Are risky Aquarius and conservative Taurus compatible in physical and spiritual relationships?

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Representatives of these signs are considered almost complete antagonists. They have pretty different personalities and hobbies. Aquarius is a typical representative of the air environment, reflected in his developed creative abilities and sound intellect. Stability in people born under this symbol causes boredom. They are constantly in search of something unconventional.

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility

Taurus is a child of the Earth; he likes to lead a measured, settled way of life. Such people are balanced and conservative. Abrupt changes bring them into a stupor. It is crucial for them to feel confident about the future. The sign likes to feel in control of their own lives. Air signs rely on feelings and emotions. In return, all the actions of the earthly one rely on common sense and logic; they have very few points of contact. They need help understanding the views of the opposite side. Partners have a lot of self-confidence. If there is a scandal, there will be trouble. Taurus can accumulate anger for a long time. When it comes to the extreme, he snaps at those around him. Aquarius men and women do not tolerate criticism and aggressive outbursts and can leave the "battlefield."

What brings them together is their determination. The airy ones are always looking for ways to get what they want. Earthy ones try to get the most out of what the Universe sends them. Taurus people have soft energy. They do not mind helping their neighbors. Cold Saturn and the creative Uranus influence Aquarians. They often have a brutal fate. But they pass all the trials of life quite quickly, using their innovation. If the signs do converge, a specific relationship awaits them. They can grow and develop together if they can accept the other party's shortcomings and sometimes concede in some matters.

Inquisitive Aquarius and restrained Taurus – is there sexual, sensual compatibility in bed?

The opposite of the elements also applies to sex. A bright and varied intimate life characterizes the air signs. The presence of a rich imagination pushes them to the most diverse experiments and sexual games. The physical component is in the first place for them, not the emotional one. Monotonous sex can be a problem for them. The relationship is over if one sign gets bored with new sensations. For the romance to continue, Aquarius must dote on his partner. Representatives of the Earth are soft and romantic in intimacy. For them, sex is an essential attribute of life. They are ready to show their complete sensitivity, but unlike their partner, they are not alien to monotony.

Are the communicative Aquarius and the taciturn Taurus compatible in terms of friendship?

Between representatives of Air and Earth, friendship usually occurs at the level of working relationships or common interests. It is infrequent for them to become real friends. Of course, they can have a good time in the company with representatives of other signs. But usually, it does not go further than that. The distribution of roles plays a significant role. Representatives of the signs look at the same situations from entirely different angles. Taurus use proven methods. Aquarius has abstract, innovative thinking. If everyone is in their place, there is a chance of achieving results. If friendships do occur, they are usually easygoing. From time to time, both parties need a break. Otherwise, it is impossible to avoid conflict. The earth personality should refrain from criticism and give more support. The air person, on the contrary, should cautiously propose reforms. Then a balance will come.

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility percentage

Aquarius and Taurus compatibility percentage

Are the curious Aquarius and the rational Taurus a good, reliable match to be long-term soulmates?

There are many more disconnecting factors between the characters than uniting ones. To achieve compatibility and to become soul mates, it is necessary to make many efforts. Both signs can find a common language if they are lenient to the shortcomings of others and will not violate personal space. Equality plays a significant role. Relationships between a subordinate and the boss are not allowed.

Potential problems in a relationship between the airy Aquarius and the pragmatic Taurus

Conflicts between these distinctive representatives of the elements of Earth and Air are inevitable. After a while, they may start criticizing each other even for the traits they initially liked. A Taurus woman can be a great hostess. Still, an Aquarius man will blame her for having no interests except everyday life. It is difficult for him to find common ground with someone who lives in the material world. Airy personality has a broader perspective and often has a head in the clouds. Taurus women also find it challenging to understand their husbands. She cares about the material world, not fruitless daydreaming. The earth sign is usually possessive and wants to tie her partner to the home. Any such attempts lead to another quarrel.

How to maintain mutual understanding and friendship? To do this, the partners have to work constantly and diligently. They should focus on traits that do not alienate but bring them closer. If the partners can achieve mutual respect, it will benefit both parties. A representative of the air sphere will become more serious, and the earth sphere will learn a lot about the world. They will only sometimes focus on the material world. Systematic development and achievement of goals will leave no time for conflicts. The airy ones should not pressure the earthy ones and accuse them of conservatism. If they feel free, they can show genuine love and attention to their mate and create a cozy and comfortable family home by caring for material things.

The material Taurus and the air Aquarius – is compatibility possible for them in marriage?

Mature individuals will get along better in such a union. Experienced representatives of both signs have a well-established character, easier to compromise and adjust to partners. If they go into marriage, they surely know what lies ahead. Young couples are maximalists. As a result, they often try to remake their partner, which often becomes the cause of separation. But this happens in any relationship, regardless of the birth chart of the lovers.

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