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  • Top 10 Coffee Tips and Outfits
    Coffee date etiquette is quite casual, there are no certain serious rules that should be followed. Is coffee a good first date? Yes, it’s a very easy way to spend some quality time together. But not everyone feels quite comfortable in such an environment, some people are not really sure what to do on a coffee date. If you are one of them, then you will probably find the next piece of information quite informative.
  • How Body Image Affects Romantic Relationships
    Body image conveys much more information about us than you think. If you are shy of your body or too critical of it, this attitude will affect the image as a whole. If you have a healthy body image, if you take your body as it is, then your image will benefit in many ways.
  • Good Third Date Ideas to Get the Most Out of It
    How difficult it is to find that one person in the crowd of mundane people you meet every single day. And even when you meet a person that got you interested; how can you make sure that this relationship will get anywhere? There is one strategy that will help you achieve this goal - this is the rule of three dates.
  • What Is Unconditional Love in a Relationship?
    Love is the basis of the universe. You can agree with this or deny it, but in fact, more and more people gradually realize the importance of love. Otherwise, what are you living for? Do you live just to pay bills and go on a more expensive vacation?
  • How to Meet Local Girls: Expert Tips
    Many people, having arrived in another city or country for an extended period of time, cannot feel comfortable and get acclimated in social terms. Often, people come alone and all their friends, together with their relatives and close ones remain far from them. Now the most important thing is not to stay at home all the time and become a socially active person.
  • How to Take a Break in a Relationship Without Breaking
    A misunderstanding, a disagreement, a sense that you are living with a stranger because many people seem to get tired of all these feelings, they feel like they lack the strength to continue, but they are also afraid to put an end to their relationship, and they hope that things might get better again. But what does a relationship break even mean?
  • Examples of Unrealistic Expectations in Relationships
    Sometimes you just need to do and not expect anything. To restore balance in the head, it is important to separate realistic expectations from and unrealistic. Read in our today’s article how to minimize the influence or unrealistic expectations of marriage, sex or love.
  • Dealing with Passive-Aggressive People in Love Relationships
    Subsequently, passive-aggressive personality disorder was added to the famous DSM, compiled by the influential Psychiatric Association. However, it was removed from it in 1994, while the publication of the fourth edition the clinical description seemed to the compilers not clear. Although the term was deleted from the psychiatric classification, it did not disappear but has gradually penetrated everyday speech and private relationships.
  • How to Fix a Boring Relationship: Tips and Advice
    Do you recall the moments when you just started dating with tenderness because you were laughing all the time? When you watched a lot of movies but never manage to make it till the end? And your every date was so exciting and romantic? What happened? Where did all of this go?
  • How to Deal with the Lack of Intimacy in a Relationship
    The invisible thread between two loving people is the basis for building and developing a harmonious relationship. Psychologists often hear from people in partnerships that they trust each other completely, can tell the most intimate secrets, feel each other from a distance and can communicate almost on a telepathic level. But with deeper and longer work with these people, it becomes clear that it is difficult for them to talk about different moments of life with loved ones, and it is embarrassing to show this.
  • Is She Flirting or Just Being Friendly?
    A study at the University of Kansas made it clear how good we are at recognizing situations when people try to flirt with us. Psychologists observed how unfamiliar people communicate with each other for 20 minutes. After that, the subjects shared their first impressions. What were the results of this study?
  • Cute Couple Relationship Goals
    Indeed, should people have goals in relationships? After all, love is an uncontrollable and inexplicable feeling. But if we all regularly set ourselves a list of resolutions and manifestation, why shouldn’t there be a list of relationship goals for a couple to aim? What is more, goals are always present in life.
  • Cheap Romantic Date Ideas
    Do you think that a romantic day in the park or a candlelight dinner without a large bill is a lot of teenagers and poor students? But this is not the case. You can have a great time with your loved one for free. There are a lot of good cheap date ideas.
  • How to Be a Good Boyfriend: 10 Tips for Modern Men
    What Modern Girls Really Look for in Their Men? How to be an amazing boyfriend? You should know what women are looking for in men.
  • Romantic Birthday Ideas for Your Girlfriend
    To choose a suitable gift, you should be aware of the interests and preferences of the partner. If attentiveness isn’t your strong side, then your chances to mess things up are quite high. And the most awful thing is that you will be sure that you are doing everything right. However, having presented a gift, you will have to look at the fake smile of “surprise and happiness.”
  • When to Give Up on a Girl
    Women are very mysterious and unpredictable by nature. You have achieved a fascinating conversation with a particular girl, aroused interest, so you are unlikely to expect a negative reaction. But when you proceed to the next step, you come across an unexpected result – failure. How do you know she doesn’t like you? When to give up on a girl? Look at these several behaviors, actions or inactions of a girl, which will help you understand that she is not interested in you, and you should stop communication with her.
  • How a Man Should Dress for a Date
    Should I open the door for her? What should I do if there is no love "chemistry" between us?” Most of these variables are unpredictable, and this only increases the excitement and internal stress. In addition, you want to attract the girl with your appearance and stylish image. You want to choose an outfit that will not make her immediately leave. You want to get a “wow” effect, which forms the first impression. However, what to wear on a first date, guys? Now, look first things first.
  • How to Find Out If Your Wife Is Cheating
    It is easier for men to cheat on their female partners. For them, this is the most common process, just like drinking a cup of coffee. However, they don't give meaning to this action. For them this is mostly just a way of doing something different, experiencing something (and someone) new in sex. But, as you can see, this article isn’t called “how to find out if he's cheating on me?” The ladies do exactly the opposite, they decide to cheat with a full understanding of the responsibility that is upon their shoulders.
  • When Is It Time to Break Up with Someone You Love?
    How to understand that it is time to end the relationship, if nothing terrible seems to have happened, but something is gnawing at you from the inside causing you to have doubts? When is it time to break up with someone you love? We will cover all of these and lots of other questions in this article. First things first, how do you know that it’s time to break a relationship?
  • Mental Illness and Relationships: Can You Make It Work?
    Mental illness is a disease that strikes millions of people every year. A significant part of patients doesn’t even know about their diagnosis, trying to lead a normal life. Those, who know about it, are often in isolation from society, and they are unable to cope with the manifestations of their illness. Nonetheless, this illness is not a reason to refuse personal life and new acquaintances. If you learn to control your illness, you can lead a full life without depriving yourself of its joys. So, are mental illness and family relationships compatible?
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