How to Date a French Woman?

There is an old joke that a French Woman is undateable. She will charm you with a smile of pearls, kiss you on the cheek, but when you will be ready to call her yours, she’ll only laugh in your face and disappear. A French Woman is the most mysterious kind. One day she will be prudent and reserved, strict and ferocious, but the other day you will be right to call her slutty. Some reports say that those girls are unreachable and distant, others say they are party heads and are crazy about sex. So what is true about dating in France? Are they interested in foreigners? Will you be able to earn a French bride?

dating a french women

Reasons to date French women

1. They are classy. Women in France do everything in style – from getting to know each other to disappearing from your life forever. A lot of Frenchmen said that although they find Russian or American girls more appealing, they lack sense of style and the ability to be subtle. French women see the world in details.

2. They keep it real. If a French is pissed off, she is pissed off. She won’t let you ride her back, and it’s completely inspiring. If a woman ages, she does it gracefully, she doesn’t need botox or any other vulgar substance to keep herself appealing, beautiful and healthy.

3. They are charismatic. Women in France act like they own the world and you need to bow before the queen. There is no need to put on excessive amounts of makeup or fake hair if she knows she is not empty inside. She wins with her inner world and is always ready to paint your sky in different colors (if you deserve her, of course!)

4. They are forward. Women in France will never put you at risk of looking stupid, because they don’t talk in hints. They know what, whom and why they deserve.

5. They are self-sufficient. French women like to feel independent. They want to build a career, or at least live free up to their hedonistic standards.

6. They are healthy and fit. French people adore good food, but enjoying excellent cuisine rarely combines with eating fast food, so there is a chance she will be in a good physical form without any gyms. However, it’s getting trendy to work out and exercise.

7. They raise perfect children. Polite, smart, always ready to give you a kiss on a cheek. French women become good mothers that always teach their kids manners.

French vs American dating

Dating in France is a whole other system, comparing to the American one. In America, you either commit, stick to one relationship, or you are seeing different people and/or sleep around with them. In France, there is no concept of dating that could correspond to its American counterpart. French people usually flock in groups of males and females, they like each other and have sex at someone’s place. A person can have multiple partners and see their lover only once in a lifetime. However, if you kiss each other on the lips and decide to date, you are exclusive (that means you are not supposed to see other people), but if you do cheat, that doesn’t mean cheating, because your partner may have slept with your aunt.

dating in franceAmerican people can hop from date to date for the majority of their lives, but Frenchmen just sleep around and have fun until they have a relationship and finally marry.

Stereotypes about French women

1. French women are stuck up. They have an inflated ego and they are not that beautiful to be conceited. But that is simply not true. French women may appear a little bit arrogant, but that is just because they are pretty reserved from the start. They don’t smile where there is nothing funny, but young French girls try to copy America anyway.

2. French women don’t shave. It is a century-old joke that doesn’t work nowadays. However, now these women are fighting against excessive body shave, so it is rather a fact of feminism than a lack of hygiene.

3. Women in France are stylish. They may act stylishly, but their looks aren’t immaculate all the time. Their hair is not always top-notch. And they deserve the right to be imperfect.

4. They are crazy. Not more than other women.

5. They are sluts. French women are sexual, but most of them are the opposite of being easy. They think you need to deserve them and cherish them. Other ways, they will never sleep with you.

Where and how to meet French women

French bride don’t like traveling that much, so you can find them either in Paris, or on social media and on dating sites like Tinder. When you try dating a French woman, you will need to be forward and introduce yourself pretty firmly, without being a goof. Remember: they know what they want. They know what they are worth and who they are looking for. They also want a beautiful, intelligent, successful and romantic guy who will treat them like a queen. And the prize will be corresponding.

They always try to be on top, but can make a man feel like a king if he really deserves it. If not, he just gets out.

Do`s and Dont`s

  • DO: be sexual. Exude sexiness, charm and manliness. Smell good, feel good.
  • DON’T: be an uneducated animal (unless she wants you to).
  • DO: work on her commitment.
  • DON’T: sleep with her immediately, so she considers you as one of her mates. If you need her, you won’t make yourself one of the gang.
  • DO: be romantic and friendly.
  • DON’T: talk about sex too soon (seriously!)

General rules on dating French girl. Dating in Paris.

1. Be forward. Don’t sag and talk in riddles. If you want her – have her. Or she will sit on the top.

2. Invite her to a chic restaurant. France dating means nice cuisine. If you guess her favorite food, you’ll get extra marks for being attentive and smart.

3. Pay for her check. If you two are going without a group of people, consider it a date. And on a date, you should pay for her meal. It is necessary if you want to be traditional.

4. Be good at sex. France is one of the most sexual countries where people are not afraid to get dirty. So, if you are average in bed, you might have some competition. Every shop on Montmartre offers some.

5. Dress up cleanly and neatly. There is no difference whether you are going to visit a friend, to a cafe or just to the store. Although men in France prefer casual style, it still implies polished shoes, and some accessories.

marriage in france6. Be sincerely a good person. It means to be smart without arrogance, able to subtly understand the problem, but not imposing its solutions. In addition, French ladies like men with a sense of humor. The French are generally very ironic people, they love sarcasm, so it will be much easier for you to live in France if you do not take everything personally.

7. Be attentive. Dating a French woman means to be able to feel mood swings, to be able to understand when a girl is mad, to find a way to raise her mood, to create a sense of security.

Top Paris Places to have a date:

  • Eiffel Tower.
  • Montmartre.
  • Pont des Artes.
  • Sacrée Fleur.
  • Le Derrière.

Wedding and marriage in France

Marriage in France means both of you are smart and old enough to make this decision. Usually, girls want to marry at almost 30, and they have kids at 32-35. A French wife will not be a bird in the nest, but she will definitely make you feel you deserve a real queen, and you got her. A French bride will make sure everything is immaculate, you will both set off for a splendid honeymoon trip that will make you feel like you have been together forever.

A French bride will show all of her elegance and gracefulness. But don’t expect a French girl to move to your country since they are very proud of their motherland.

If you are planning to propose, make sure it’s a true firework and a whole lot of sensuality.

Well, here is everything we wanted to tell you about mysterious French girls. They are arrogant but soft. French girls and women are the most passionate and energetic, possessing an extraordinary temperament. Therefore, many men from all over the world dream of capturing their attention. And for this, a man must really be a Man from a capital letter. This means to satisfy several needs at once. But sometimes you will need to satisfy more than several needs at once! But if you want to date, charm and marry a French girl, you will learn how to show appreciation and seduce this feisty and passionately sexy nation. Good luck!

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