15 Tips for Creating Online Dating Profile Pictures for Guys

Does online dating work? Sure, it does, some of us find it to be the most important part of our lives. I am serious. The online dating industry has been growing rapidly for the past few years, and there is no sign of it being less popular any time soon. It would seem like girls spend a lot more time and effort on their online dating profiles, especially photos. This is not always the case, everyone wants to be as perfect as they can online, even if they are not, even if they are pretending to be someone else. But there is a reason for that. If you are interested in online dating and everything that has to do with it, then here are the reasons why online dating pictures are so important.

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Why Dating Profile Pictures Are the Most Important in Online Dating

The first impression is the most important one when it comes to dating online, there will never be a second chance at making the first impression. It will also be quite hard to change the way your partner will perceive you after a failure on a first date. What is the first thing you see about a person when you open up their profile, it speaks loud and clear about their looks, about their personality and their character. Sure, what you see is not always what you end up getting, far from it, but there will not be a chance of proving someone wrong if there is no relationship and not a single date. This is why having a great profile pic is so important, it is the tool of attraction, it provides you with opportunities in terms of romantic relationships. That being said, you should know about profile pics to increase your chances of attracting a person on an online dating service.

Let’s first talk about some things that should be avoided at all cost when it comes to online dating photos.

Top 5 Instant Deal Breakers in Online Dating Photos

Just think about all the possibilities that a person has when it comes to uploading a profile pic, there are so many pixels on an image, and it’s up to you to choose their content. Well, it is not as complex at it may sound, it was a bit of a hyperbolic description, but you get the idea of it. With all of that freedom, people tend to make some mistakes, and here are the 5 most common deal breakers in online dating photos.

1. No photo at all or a random image

Having no photo pretty much decreases your chances of finding a person to talk to when it comes to dating online. Why would you ever talk to a person that has no profile pic on a dating site? You don’t have any “hooks” to get attached to, you can only get interested in that person on their profile description alone. A random image is a bit better; it may tell you something about their hobbies and interests but nothing more.

2. A photo that was taken in front of a mirror where you're half-naked

Now this will tell a girl that you are lazy, you are trying to get attract a girl by your looks alone, but this doesn’t always work. Women value emotional connection a lot more than men, so building up your character and telling a story through photos is a lot more important than showing your abs.

3. Group photos

Why would you post a picture that has a lot of other people in it? Don’t you have other pics that are better without anyone else in them? What are you trying to do? Well, if you are planning on achieving any form of success on a dating site – you have to have at least a few decent photos to choose from.

dating profile examples for men4. Pictures with other girls

There is a chance that a girl on the other side of the screen will think that it’s a girlfriend who is standing next to you in one of your photos. That chance is not as low as you might think, there is not a single reason to upload a photo of you standing next to a girl.

5. Overly processed pictures

There is no reason to edit the hell out of a picture to try to make it look great, it will only get buried down all of the effects and add layers of fakeness. Being natural is great, there is some beauty to not editing a photo, but a few fitting changes will do wonders for your photos.

5 Features of Good Profile Pictures for Dating

If you want to meet a girl now, then you have to not only know the basic deal breakers of online dating pics but also the things that are of great importance, things that will make your profile a lot more interesting and intriguing. Sure, there are different possible strategies when it comes to creating a profile on a dating service and coming up with a good photo for it, the possibilities for being creative are virtually endless, but there are some key things that everyone should remember, regardless of your approach.

It matches your intentions and bio

One of the things women hate about men when it comes to dating, especially online dating, is that they are not always able to understand men’s intentions in a relationship. While this point will give you a decent increase in getting a woman interested, it has more to do with long-term relationships and the absence of lying to your partner. It is about not giving them the wrong idea about your intentions.

It demonstrates your hobby

Having hobbies is great, people love their hobbies because they want to treat them more seriously, maybe even make a decent profit of them, but it is not always possible. It is quite unlikely to meet a person that will dislike you for one of your hobbies. A person that is interested in something more than just going to work every single day is a lot more interesting than a 9 to 5 worker.

It represents your lifestyle

There are so many different lifestyles that attract a woman. There are some exceptional ideas for profile pic photos, especially if you love to travel around the world. How can you hate a person that likes to travel and see the things that the world has to offer? A man that works out will also be quite an attractive one. If your lifestyle is to lay on the couch and eating chips – well, that’s an exception.

It demonstrates you have a good sense of humor

Having a great sense of humor is probably one of the most important qualities a man can have, around the top 3 biggest talents a guy can possess. Being able to tell a great joke at any given situation, make it fit, and show yourself as a witty man is very much important in any relationship. If you think like you have a great sense of humor, then what are you waiting for, come and visit this single woman dating site right now!

It is recent

This won’t be clear until you will meet with a woman in real life. But it is still important to look like your photos would suggest to a woman. Sure, if you think like you didn't change that much in the past few years – maybe there is no good reason to go out right now and shoot some new photos, but you have to realize that the way you perceive yourself is different from the way that the people around see you. Just make sure that your profile pic is not older than two years or so. Let’s now talk about some best online dating profile pictures examples and ideas.

5 Best Profile Picture Ideas

There are some awful mistakes you can make when choosing your dating profile pictures or even coming up with an idea for them, there are also some ways of making them better, but what about creativity? What about the actual ways of coming up with a photo? Well, we have some ideas for you today.

Photos with your pets

Cute profile pictures are great, there is a great way of attracting female attention. Who doesn’t like pets? Someone probably doesn’t like them, but would you want to have a relationship with a person that doesn’t like pets? Well, we all have different preferences, but, when it comes to women, there is no denying that women love pets and everything that has to do with them.

best online dating profile pictures examplesImages with sport activities

Once again, how can a woman not get excited by a man with a great physique? Well, maybe she has some taboo about guys that work out, and she believes they are pretentious, but we are not aiming for those women. Being interested in sports pretty much doesn’t have any downsides to it, your body is something to be proud of, you are in great shape, you are healthy, and you will probably help your girlfriend achieve the same success.

Pics that were taken on a journey or outdoors

Like we’ve already mentioned, traveling the world is one of the greatest things a person can do, there is just something marvelous about traveling, seeing the wonders of the Earth and seeing all the cultures around the world. There are lots of dating profile examples for men, so being lost is not an option. So if you like to travel around the world – capitalize on this passion of yours, and if you are not currently interested in it – then there is no wrong time to get into it.

Beautiful professionally taken closeups

Don’t be afraid of spending a few extra bucks on the services of a professional photographer. If you truly want to increase your chances at finding a hot woman on an online dating service – there is no reason to just take a photo on your phone’s camera and be done with it. These services are not as expensive as you think, but they will give you great results.

Pics that make fun of clichés

Here’s my favorite one. We may have listed a few things that you personally consider to be a cliché, and good on you, if you feel like women got tired of a thing that men use too often on dating services – do something different, poke fun at the normal things, this will show a woman that you care about the way you are being perceived, you have a sense of humor, and you can use it. Now that we are done with profile picture ideas, let’s conclude all the things that have been said during this article.

As you can see, coming up with an idea for a profile pic and presenting yourself in the best way possible is quite an art. There are so many possibilities, there are so many potential things you can do when it comes to picking a photo for your profile pic. Coming up with good profile pictures is a form of art. But the more possibilities and freedom there are in terms of profile picture ideas – the more mistakes one can make. It is important to remember what works and what doesn’t.

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