10 Hottest Female Cyclists in the World

What you need to know about cyclist women

1. Just two words: cycling shorts.

2. One recent study found that the winners of the Tour de France are perceived as the most attractive among all other representatives of athletic sports.

3. Cyclists are smart. Some men are only interested in female cyclists’ photos, but what about their minds and personalities? A study from Mindlab showed that in the perception of people, cyclists look 13% smarter than an ordinary person. Only practice will show whether or not this is true, find a few things about relationships with younger women that are into cycling and start dating.

4. Cyclists are perceived as being good. According to the results of the same study, cyclists are seen as people who are 10% more inclined to charity than people who have nothing to do with cycling.

5. Your relationship may last longer. Bike enthusiasts live an average of 6.3 years longer than non-cyclists.

6. After many years of improving their bike skills, they are able to repair everything in the house. But, of course, women cyclists are still women by nature, and if you don’t know how to impress a girl online and you plan on dating sexy female cyclists, then start improving your physique. A fat schlub won’t look right near a fit beautiful lady.

7. Hot women cyclists love joint trips to nature. If you are tired of all these dates in all kinds of establishments, choose hot female cyclists. You will be able to reunite with nature and travel more.

8. Female cyclists are quite stubborn when it comes to success, they do not recognize defeat. It is assumed that they will also strive for success in a relationship.

9. Pro female cyclists are not lazy. They are very disciplined and hard-working. (In this regard, opinions on the Internet were divided into polar opposites. Some believe that all of their hard work is only bound to cycling, not life in general.)

10. Sexy women cyclists love to set goals for themselves. If you need a partner that will motivate you to become better – a cyclist woman will be a great choice.

11. Cyclists often face life-threatening situations, which is why they try to be safe in everyday life.

12. You can join them in their hobby. Your partner will be happy to share your love for this type of recreation and sport. And if you give birth to offspring, over time the whole family will be involved in joint trips.

13. Pro women cyclists are less sick. According to a 2013 survey by the National Cycle Network, these people at work take sick leave two times less often than their colleagues who use public transport.

14. Do you think that cyclists are crazy? Medical research has proven that cycling can improve memory concentration while reducing stress and anxiety. And all this is also useful for the brain and one’s mental state.

10 hottest female cyclists in the world

Let’s now list some of the sexiest female cyclists in the world.

1. Juliet Elliott

pro female cyclists

“Bike Biz once awarded me the title of one of the most influential women in cycling. I am a cyclist, I am sponsored by Assos, Vans, and Fox and in the past, I am a professional snowboarder and a model. I ride bikes not only for a healthy lifestyle but also for the sake of finding new things, my love of outdoor sports and everything that has two wheels has led me to a very active lifestyle. I am a multidisciplinary racer. I compete in road racing, cycling, and mountain biking, and I especially like racing in international fixed gear competitions such as the infamous Red Hook Crit series.”

2. Steff Gutovska

Steff is from Ukraine. In her youth, she wanted to see the world and went to study in Madrid. In her second year, she met a guy, a fixed gear racer, who got her involved in this movement. And then, as an exchange student in the Netherlands, Steff bought her first roadster, a vintage racing model three sizes larger, and fell in love with cycling ...

3. Kelly Brook

hottest female cyclists

Kelly Brook is a model who regularly takes part in campaigns aimed at attracting people's attention to cycling. In addition, Kelly not only promotes cycling but also advocates that girls do this in beautiful dresses and high heels, like herself.

4. Lokelani McMichael

hot female cyclists

Lokelani is one of the faster-rising stars in the world of cycling. In 1995, she, at the age of just 18, became the youngest woman to win the Hawaii Ironman. In the process, she defeated 48 thousand other people to become one of the 2 thousand participants in the 141-mile triathlon. It is for this reason that she now holds her own Guinness world record as the youngest woman to finish an Ironman.

5. Hanka Kupfernagel

Hanka is one of the top female cyclists in the world. She has won all sorts of races all around the world, from major roads and track races to mountain bike races. She has won three gold medals, a silver, and a bronze medal.

6. Lynn Gaggioli

sexy women cyclists

Lynn was always regarded as one of the hottest female cyclists in the world. She began her career back in 2003, and it is not a secret at this point that she wanted to become a model, and, most likely, she would have had just as much or even more success. But, I personally don’t like models, so I am glad that she chose cycling.

7. Jenny Fletcher

sexiest female cyclists

Here’s yet another woman that could have been an excellent model. Jenny was approached by modeling agencies from all around the world at the age of only 15, but, fortunately for us, it was the year she discovered the world of the pentathlon. It is quite a complex sport, but then, only a year later, she participated in the Worlds for Juniors and Seniors. In 2010, she decided to become a professional, and she wants to one day represent her nation of Canada at the Olympics.

8. Niki Gudex

hot female cyclists

Niki never wanted to become a model, yet, I believe, she had all the “talents” to do so. She is now one of the most popular and influential female mountain bikers in Australia. As for her beauty, it seems like she has a lot of fans at the FHM magazine, as she was listed as one of the hottest famous female cyclists every year from 2002 to 2006.

9. Emily Batty

Emily is 27 years old, yet she has made quite a career for herself already. She always does her best to inspire other people to follow their dreams and do whatever they want. She says that her fans are a part of her family that helps her to achieve her goals and dreams in life.

10. Martina Jancikova

pro women cyclists

I am sure that this is not the first list of sexiest female cyclists in the world with Martina Jancikova on it, she is simply stunning, and her beauty is well known to all the fans of the sport.


As if it wasn’t obvious before, cyclist women are simply stunning, it is hard to rival their physique and hard-working nature. Today we have listed some things you should know about these hard-working women and have seen some of the hottest cyclist women in the world.

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