What Not to Present to Your Girlfriend: 15 Worst Gifts Ever

As soon as the birthday of a loved one or any other holiday for which it is necessary to present a gift is approaching, men face a real panic: what to choose, where to buy, how to guess the right size and style? Choosing a gift for a girl is not at all difficult if you know your significant other well and understand her dreams. For this, you need to listen to what the girl says, what she pays attention to, what she is discussing, and what she hints on.

It would help if you did not wait for her birthday to make a girl a present. There are many other occasions to surprise her. Spontaneous celebrations are also an excellent way to find out her tastes. Unfortunately, we all have stories about anniversary gifts that did not amaze us or the worst Christmas gifts ever. You do not want your girl to think that you do not care about her or know about her desires. Hopefully, the information below will help you in making the best present possible and surprise your partner.

worst birthday gifts for girlfriend

How to know what to present to your woman on any occasion: 5 tips

Different girls require different approaches. Personal preferences dictate what will be suitable for a certain lady, and gifts that some women dream about can be the worst gifts to give your girlfriend. To find out how to satisfy your beloved with a present, you should know what things and experiences suit her type.

Traditional gifts for girls

The first thought is flowers and jewelry. These ideas are universal and simple, but not all women appreciate such banal things. If you cannot come up with anything because your partner seems not to have unique hobbies, you can stick to these options. Please pay attention to what she wears and enjoys. If she wears minimalistic earrings and a simple necklace, you can look for something similar. Try to recall the first days of your acquaintance on one of the single women sites. Take a fresh look at your woman from aside as if you are strangers. What is the first thing that comes to your mind? Does she dye her hair? Present her with a hair salon certificate. Is her favorite perfume running out? Buy a new bottle. Even if a girl doesn't have specific interests, she is a live person with her needs and secret desires. Your task is to detect them.

An original gift for a sporty girl

Is she athletic? The circle of the worst gifts to give a woman who loves sports is significantly narrower. You can stay on the safe side, give her sports equipment, and fill her up with ropes and weights. Or you can buy a bottle for water or protein shakes with her initials so that she carries it with her to training. If she prefers an individual sport like riding a bicycle or basketball — choose whenever a gift is useful for her during a game. A new pair of sneakers, a ball, a bike saddle, or something tasty to keep her diet balances will be suitable.

And if she already has something to wear water for training, you can buy her an eco-bag or a sports bag to carry the sportswear to the gym. Show yourself a socially responsible person who cares about what she wears and chooses a new sports uniform. Gym girls adore leggings, tops, sneakers, and sports bra. Not only will she have a new outfit and feel motivated, but you will enjoy her curves in a new stylish wear choice.

An exciting gift for an active girl

If she is not an athlete but is fond of tourism, there are still many practical gifts and unusual experiences that will suit your beloved. Grab a thermos, order a cool print on it (not with your photo, though), and you can be confident about hitting the target. Then, take her to the mountains so that she can put a new gift to the test. It is not that perfume or makeup will be the worst gifts ever for an active girl, but she will, probably, be more eager to try out a new adventure than a pair of hills.

worst gifts to give your girlfriendWhy don't you present her with an unusual experience? Like a trip to another country or a spontaneous ride to the forest to watch the shooting stars. Emotions and changing the boring rooting were never bad gifts to give to a girl. In case you run out of ideas, travels are your leading ace in the hole. And you can likewise benefit from it because you will also see new places and spend time actively.

The idea of a good gift for a girl for any occasion

Nothing comes to mind, but you want to be useful and so that she remembers your efforts? Choose a practical gift like a phone case with a custom image or the one that is made from the recycled materials. If the girl is keen on ecology, you can give her bags, decor items, or even clothes made of natural materials or biodegradable resources. Depending on the season and her preferences, you should stick to the topic that will correspond to the air's general atmosphere. The best gift apart from the case would be, of course, a mobile phono to wear in this case. If your budget is high enough, you should treat your partner to a new piece of technology. Modern devices make girls forget about all the horrible gift ideas you implemented during dating.

The perfect gift for an introvert girl

People who are homebodies and do not enjoy unusual new experiences will be the happiest to receive another cool home decor item or cozy gifts that will make their nests even more authentic. Feel free to gift your partner with a pillow or a mug. No matter how many of them she has, there will never be enough. Customize the pillow with a secret phrase that means a lot to you. It will be comfortable to lean on it while watching TV shows together or reading. And a mug is a vital thing for any introvert: a cup of tea, coffee, scented candles, and the perfect evening is ready.

