Things Russian Girls Want You to Do on the First Date


  1. Why First Date Is So Important?
  2. Advice for What to Do on a First Date
  3. How to Act on a First Date and Avoid Being Ashamed
  4. How to Impress Russian Girl on the First Date?
  5. First Date Gifts for a Russian girl - What Are They?
  6. What to Talk about on the First Date?

Eager to know what to do on a first date with your Russian woman? Want to impress her? Check our insightful tips showing how to act and what to talk about with your girlfriend. You’ll make your first date unforgettable!

You have just asked your girlfriend out on a date and have no idea how to impress her. Do you know what to do on a first date? In very deed, your future relationships depend on the way you spend your first day together. Therefore, if your primary aim is to make your girlfriend happy, you need to be aware of the tips on how to impress a girl. Our objective is to provide you with the best instructions showing how to achieve that goal.

first date tips for men

Why First Date Is So Important?

Keep in mind that the first impressions always matter even more than anything else. When you know how to behave on the first date, you’ll be able to build very good relationships with your partner. You might think that the first step is always troublesome, but, luckily, we can’t apply this saying in this particular situation. When you ask your woman out on a date, you simply can’t afford to make mistakes. You won’t have a second chance to meet her and show that you are an absolutely different person. In other words, you can’t mess your first date because you won’t have a second chance to rectify the first impression.

Things Russian Girls Want You to Do on the First Date

Keep in mind that if your key objective is to meet a Russian girl and build healthy and strong relationships with that woman, you need to be aware of some things which they always consider. The cultural mentalities of American and Russian women are absolutely different. So, what are the main things to do on a first date with your girlfriend from Russia? What should you know about them?

Always be on time. Russian women don’t like unprecise men. They don’t want to wait until you solve your issues and finally find some time to spend an evening together. Even if you feel you are late (for any reason whatsoever), you should notify her about this. However, you shouldn’t expect that your Russian girlfriend will come on time. Mostly, they are 5-10 minutes late. It doesn’t mean they don’t value your time!

Be responsible. You should always be responsible for what you do. It really matters to them! They don’t like men giving hollow promises. If you promise to do this or that thing, you should always fulfill your promises. Besides, it is not common for Russian women to go dutch when they go to a cafe, cinema or restaurant. If you want to know how to have a good first date and you wish to impress her, you must pay for your supper or movie. As a result, you’ll make her think that you are an independent and self-responsible person. She must know that you can handle yourself financially!

Try to be open. Your first date is a fair opportunity to find out new things about each other. Simply put, you get acquainted with each other and try to see who you are. Therefore, you should always be sincere. However, you should always respect the opinion of others. For instance, if you don’t eat gluten, it doesn’t mean that all others (who consume it) are silly. You should be open and be able to hear others.

Be polite. However, it doesn’t mean you should be polite to your partner only. You should be polite to others too. Don’t be rude to others! Show that you are interested. Talk about yourself but also put some questions to know your partner better. Even if to take a look at hundreds of first date tips for men published in the web environment, you’ll see that the majority of them offer you to be polite to your partner.

Be complimentary. Russian women like flowers and compliments. If you like that girl and want to continue your relationship, dole out compliments! Pay attention to her dress, hairdo, the color of her eyes, etc. Tell her about this. She will definitely appreciate your attentiveness to details. Russian women like attentive men paying compliments. So, keep in mind this subtlety on the first date.

first date rules for guysAlways be curious about your partner. It doesn’t mean you need to turn your conversation into an interview. However, you need to somehow show that you are interested in this woman. If to check well-known first date rules for guys, you’ll see that all of them recommend being curious about your partner. In order to keep your first conversation flowing, you should ask her about her life, her education, job, hobby, family, etc. Try to show that you desire to know each other better. Prove that you are serious about your future relationship.

Be assertive. Showing that you are a self-reliant and self-confident person is really important. However, while interacting with her, you shouldn’t be too aggressive. Russian girls like men who stick to their guns. It means that they know what they want to achieve in their life. For instance, you decide to spend your first date out on a bicycle ride. You hired two bicycles online but when you came to take them, you see that they offer only one bicycle. You shouldn’t be too aggressive to the specialist who confused your order. Never shout! Nevertheless, you need to insist on getting your own way and show that you want this issue to be solved immediately.

These are the main things you need to consider before you meet your Russian girlfriend for the first time ever. You can rest assured they will help make your first date with a girl unforgettable.

Advice for What to Do on a First Date

Seems like this is the question of major concern for most men (especially if you really like that girl). In such a scenario, we can recommend being creative. Don’t spend this day in a cafe or restaurant. If you want to come across to her, try to think out of the box.

