Are You Ready to Settle Down?

Dating Tips: Are You Ready to Settle Down?

Are you ready to settle down and get married right now? Sure, that question can throw practically everyone off, especially if you are in your early twenties. When a girl, who accidentally hopped into your bed for one evening, asks that sort of question, you can be completely terrified because even if the person asks you that question out of their interest, it just starts messing with your head a little bit.

when are you ready to settle down

How does one understand they are ready and mature enough to settle down? Some of us like to plunge into marriage being children with no sense of respect for other people or readiness to be responsible. Others just hesitate until they feel lonely. Who are you between those people? Hopefully, this article will let you sort things out, especially if you have a partner with whom you want to connect your life.

How to Know When You Are Ready to Settle Down?

Be real, both men and women want to get some romance without any responsibility. While our parents like to be telling us that it is high time to settle down and build a family nest, we are the one to decide when to start committing to one person. Everyone has their own pace, and sometimes it takes us more time to decide. And yes, marriage and long-term commitment is a decision, let’s neither belittle this event nor tell that there is nothing to worry about. Anyway, only you can understand when you are done with your hoe phase, and you are ready to settle down. Girls like to go on beautiful dates, be paid for, get attention and recognition, and boys like good sex (although, who doesn’t?) and boast about their big balls energy. If you know that the time has come, but you don’t understand how to know when to settle down, here are some first signs you are a grown-up, ready for commitment.

✔ You feel like dating is exhausting

Why is dating exhausting? You know, dating gets so repetitive and unnerving just because we put on a show every time we meet a new person. You want just someone who will like you for who you are! Ultimately, dating is just…empty. We want to impress people who are not worth impressing, we want cheap sex, but end up laying in a cold bed alone in the morning. What if someone cared enough to make you breakfast, genuinely wanting to know if you slept well. We want realness and not this rat race of better partners in crime.

Besides, from a practical point of view, the dates are really expensive. You want someone sitting beside you at home, not inventing new date ideas every week. You might want to find a girl online for a serious relationship.

✔ Wishing to co-own pet with someone

Pets are cute, they are like the pre-children version. If you know something about dating, you know how sick and frustrated you are to invite a new lady every day and let her pet your kitty after you’ve petted hers (hehehe). And these girls change every day. And you almost feel like your pet wants to find a constant mommy who will care, but instead, you bring a lot of unknown people who don’t even like them genuinely! And yes, cat and dogs have feelings and feel stressed when meeting lots of strangers. So, if you want to give your pet a better life (or if you dream to own a pet, but are too busy working and having flings), it’s reasonable to stop at one person and finally expand your family. Yay for kitties!

✔ Unwillingness to change for someone is gone

How do you know when you are ready to settle down? You don’t give a damn about your principles! You just want this person to stay with you no matter what! And what defines an immature person? Childish people who don’t like commitment think that it’s their partner’s goal SPECIFICALLY to save up your relationships, not thinking about what consequences await your partner. Mature people, on the other hand, don’t seek for negative traits in other people, giving them benefit of the doubt. Even in the ladies gallery, while dating online, they try to concentrate on better sides of the person.

We tend to think we don’t owe people crap until the realization of our unidealistic selves comes to play. After that, we agree on most terms our partner proposes. Want me to cease drinking? Fine, as long as we get our problems worked out – I listen to you, you listen to me.

✔ Gigantic goalswhat age are you ready to settle down

What age are you ready to settle down? It’s safe to say that whenever you are ready to make goals, you would like to share them with someone. Usually, people in their twenties are still figuring out their lives. You can’t tell about something gigantic if all you do is work an office or cashier job 9 to 5, and then drink booze with your friends. This iconic stage of your life is meant for recklessness (if you think about the future in between parties). Usually, when we want to build our future and are serious about our partner, there is no doubt that they are included in this future as well. You see doing your thing not just with any person, but with this exact man or woman. They will make your life complete and strengthen your ability to look into a brighter future.

✔ You've started saving money for a house, a car, or a baby

Saving up money for a bigger goal is a sign of maturity in itself. Once you know where your spare money will go, it means that you have a purpose to earn them, as every cent will contribute into your brighter future. And if you know what house you want, how long you will earn cash for that, you might know as well whom to share it with. If you see how well HE or SHE will feel in this space, how fun it will be decorating the flat and buy stuff together, then you've found the exact person for you, that’s for sure.

