the conviction that marriage is not the right option in this case.

Be guided only by true love

It is easy to be blinded by a lot of different feelings, especially at the tender age. As people grow older, they learn how to hold on to who they are and distinguish true love from just lechery. It is very important to keep up an appearance of self-restraint and allow love to guide you into the good direction. It will not be easy in the very beginning to choose true love and be resistant to the temptations, but such an ability will save your time and efforts in the long run and give you a true understanding of what love should be. Maintain a positive attitude and listen to yourself, look into your heart and you will find the correct answers.

Inculcate the right wishes

Christian dating rules consider that the wish to get married is not only real but also a useful one. Being together as a husband and a wife means to avoid a sin, living according to the moral principles. People’ hearts are provided with a desire to create a family, and they should listen to it undoubtedly.

Nowadays dating means that you’re not only searching for a partner who matches your education level, social status, personal features, views on life and desirable incomes but also a partner whose faith is complementary to your own. Modern dating with its features helps people become a better version of themselves. On different online dating sites, you can meet thousands of Christian singles from all over the world who will share your faith and desire to follow the Christian dating rules. You should inculcate the right desires that consist in the intention to get married and not to find a one-night stand.

The desire to find a short-term relationship is nothing more than willing to escape from loneliness and boredom. Treat every new person in your life with big respect as if they are your potential partners, who share not only your views but also the faith.

christian dating sitesGuard your heart

Everything you do in your life flows from your heart, including your physical and spiritual desires. You should guard your heart above all else, protecting it as one of the most important things. How can you do that?

When it comes down to romantic relationships and finding your one and only, you should show all your wisdom, wariness and perspicacity to protect your heart from all the negative situations. It is not about keeping someone at a distance all the time, but it is about willing to have the healthy relationship and pure thoughts. If your heart is not guarded, someone can abuse it.

An unguarded heart is endangering not only your love but also your life. Like one little drop of tar can spoil the whole honey jar, a toxic relationship can break your heart and make an awful mark in your soul. The best way to protect your heart is to start the relationship not in curiosity but in faith.

Deal with the fact that you cannot change other people

How many times did you pray for changing the situation or some people? How many times your words weren’t heard? You should deal with the fact that only God can change people and their thought when it is necessary. It may become the hardest lesson that you have to learn and deal with. People can change only when they want to. What should you do in such a situation? You can cope with that and accept people as they are or you can leave and try to find someone else. It is only your choice.

If you can and want to live with that issue, stop praying for changes. If you don’t want to live with that, make a decision before marriage and start your searching from scratch.

Start dating if you want to get married

There is a wonderful quote that can explain everything, "Dating without the intent of getting married is like going to the grocery store with no money. You either leave unsatisfied or you take something that isn't yours."— Jefferson Bethke.

If you are a Christian, there is no reason to date if you are not willing to get married. When you date to get married, you date for the purpose and you show your understanding of the scripture. Any person should know for what purpose they do this or that thing, dating is no exception. It doesn’t mean that you must date only one person in your life, but you should date people who have the same faith, beliefs, and values.

First date advice for Christians 

The first date is a test of strength for both women and men. This exciting event is crucial in developing further relationships. Consider the most important Christian dating advice and never make mistakes!

Be honest about your intentions

It is better not to treat a girl as a friend. She is here as your potential girlfriend. The lady must clearly understand what exactly you expect from her. Of course, over time, these intentions may change. Don’t rush things but don’t stomp on the spot as well. Gradually develop an acquaintance in the right direction. Flirt, compliment, and show her that she is special. And don’t become obsessive.

Act sincerely and with kindness

There is no need to squeeze a smile out of yourself if you don’t want to smile. The only requirement for you is sincerity. Women feel everything. No need to pretend to be who you are not. Be sincere on Christian first dates and maybe then you will have a happy Christian singles relationship. It is enough to be open and frank. If you feel attraction and see that it is mutual, you can talk about the future. At the same time, don’t frighten a partner with the excessive seriousness of your intentions.

Look casual and modest but attractive enough

Many women complain that when they go on a date, men look bad. They are tastelessly dressed, clothes and shoes are dirty, hair is not trimmed, and nails are not well-groomed. Unfortunately, some men are still convinced that a neat appearance is not a man’s business. Not only a girl should think about how to look on a date, but a guy should also think about his appearance. Choose clothes that are clean and tidy, without holes, stains, or scuffs. You can wear a t-shirt with jeans but it should look stylish and attractive.

Be respectful during the whole date

Don’t forget that the girls are also worried on a date. Behave so that not to embarrass or upset your companion. You shouldn’t talk to her about things that she doesn’t understand at all, trying to demonstrate your erudition. Try to be friendly and behave tactfully. Excessive familiarity, licentiousness, the habit of making fun of other people and extolling yourself is not something that will help you. You smile, openness in communication, naturalness will be a much better option.

Set boundaries and follow your dates boundary as well

Don’t talk too much about yourself on your first date. It’s definitely not worth talking about your income level, sharing family problems, talking about how your past relationships ended, and so on. Firstly, some information can be used against you, and although this shouldn’t be a reason for paranoia, you shouldn’t be too frank with unfamiliar people. Secondly, Christian singles, noticing that you are too talkative, may treat you with distrust. Don’t forget about the physical boundaries: of course, it is a private matter for everyone to kiss on a first date or not, but in most cases, it is better to avoid it.

Don’t rush

Trying Christian online dating, you just need to learn how to enjoy communicating with a beautiful lady and never rush things. If the girl doesn’t want to discuss any topic (talk about work, relationships, plans for the future), this is her right. Don’t push and never demand an answer! This is not the best tactic for dating. Also, don’t rush with kisses. If the girl is not ready for them, the man will be in an unpleasant situation. If a girl wants to kiss a young man, this can be seen in her behavior.

Follow your Christian principles and don’t discard them to make a date go well

Don’t tell your partner goodbye because of your personal principles – this is quite important Christian dating advice. No one knows how the relationship will develop, what will happen after the first, second or tenth date. The first date may end in nothing or become the impetus for a happy relationship, which will develop not by the day but by the hour. Yes, you must have personal principles. But it’s worth building them, focusing on personal intuition and feelings.

Forget about pride, lies, and sexual innuendos

Your primal self will manifest itself sooner or later. Therefore, being yourself and behaving naturally is the best you can do, especially if it is the date. Don’t lie, don’t exaggerate (even a little), don’t withhold and don’t pretend. Everything secret becomes clear over time, and if you are counting on the development of relationships, then this may be a “time bomb” for future trust.

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