Long Distance Relationships

  • How to Avoid Temptations in Relationships and Fight Them
    Sometimes relationships cease to bring joy. The house, in which love and harmony reigned, is filled with problems, everyday boring life, and disappointment now. When passion and love fade away between a man and a woman, different temptations often arise in a relationship.
  • Living Apart Together: Why, When, and How to Practice
    Sometimes life together is a bummer. Who didn’t wash the dishes? Why is the bathroom floor all soapy? Why did your partner leave socks all over the floor? These and other mysterious questions bother couples that live together on a daily basis.
  • What Not to Present to Your Girlfriend: 15 Worst Gifts Ever
    Different girls require different approaches. Personal preferences dictate what will be suitable for a certain lady, and gifts that some women dream about can be the worst gifts to give your girlfriend.
  • Best 50 Hobbies and Activities for Couples to Do Together
    When you start a relationship, the atmosphere is always pleasant, cheerful and romantic. You and your partner are interested in each other and can spend hours talking and cuddling. Although, time passes, and everything changes. Now you spend more time using gadgets and sometimes can even feel bored because watching films together every evening doesn't seem so inspiring. Therefore, spending time together doing something new is vital.
  • Best Places to Meet Women Online
    Meeting girls online is the simplest choice. Nowadays, we know that the easiest way to meet a girl is to use a dating website or some dating app. However, not everything is so simple: it is very easy to face scammers there, some websites are very expensive, and no one guarantees you that you will have success among other users of any website or apps because the competition is very high there.
  • Jewish Women Dating: Tips and Advice
    The Jews are a people with a rich culture, traditions, history, and of course, gorgeous beauties who often become the main heroines of men’s dreams. For many centuries, Jewish girls have been considered faithful wives and caring mothers. At the same time, there is always some mystery and sadness in their image that makes them stand out from other women.
  • Dating Tips: Surviving a Bad Breakup - 10 Things You Need to Know
    If something can be called “hard times,” then surviving a breakup is definitely one of those things. No one is completely protected against this. A bad breakup always hurts because usually, it happens when you are not ready for it at all. To some people, it seems that a breakup is an assessment of them as people.
  • 10 Reasons to Try Cybersex
    Today, new technologies have significantly diversified the tools of virtual sex. The emergence of the Internet has given the world sex chats, dating sites, and various instant messengers that provide a wonderful opportunity for playful conversations with strangers. Thus, one can get acquainted with any person from across the globe and gain almost any sexual experience through video chat.
  • How Not to Be Lonely When Alone
    The issue of loneliness is one that probably each of us has dealt with. Loneliness is the feeling that accompanies us in our development during the whole life. This is part of the way of finding yourself. And it leads to the fact that we begin to value relationships more.
  • Best Cities for Dating in Your 30s
    There are a lot of comfortable and attractive resorts in our world, but also there are such amazing places with magical atmosphere that seem to be created for dating. The most important thing is that these places will be interesting not only for youngsters, but for people who are 30 years old and even more. There are 7 best cities for dating in your 30s.
  • Long Distance Relationship Rules
    You have met online. Be ready for the fact that your relationships have to stand the test of distance. Separation can be long or not very long, but for some time you may have to live in two countries.
  • Long Distance Relationship Problems
    Long distance relationships are quite difficult to maintain... but what if your second half opened to be on the other side of the world?
  • Long Distance Relationship Advice
    Long distance relationship is not a piece of cake to deal with, but nowadays, when more and more people meet each other through online dating sites, "distant love" is becoming a common thing in our everyday life. Almost every third couple experienced long distance relationships at least once.