7 Secrets of Successful Russian Dating and Marriage

You can’t develop a successful relationship without putting enough effort into it. Firstly, you need to gather your courage and approach a woman. Then, you need to do your best to win her heart. And after that, you should work on your relationship together to keep it alive. This is a simple scenario of any successful long-term relationship. So, what are those things you need to know to win a Russian woman and marry her in the long run?

Start slowly.

Russian women like decisive and persistent men but this is not the right behavior at the beginning of a romantic relationship. Two strangers meet and it will take them some time to establish trust. Women are wary and they need to realize that you’re the person they can open up to. Don’t be too pushy during the initial stage of your relationship. If you met online, don’t bombard her with questions at once. It’s obvious that you want to get to know her but you should do it gradually in order not to freak her out or make her think you’re desperate.

Be romantic.

If you’re in love with a Russian woman, let her feel it. It’s not necessary to declare your love at once – she will not take your words seriously. There are so many ways to express your feelings non-verbally. Take her out on a date to some unusual place that is soaked with romance or just some interesting place where she’s never been before. Irrespective of whether you date online or go out in real life, prepare a gift for her. Bring a bunch of flowers for her or order a bouquet delivery in her city online. These gestures sometimes speak louder than words.


How do people get to know each other? Through conversations. The foundation of any relationship is good communication between the partners. The best way to show your genuine interest in a Russian woman is to ask her something about her life or family. She’ll return the question and you’ll both get essential information about each other. Partners should have a lot in common, then they will always have something to talk about. Keep in mind that there are some tabooed topics that should be avoided at the initial stage of your relationship. Among them are your and her exes, politics, sex-related topics, and other inconvenient subjects. Instead, ask her about her interests, passions, travel experiences, pets, etc.


Your communication can be effective only if you’re attentive and listen carefully to what your interlocutor says. Women appreciate it very much when men are truly interested in their conversation. Just admit that guys often focus on a woman and not on what she’s saying. You need to show your Russian date that you’re all ears and she’ll understand that you’re into her. For this, demonstrate that you’re in the moment: ask questions, comment on her stories, in other words – prove that you’re attentive. Remember some facts from her life, what she dreams of, her hobbies – this information will come in handy later on when you’ll look for a present for her. Also, she’ll like it very much when you ask her about something she told you last time. This will be a perfect proof you were listening.

Keep romance alive.

When people get married, they get so comfortable that they start taking each other for granted. It’s important to keep your feelings and passion alive even after years of your marriage. Spend quality time together. Yes, you live under the same roof and see each other every day and night but it’s important to go out sometimes and do something together. Go out on dates like you did when you just met. Explore new places together, travel, and enjoy each other’s company.

Respect her.

Russian women want to be respected for who they are. Every person deserves respect simply because each of us is a personality with our own virtues and talents. Praise your Russian every now and then to prove to her that you care and that you’re proud to have such a wife. Don’t forget to thank her for all those things she does on daily basis – cooking, cleaning, ironing, etc.

Be honest.

Honesty is very much appreciated by Russians and it’s a basis of a healthy relationship. You should be frank with your significant other because sooner or later the truth will be revealed and it will undermine the level of trust to you and might have a detrimental effect on your relationship. Your wife is your best friend, don’t have secrets from her.

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