Main Reasons Why Women Leave Men: How Not to Be Dumped

Maintaining a healthy relationship is something that comes with experience. We know how to start bonding and form communication. But certainly, not everyone knows how to save a relationship, making it thrive and progressing with your partner. Most importantly, not everyone knows when to leave a bad relationship.

Why do women miss important red flags when dating a man? How do couples end up unhappy after years of everyday communication? And vice versa, why do women leave men they love? It’s hard to see the root of the problem, so we should investigate this topic more thoroughly.

why women leave good men

Sometimes, Men and Women Interpret Happy Relationships Differently

Men often miss out on so many hints women are trying to drop. Even after years of passive aggression and complaining on the behalf of their lady, husbands often shrug, saying they have no idea something went wrong. For men, a cornerstone of every successful relationship is mutual communication. They like sorting out problems. Men see happy relationships as easy communication when no one gets insulted and bored. They want attention, support, and desire.

Women, on the other hand, rarely feed on sex and fun recreation. They need deep emotional bonding, understanding, and everyday care. Without proper attention and everyday communication, women wilt and get aggressive with years. Both men and women need support and love daily. While males have no problem with communicating things they don’t like, many females prefer to keep their trepidation all to themselves. Why would a woman break up with a good man? If that happens, it usually means that their relationships weren’t that good because women don’t often dump their partners for no reason.

The Basic Thing Women Are Looking for in a Relationship

If you plan to date after divorce or a breakup but don’t want to fall into the same pit, you need to check the list of things women need in their relationships. Then you need to analyze your behavior and see what things could’ve been missed out from the list.

1. Stability

Every girl needs to know that in a week, a month, or a year, her man will be there to support her. Both males and females fear the unknown. It breaks one’s heart to not know what’s behind closed doors. Anticipation brings anxiety, and a situationship often brings people stress. Nobody wants to be someone’s option.

why would a woman break up with a good man2. Support

Any kind of support is equally valuable for a woman in a relationship. Not every girl votes for financial help, but absolutely everyone needs emotional support at any time of the day. They want to be understood, cared for, acknowledged, and not taken for granted. A man who provides proper support and help stands much higher in a female hierarchy than just a hot or a rich guy.

3. Trust and fidelity

Trust comes with support and stability. If you understand each other on a deeper level, trust should be a natural thing in a relationship. Couples who trust each other have much fewer fights or misunderstandings. They become friends, which is more valuable than being just a couple. Moreover, females hate cheaters and players. More often than not they would never accept and forgive an infidel partner.

4. Commitment

Women don’t like to date around and give away all of their support to random people. Once they go, they go all in. There is no testing waters, mixed feelings, and half-kept promises. So if a girl feels she is doing much better than you for a relationship, this will not last long and be a happy start.

Why Women Leave Men?

Why women leave their husbands? It is rarely because they fall out of love or find someone better. Girls are loyal by nature and very selective. However, certain things drive them nuts. These are some things most women hate about men and the reasons why women leave men the following.

1. Taking things for granted

Women hate being taken for granted. Consumerist behavior is a good reason to leave a relationship. Because girls are natural caregivers, they can’t stop treating men like babies, catering to them and providing them all sorts of services. But not all men notice how much energy and time goes into caring for someone. Once they get comfortable, some of them don’t see a reason to pay that attention back, deciding that if a woman is so loyal, she will forever stay their “ride or die.” Even if they do, this relationship probably brings them a lot of pain. Women hate to be treated like a second option and stand behind men’s friends, work or relatives. They want reasonable attention and respect every day.

2. Perpetual meanness and inability to apologize

Sometimes men are mean. Women are mean too, but usually, their hate is a response to everyday actions they find offensive. Girls hate when husbands and boyfriends criticize them, take jabs at them, disregard their needs and belittle them. Usually, women get deeply insulted and carry on these thoughts for weeks, unable to fight or afraid to start a vocal debate. So if they experience aggression daily, it is only a matter of time before this grows into passive aggression, manipulation, and bad mood.

3. Inattentiveness

Women hate to be unnoticed. They don’t like it when men don’t remember important dates, their favorite flowers, or their most preferred meal. This chronic inattentiveness is usually one of the reasons why women leave good men. Yes, you might be a good husband and treat her right, but women become angry due to everyday forgetfulness. They simply don’t feel important or worthy enough to be remembered, and that is very sad. The same goes for inattentiveness for your mutual children, her relatives, friends, and closest circle.

4. Infidelity

Infidelity is one of the good reasons to leave a relationship. When women expect to get an exclusive treatment and find out about lies, there is no mystery as to why they decide to leave. These things usually lead to deep trauma and years of trust issues, so things that men don’t take seriously turn into emotional scars for their wives. You might never have feelings for another woman, but your wife won’t agree with you on that one.

5. Objectification and abuse

Women genuinely hate to be treated as objects. When you expect your girl to bring you breakfast, patch your pants and do the laundry, it is insulting. Women feel the same way about being used for sex, entertainment, or help. Without acknowledging their feelings and sharing an equal amount of attention, girls feel forgotten and redundant. Objectification often leads to abuse. It’s not always physical or emotional abuse. Even the inability to keep healthy borders without coercion can be considered a serious problem.

why women leave menThe Thing to Work on to Avoid Being Left by a Woman You Love

If you don’t want to be dumped or left anymore, you should seriously consider revising your past relationships and correcting some mistakes you were doing. This doesn’t mean that it was only your problem. But some things need to be manifested unconditionally. These are some of them.

1. Work on your ability to help and pay attention

All women thrive when they feel truly loved and supported. Even the smallest details, like helping with the chores or bringing her favorite food can show your girl that you truly remember everything she says. Start it as a good habit. Ask about her day, looking into the eyes. Show no indifference even if the topic is not very familiar to you. Things like that are hard to fake. A woman always senses when you do something only to get benefits from the situation. Start generally caring about her and helping her out daily. You will never be disappointed if you do that.

2. Get to know her closest circle

You don’t have to like everyone from her environment. All in all, these are random people who don’t owe you anything. But when you want to strengthen your relationship, it is only fair to work as a team and infiltrate into each other’s worlds. Get to know her friends, co-workers, offer help to her parents, become friends with her siblings. If she has kids and you want to win her heart forever, start treating her child like your close friend. Be polite when you talk to her circle and stay that way when you talk about them in their absence.

3. Learn about her hobbies, goals, and desires

Women love to be a center of attention every once in a while, (who doesn’t?). But when everything you are talking about is you and your job, your friends and goals, she will soon feel left out. Try to learn more about her hobbies. Does she like salsa? Buy her a monthly subscription to salsa classes. Did you find out she likes sweets? Take her to a confectionary or order her favorite cake. These are small details that show a woman you genuinely care for her.

4. Learn how to solve conflicts and communicate your desires

Relationships can’t exist with conflicts. It’s how you resolve them that matters. If you close the door and leave for a week, not calling her and always playing the victim, no wonder why your relationships are crumbling. But if you learn how to communicate your emotions with aggression or manipulation, insults or threatening, even the lowest points of your connection will lead to improvement. Learn how to talk like adult people without playing the blame game.

If you ever wonder why women break up with men, this is a comprehensive list of reasons. Of course, it always takes two to tango. It’s all about your technique and whether you step onto each other’s shoes that matter. Yes, considering mistakes always takes a lot of effort, but it overall makes you a better person which is always a good thing.

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