How to Treat Russian Women

  • 5 Tips to Perfect Your Kiss with a Russian Girl
    Oh, these magnificent creatures – girls… How many times did you catch yourself trying hard to win their attention? Quite often, we guess. Russian women might not be that spoiled. Nevertheless, they are thought to be one of the most sophisticated girls in the whole wide world!
  • How to Become a Gentleman and Is It Still Relevant in 2020?
    You can hear about gentlemen here and there, and it is not about the last movie directed by Guy Ritchie. It is about men’s qualities, their attitude to women, and their behavior in society.
  • How to Date Your Best Friend's Ex: Rules and How to Make the Right Decision
    Imagine: your best friend is dating a girl, but everything is getting worse and worse. Eventually, they break up. You have been paying attention to this woman for a long time, and she seems really cool for you, and you start thinking about her more and more. You start communicating with her, and it turns out that you have a lot in common. What is more, it seems as if she likes you too. What to do in this situation?
  • How to Find Russian Brides for Marriage
    Many men like Russians because they are the best women in this world. But one of the most common complexes of insecure men is the stereotype that a beautiful Russian girl will not even look at them. They come up with excuses for themselves, “She has a boyfriend, she is in a hurry, not today, there is no point in approaching, etc.” This is absolutely wrong. If you like a Russian girl, take your chance and get acquainted. So, where and how to find a Russian bride?
  • How to Treat Russian Women: How to Find a Real Russian Bride
    After the Iron Curtain was removed, crowds of foreigners got acquainted with the mysterious Russian soul, culture and history. They were returning to their homelands stunned, and not only by their discovery of the once closed country but also by their impressions of Russian women. Because a typical Russian bride for marriage turned out to be pretty beautiful, tender and somehow naive.
  • 10 Signs She Doesn't Want a Relationship with You
    Often, everything happens exactly the opposite: a girl wants a relationship, and a guy wants freedom. However, today we consider the opposite situation when a guy likes a girl and is serious about her. But it turns out that she avoids constancy by hook or by crook.
  • Clear Signs of Female Attraction
    You should be attentive and discover new facets in your interlocutors because every social interaction involves a lot of body language. It is extremely important when it comes to romantic relationships. Today we will list some of the clear signs of female attraction.
  • Things Russian Girls Want You to Do on the First Date
    Eager to know what to do on a first date with your Russian woman? Want to impress her? Check our insightful tips showing how to act and what to talk about with your girlfriend. You’ll make your first date unforgettable!
  • Traits of a Good Man: What Attracts Women
    Men’s approach to choosing women they like is fairly simple. Their companion should be attractive, cheerful, and that’s pretty much all. If all these conditions are met, a man starts to look closer at his partner, trying to find some minor qualities he likes most. Women approach the choice of the companion much more seriously, relying not only on cute faces but also on the character traits they prefer.
  • How to find a real Russian bride
    It comes as no surprise that Russian women enjoy considerable popularity among American as well as Western European men. And there are quite enough valid reasons to support this statement.
  • What Kind Of Sex Do Russian Women Like?
    Despite the fact that feminism is parading the streets and is actually doing it in quantum leaps, a Russian lady still enjoys being the object of your interests in bed. Russian women in sex should be the highest priority for you. Sexy Russian women are not interested in leading your sexual life.
  • What Attracts a Russian Woman in Long Term Relationships with a Foreigner
    Do not think that Russian women tend to marry foreigners in order to immigrate only. If so, it would probably be easier for foreigners to marry Russian women right there. Likewise, women would not hesitate if a foreigner asked her to marry him. Instead, foreign men need to come to Russia or Ukraine at least several times to find a bride there.
  • How to Make a Russian Girl Fall in Love with You
    Many foreigners who want to find a Russian girlfriend or wife would like to know the way to the heart of a Russian beauty. According to psychologists, it takes us up to 30 seconds to fall in love with our new acquaintance. It proves once again the importance of first impressions.
  • Top 10 Reasons to Choose a Russian Woman as Your Girlfriend
    Have you ever dated Russian women? If not, then you should definitely meet some. If you’re a single decent man looking for a compatible partner, then a Russian girl will make a good match for you. Even if you don’t want to get married in the nearest future, you’ll enjoy the experience of dating Slavic girls because they are very interesting personality.
  • Best Compliments for Russian Women
    Woodrow Wyatt once said: “A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.” Although Russian women are truly unique creatures, this rule also works for them. If you wanna conquer a heart of a girl coming from this country, merely start with complimenting her.
  • What Values Do Russian Women Respect Most in a Man?
    Russian ladies are able to entice any man on this planet. Yet not so many Western gentlemen know how to impress a woman of such a special sort. To make the situation clear, we managed to gather the top 15 character features that Russian girls value the most. If you combine at least some of them, be sure – you have a good chance to win a Russian lady’s heart!
  • How to Say ‘Beautiful’ in Russian to a Girl
    The beauty of Russian women can leave men speechless first. But when they come round, they want to get their thoughts together and express their admiration. Some of them are pretty skilled at paying compliments, while others usually say something ordinary.
  • How to Get a Russian Woman Interested in You
    Russian women are open and the same time reserved, passionate inside and cold from the outside. Such a dual nature of Slavic girls often makes foreign men puzzle their brains over the way of approaching Russian beauties and communicating with them successfully.
  • What Russian Women Want to Hear from Men?
    One thing that has always kept men wondering is what women want to hear from men. Men are usually completely sure about one thing: women love compliments, and Russian ladies do not make an exception.
  • What Russian Women Want In Men
    A woman is one of the most complex creatures made by God and it might take a lifetime for a man to understand her. Women are the riddles that men spend their lives solving.
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