Dating an Atheist Woman Being a Christian: Is It Possible?

The Christian church seeks to subjugate the whole life of a believer, starting with his first steps and ending with the death hour. Each more or less significant event in people's lives must be celebrated according to church rites, with the participation of worshipers, with the name of God on the lips.

Naturally, such an important event in people's lives as marriage and the relationship in general also turned out to be associated with religious rituals. The seven sacraments of the Christian church included the sacrament of marriage. It was established in Christianity later than others, only in the XIV century. Church marriage was declared the only valid form of marriage. Secular marriage, not consecrated by the church, was not recognized.

dating a non-Christian

By performing the sacrament of marriage, ministers of the Christian cult convince believers that only church marriage, during which the newlyweds are admonished to live together on behalf of Jesus Christ, can be happy for many years. However, it is not. It is known that the basis of a friendly family is mutual love, a community of interests, the equal rights of husband and wife. The church does not attach any importance to this. Religious morality was formed in an exploitative society in which women were powerless and oppressed. And religion sanctified the subordinate position of women in the family. And how is all of this manifested in Christian and atheist dating?

Dating a Christian girl

First of all, let’s turn to the text of the Holy Scriptures, which generally speaks of a wife for the first time. This is the very beginning of the Old Testament, which tells a story about Eve who was made flesh from the flesh, a bone from the bone of Adam. And this is a fundamental characteristic of a Christian woman in the paradigm of marital relations. Not only in Judaism, Christianity, Orthodoxy, but in all cultures, in all civilizations, a woman always went to the culture of her husband, to the paradigm of her husband. It was fundamental. That is, in the same family, for example, an Orthodox person and a Muslim should be spouses - this has never happened. The Orthodox have always been with the Orthodox, representatives of other cultures have marriages within this culture. And so it was in all of human civilization.

But now we live in a new, special time when humanity is trying to build a multicultural model of relations. We see Europe where this is happening. Now many people are trying to try whether this is possible within the framework of a single-family. And you need to understand that there is no experience of such a life not only in the Church but also generally within civilization. This is a unique time and an absolutely unique experience. We need to solve a problem by learning Christian marriage advice that not only has nobody solved, but it is generally not known whether it has a solution. This is a feature.

If we talk about how the Church relates to atheist and Christian, to the marriage of an Orthodox person with a non-Orthodox person, then two fundamentally different cases must be divided. The first case is when an Orthodox person who accepted Christ is a member of the Church, partakes of the Body and Blood of Christ, suddenly marries a non-Orthodox person, no matter who he is: a Muslim, Jew, pagan, Buddhist or just an atheist. There is no need to come up with solutions, it is in the canons, it is clear, and we cannot cancel it. The canons clearly state that such a relationship is impossible. Christian dating an atheistMoreover, such a Christian is excommunicated from Communion until he terminates his lawless cohabitation. I cannot wish or say anything else here, otherwise, I will go beyond the Church.

But this incident should not be confused with another case that we should mention in the context of the rules for Christian dating, about which the Apostle Paul speaks of is dating a non-Christian. It also falls into this case when one of them may have been baptized (for example, by a grandmother in childhood), but has no idea who Christ is, is not aware of the Gospel, nor of the Church, nor the Sacrament - in fact, this is an unbeliever but still not an atheist. When people enter into marriage as unbelieving people, but then suddenly in marriage one of them discovers the spiritual dimension, discovers the Church, the Gospel and becomes an Orthodox Christian - this is a completely different case. This is exactly what the apostle Paul is talking about: an unbelieving husband is saved by a believing wife, and an unbelieving wife is being saved by a believing husband, such people can and should, if they want, live together and go through life together. So, atheist dating a Catholic is useful for the church.

Can a Christian date an atheist?

Atheist dating Christian should know that the church cannot decide for other people whether they must break up or no. As a rule, if some kind of conflict arises on the basis of the Church, church practices, or for some other reason, then it has a different basis. The Church itself, the practice of church life, are not really the real cause of the conflict between the spouses. If atheist and Christian conflict, then this is only the tip of the iceberg, but in fact, there are some deeper contradictions between them, and you need to look there: what's wrong between them? These contradictions really can be completely antagonistic, can be irreconcilable.

People get divorced and it is normal; not that they always need to get divorced, Christian dating an atheist sometimes cannot live together. But this is not Orthodoxy spread them, although sometimes they throw such a rebuke. As a rule, a woman’s conversion is already secondary, she’s just looking for support somewhere, and where can she find her if not in the Church? And then such an illusion arises that this Orthodoxy has spread people. This does not happen. Orthodoxy is not what breeds people.

Christian dating rules

Dating should not be "your whole life." Do not let passion become your only desire.

  • Turning into an obsession. Dreaming about relationships is normal. After all, we are created for communication. But when romantic relationships turn into an obsessive church or personal idea, we miss a huge layer of what God has prepared for us.
  • Christians will not seek help with their problems if there is a fear that their problems will be discussed behind their backs. Yes, you should be very careful with the Christian girl, she has a lot of rules she follows.
  • Show respect. This is vital in atheist and Christian dating. Without it, any topic concerning religion will cause arguments.

Finding your better half someday is wonderful. Christian online dating is also a thing, today you can meet a girl to your taste on a dating platform and leave happily ever after. So, yes, one of the main Christian dating advice for atheists is to stop listening to what others say, your relationships are possible if you feel comfortable. The world of modern relationships is far more globalized, there are even Christian dating sites, which is why we should treat Christian dating as we treat the world of dating in general.

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I’m a Christian, and my boyfriend is an atheist. And this doesn’t interfere with the development of our relations. When it comes to love, religious beliefs cut no figure.
21.08.2020 11:24

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