The thing with kids is twice more obvious, as you will need a serious constant partner to have kids. If you are not scared of obligations, you are definitely ready to settle down, as you’ve acquired enough maturity for that!

✔ You can't imagine your life without the person

When are you ready to settle down? It’s not enough to imagine yourself by “your wife” or “your husband.” Finding a partner for the sake of having a partner is a sign of total desperation, although a lot of wealthy elder people do it. But will it be fun like that? It tells about you as a person who just wants to have a life everyone else has: kids, house, spouse, but you don’t want to spend any time on emotional investing into your better half, so you opt for any person. But, if you imagine THE VERY person you already love, there are no boundaries between you at this point. It’s the most romantic thing, and you shouldn’t be reading this article at this point, just go ahead and tell them about your plans and intentions!

✔ You're fully prepared to put someone else ahead of yourself

Sure, selfishness can be characteristic of an adult person as well, but mature and adult are different notions. If you want to be called mature, you definitely need to put people ahead of you, thinking about their prosperity first. People, who are ready to settle down, perfectly understand that not everything in the Universe will go their way, and you need to care about other people first if you want this love to return to you. Mature people think about others even if it is not rewarding. If you don’t want to help your parents because they were unfair with you at some point of life, or don’t want to buy your girlfriend presents, just because she doesn’t do the same for you lately, don’t bother to settle down, you clearly don’t want to think about other people, their problems and motives. But if you try to understand why people act strangely sometimes, give hem benefit of the doubt and step out of your comfort zone, you are ready for a family!

✔ When you don't want that person driving a long distance without you because you're worried that something might happen to him or her

This is super wise and thoughtful to feel trepidation about other people. Especially if she’s or he’s your loved one. An immature boy or girl will go to sleep or hang out with friend without a thought in the back of their mind, but if you know that he or she is driving in the nighttime, and the road will be difficult, you wouldn’t be able to go to sleep or cease phoning or texting them for every couple hours because you know that it’s YOUR dearest person, and whatever happens to them will be an unbearable pain for you. That is why very close couples are always worried about each other. Although the fear must always be reasonable because neurotic behavior without a cause will bring headache to both of you.

✔ You accept all of your partner's flaws

This is by far the most reasonable sign. Why do you think people date? You see, they have an ideal in their head – an icon, whose best traits are hard to find in a mortal human. So, it is reasonable if we switch to another person every time we don’t see something crucial in our date. Yes, you know that you always routed for sporty tall guys or well-mannered women, but we oftentimes end up with the person who is opposite to our expectations. During first stages of your relationship, you might have an urge to break each other down, but this approach has two consequences – you either end up breaking up with each other or understanding that these flaws…don’t even bother you that much at this point. The dearest person is near, and this is the only thing that matters!

✔ One of your same-age friends gets married, and you are excitedare you ready to settle down and get married right now?

At this point, you don’t need to take an “are you ready to settle down” quiz because if your friends have a family and you are envious of them (in a good sense), that is one of the most powerful signs of wanting to have a family. If you not only cry at their wedding but imagine yourself with a definite person by the aisle, you are ready to propose. It is amazing how our brain works! Even the first bachelor in the world will start developing a soft spot for children when he falls in love. Even the coldest woman wants human warmth and normal married life as soon as she finds a person that matches her dreams.

✔ Already thinking about the prospect of having children

If you already want children, you are definitely on a more mature side of life (at least, mentally). If you already have your career sorted out, if you have a partner who you truly love, there is no doubt you are ready to settle down. If we want kids, we usually can take care of more than ourselves, and that’s great. The willing to give things away is always characteristic of a mature person, and your family must be happy to have you, and everyone should be proud of you as well!

How to settle down in life? Just don’t worry about it. If you are in your early twenties and don’t have a partner yet, don’t worry about it either. Everything comes when it is supposed to come. When you are independent, mature (or, at least, your surrounding tells you so), financially stable, have a partner who you truly love, invest time and money into your future – then you are ready to settle down! Good luck with that!

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