What Values Do Russian Women Respect Most in a Man?

Russian ladies are able to entice any man on this planet. Yet not so many Western gentlemen know how to impress a woman of such a special sort. To make the situation clear, we managed to gather the top 15 character features that Russian girls value the most. If you combine at least some of them, be sure – you have a good chance to win a Russian lady’s heart!


1. Intellect

Most of Russian girls are brainy so they look for a partner with the similar level of intellect. High-quality education matters really a lot to young modern women – many of them have a university degree (or even two) and study foreign languages. Likewise, these girls dream about a good job that will enable them to lead an interesting life. Not to mention that Russian national literature, painting, and theatre are considered to be outstanding.

2. Loyalty

Russian women have always been famous for their undying fidelity to their husbands, children, parents, and friends. You can even check out some of Russian literary works to make sure the concept of “loyalty” is deeply rooted in their national culture. Russians believe that true love comes once in a lifetime, and local girls wish to be good wives for their lovers. As the consequence, they expect their men to be loyal as well. Keep this in mind!

3. Candor

Well, there is an opinion of Russians being overly straightforward and. In fact, this is an exaggeration – they maintain the etiquette rules properly, however, they really like expressing their mind. For instance, if you ask your Russian companion about his or her day, you will likely hear a detailed story. That’s just how they are brought up, and their women are no exception. No wonder Russians are so fond of people who are honest and sincere with them.

4. Bravery

While the Western world adapts to the idea of gender equality, people in Russia still appreciate gender role division. Traditionally, a man here should be a defender of his motherland, his woman, and his family. Not that you must be a military officer to charm a Russian girl, but she should see you are capable of protecting and supporting her throughout her life. In addition, Russian women are also known for being courageous if the situation requires that.

5. Passion for adventures

Believe us, any girl wishes to live a bright life full of impressions. Apart from many other character traits, Russian girls are willing to always discover something new. In contrast to a popular myth, these women do not tend to be obedient housewives – they love opening new horizons. Thus, an average Russian woman waits for a man who will share her enthusiasms and interests instead of pulling her into the daily routine.

6. Humour

Surely, nothing can be more effective if you wish to conquer a lady’s heart. Humour can ease and enliven any communication; it helps two people get more personal. That’s why we advise you using your wits to get closer to your prospective partner. Just keep in mind that every joke must be relevant, and your gags shouldn’t be creepy or abusive at all. Russian girls like having fun together with their friends and family, and, simultaneously, they appreciate well-mannered guys.

7. Kindness

Another fantastic trait of Russian ladies is their graciousness. Since the early childhood, they are taught to be compassionate, understanding, and helpful. In Russian families, people usually maintain a close contact between generations. Local girls learn to deal and get along well with numerous people. This is actually what makes them great wives and mothers in the future. No wonder they are so into men having a similar worldview.

8. Decisiveness

We have already mentioned that the Russian society supports “traditional” approach to what roles men and women play in a couple. Here, a man is one who is supposed to take the first step in a romantic relationship. Russian women prefer to rather hide their affection. However, we should say that they drop a lot of hints they like a certain man. All he needs to do is to be attentive and interpret those in the right way. Remember: Russian girls like initiative guys!

9. Romanticism

As you might already know, Russian women seek for kind of modern chivalry in their love life. Attention is the very basic thing any girl is willing to get from her partner – ant this attention should probably be expressed in the right way. Every relationship goes through different stages, and the honeymoon phase is short. A long-term connection needs kind of enlivenment. Those may be some small gifts, pleasant surprises, original dates, romantic evenings etc.

10. Creativity

This character feature is indeed beneficial. In our daily life, we have to deal with dozens of routine issues and business tasks, and communicate with different people. To make your communication with the opposite sex more efficient, you actually should use some of your inborn creativity. Russian women also appreciate men who are capable of inventing fresh ways of interaction. They like to accept and give challenges to make their life brighter.

11. Eagerness to please his woman

Russian ladies usually overwhelm foreigners. They are different from their Western counterparts and combine diverse merits. Russian girls are family-oriented so when they start dating a guy, they treat him as a prospective husband. Of course, they wish to get the same special attitude in return. It is all about your attention, care, and time you are ready to invest in your partner. So if you date a Russian woman, do everything to please her!

12. Self-sufficiency

On the Internet, you may find many stereotypes about Russian women being gold-diggers willing to benefit from your wealth, real estate, and foreign passport. Well, not all Russian girls are saints; however, this is a huge mistake to think they all are charlatans. As a rule, they have normal self-esteem and build their own career. It means contemporary Russian ladies are quite self-supporting. Yet they still wait for a partner who will demonstrate manly behaviour and give them a hand in a difficult situation.

13. Confidence

In a Russian lady’s worldview, “manly behaviour” includes self-confidence. Believe us: no woman wants to be with a man whose self-esteem is low. Especially if she is from Russia – here, a man is considered to be the head of his family. He must be secure about his capabilities and potentials. This makes his woman feel secure as well. Not that your adequate self-esteem determines her vision of herself completely, but it definitely attracts her to you.

14. Optimism

Slavs believe that optimism and humour help manage almost any problematic situation. Our daily life is full of many little troubles, and girls from Russia often know how to change a bad mood for the better. They adore entertaining so they are able to invent fresh ways of cheering you up. It is normal for people to look for a lifetime lover who shares their values and goals, and has similar areas of interest.

15. Determined priorities

This is where we come to the most perplexing topic. What does a Russian girl dream about? She wants to find a worthy man for love and marriage, to raise good children, to have a cozy house. It’s pretty simple, in fact. As we have already told you, Russian women determine their priorities in early life. Consequently, a typical Russian lady searches for a lover who shares her life goals.

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