Worst gift ideas: what do women say?

Sometimes it is easier to go from the opposite; if you do not know what the girl wants for the holiday, try to understand what things will not please her. In principle, each lady has her tastes and preferences, but there is a general list of things that you should not give according to the worldwide traditions and etiquette.

A watch

Presenting watches in many countries is considered at least bad taste. In China, they are convinced that this gift will count the time left for a person to live. There is no such superstition in other countries, but many believe that such a present will lead to a breakup. If your girl doesn't usually wear a watch and is not used to any decor on her wrist, she also believes in this superstition or dislikes watches and fitness trackers.

A knife

Europeans believe that cutting objects are harbingers of future problems in the recipient's home. Latin American residents believe that they "cut off" all ties with the person to whom it is presented by giving a knife. Residents of the Caucasus and the East are calm about the weapon presented as a gift, but many girls will entirely nor get the idea of such a present. Unless you enjoy throwing knives as your leisure activity, do not choose this one as a present.


There are some superstitions concerning giving socks, but the main reason doesn't lie in them. While socks are a cute addition to the main gift for Christmas or a random surprise for a cold season, girls do not appreciate them as a main present. If you decide to buy them, choose at least a set of funny or designer cocks and present several pairs not to look greedy.

Anti-age products

No matter how mature is your beloved, it would help if you never made a particular emphasis on her age. Many women stop celebrating their birthdays because of the emotional crisis and insecurities connected with age. Products aimed to make them younger or cosmetic procedures are the worst birthday gifts for such women. They will think that you are dissatisfied with the way they look.


Women enjoy fancy cocktails and elite alcohol, too but buying it as a gift is not worth it. Mature men love to accept brandy, whiskey, and other expensive sorts of alcoholic drinks as gifts and make their collection of bottles bigger. To give such a present to a woman is a sign of a bad taste.


A lot of superstitions are associated with mirrors. They are believed to bring troubles and serve portals into the parallel world. Even a small makeup mirror can be a vital amulet and bring about unexpected changes.

worst gifts to giveDishes

If you present a woman with dishes and one plate gets broken, or a crack appears on it, this can cause a "broken" life. Even a set of bohemian glasses for whiskey or fancy champagne glasses can transform into the worst gift ideas if the girl doesn't get you right.


When you choose one of the things like a wallet, a bag, or a suitcase as a gift, you must put something inside, and it is impossible to give a wallet without money. Let there be at least one coin or bill. But giving your partner a suitcase, even if she wanted one, can be misinterpreted. A woman may think that you want her to leave. Let this piece of luggage be an item she chooses herself.


When presenting such a "live" gift, you need to ask the girl whether she is ready to take care of it. Many people are not keen on gardening and plant-growing. A money tree is generally one of the worst birthday presents. According to the tradition, a person should take a branch of this plant from an owner and grow it themselves.


Unless this is a lace peignoir or your girlfriend is 15 years old, giving her a PJ pair will look childish.

Amber jewelry

It is believed that amber jewelry is a symbol of imminent separation. In general, not many girls enjoy this type of precious stone.

Jewelry boxes

Unless you put a set of jewelry inside, this gift is not a good idea. Many people believe that presenting something empty like a box will lead to poverty and financial problems. Even if your beloved one has many jewelry items and no place to store them, let her choose this one herself.

Scarf, gloves, mittens

There is no exact explanation for the ban on such gifts, but many women do not enjoy receiving them. You can choose the wrong style or not pay attention to the fact that a girl doesn’t wear them at all.


It would be best if you never gave her a mug unless you know that she collects them and drinks lots of tea. Many women dislike a mug as a main present because it is banal and inexpensive. Such options do not make a good idea for a solemn occasion. Mugs with your photos are mostly the worst gifts to give. The photo will wash away, or the mug can get broken.

Body modification certificate

In a better case, your partner will reject your idea to have a couple of tattoos. In the worst scenario, she will not at all appreciate your attempt to change her. Let the person decide whether she wants a new tattoo or a piercing.

When choosing an original gift for your beloved, discard vacuum cleaners' thoughts, household items, and something small like just a book or a mug. It is better to invest in an unusual experience or prepare a box of gifts.

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