  • You can get some beach time (only if the weather is fine).
  • Go for a ride together.
  • Go fishing.
  • Visit a museum or art gallery.

However, if you prefer standard approaches, you can have dinner at the local restaurant but don’t get too drunk. A glass of wine can calm your nerves but you shouldn’t get shitfaced. Otherwise, you won’t see her anymore.

Why not visit a concert of your favorite pop or rock singer? Although you won’t be able to talk too much, this is a fair opportunity to relax and dance together.

How to Act on a First Date and Avoid Being Ashamed

It is evident that you don’t know each other but you wish to make a good impression. You shouldn’t worry that anything can go wrong. After all, she is not the only woman on this planet and it doesn’t mean you will be a bachelor until the end of your life. Keep in mind that the key objective of any date is to have a good time together. So, keep this mood inside of you!

To set a good tone of the date, you need to smile, be relaxed and behave in a laid-back manner. As a result, she will follow your example and get excited. If you have no idea how to start a conversation, choose more common topics like weather, sport, etc. Besides, you can also pay compliments to her dress, hairdo or anything else. Don’t be ashamed of joking because women like men with an excellent sense of humor.

How to Impress Russian Girl on the First Date?

We created a list of the best first date ideas which will help make a positive impression on your Russian girlfriend. Mayhap this information will help you remain on good terms with her:

  • Always buy flowers! This is the question of major concern. This simple gesture will show that you were thinking of the date in advance. If you don’t know what flowers she likes, you can opt for roses. When you know each other better, you can buy her favorite flowers.
  • You must look perfect. Your style of clothes depends on the place where you go. If it is a restaurant, you must put on nicer clothes than if you decide to watch a movie together. However, your T-shirt, pants, and shoes must always be clean! Always take a shower before the date and fix your hair.
  • Send a message to her right before the date. As a result, she’ll understand that you are looking forward to seeing her.
  • Always open the door of your car, cafe, restaurant or any place where you decide to go.
  • Pay attention to even inconspicuous details. Simply put, you should be engaged in what she is talking about and ask questions seeking clarification.
  • Following all these pieces of advice, you’ll definitely get on her good side. Everything else depends on the chemistry between both partners.

First Date Gifts for a Russian girl - What Are They?

Firstly, we want to emphasize that first date gifts for a girl aren’t must-have things. It depends on you - whether you want to do this or not. However, if you decide to make a gift, you’ll definitely impress that girl. You will hardly find a woman who doesn’t like presents (even small ones) but sometimes, it is really hard to understand what things can make her happy.

When you see each other for the first time in your life, you don’t know what she likes or dislikes. In such a scenario, you shouldn’t focus on too expensive gifts (leave them for the next dates). However, if you still want to make a gift, you can buy flowers and chocolates. This combination is probably the best idea!

You can also buy the tickets to the concert of her favorite singer or sports team. If she dreams of visiting one of these performances, she will definitely appreciate your gift.

What about jewelry? You can buy jewelry only if you are sure that she likes bracelets or earrings. It is better to leave this gift for your second date.

What to Talk about on the First Date?

how to impress a girlThis question is even more important than the previous one. If you aren’t a sociable person, you should think of the topics to discuss beforehand. Well, what to talk about on a first date?

  • Never talk about your ex-girlfriend and compare them. It is a fatal mistake.
  • Discuss the city you live in.
  • Tell her about your hobby.
  • Talk about your favorite movies, books, singers, actors, etc.
  • Discuss your leisure time activities.
  • Name your favorite meals.

These are too common topics. If you want to find out more specific information, you can ask your partner these questions. However, you shouldn’t turn your date into an interview! Things to Avoid on a First Date

There are a few topics which should be avoided. Even if you have questions seeking clarification, but you consider them to be irrelevant, you should ask them later, during your next dates. So, what topics shouldn’t be covered on a first date?

Politics. You might guess that your partner may have an absolutely different viewpoint regarding this or that political question. If you can’t bear with her opinion or you aren’t ready to hear an absolutely different point of view, it is better to avoid topics about politics.

Sex. Keep this topic for later. Besides, you shouldn’t ask your partner about any other relationships.

Don’t eat too much. Otherwise, your upset stomach can ruin your first date.

Don’t get plastered. Keep in mind that a glass of wine is enough for the first date!

Avoiding these things, you’ll have a better than expected first date.

Bottom Line

Of course, there are a few things which make Russian woman special, but in general, they like attentiveness, love and the reverent attitude to themselves. If your objective is to make her fall in love with you, consider our insightful tips. You’ll make her happy!

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