What exciting topics to talk about on a first date, and what is better to remain silent about?

Table of contents:

  1. Recommendations for men on behavior on a first date
  2. Where to start a conversation
  3. Don't turn a date into an interview
  4. Universal themes for the first meeting
  5. Give sincere compliments
  6. What's best not to talk about
  7. If there is an awkward pause

A first date is always fascinating, no matter how old you or she is. What to wear? Where to invite her? What to talk about? The last one is the most difficult. In a conversation, the person opens up and shows himself as a person, and the other becomes clear whether he wants to continue communicating. Let's consider different options for communication on a first date and possible scenarios that can be successful or fail, as well as taboo topics and questions that are better to forget about on the rendezvous with the lady you are interested in.

what to talk about on a first date

Recommendations for men on behavior on a first date

The first date can be different: walking, meeting at an event, or having dinner together in a restaurant. Regardless of where you meet, it would be best if you considered some recommendations on how to behave and what not to do. The main thing is not to be late under any circumstances – the girl can regard it as a sign of disrespect, and therefore do not add your points as a gentleman. You should comply with digital etiquette:

  • Don't answer calls and messages coming to your smartphone.
  • Don't check your email.
  • Certainly, don't go to different websites while you're talking - best of all.
  • Turn off the sound and hide your device away.

During the meeting, don't keep silent, especially if your companion is shy and does not know what to say, defuse the situation with a joke. Instead, challenge the young lady to a frank conversation, and try to learn more about her. 

Listen carefully to your interlocutor, actively engage in dialogue, no matter what it's about – show genuine interest; it's very tempting. Be honest in your answers, or change the subject if you feel uncomfortable talking about something. 

If your rendezvous takes place in a restaurant, be careful with alcoholic beverages, it may be better to refuse them at all, at least on the first date

Sometimes men try to look perfect, but it's better not to make a stunning impression; no need to throw her all your regalia, awards, and honors; this partner may regard it as boasting. Just be yourself. 

Do not plan for the first meeting to go to the cinema, to an exhibition, or to another place where you will be distracted from communication;

During the talk, please don't touch the taboo topics (we will talk about them later) so as not to get into an awkward situation yourself and not to embarrass your girlfriend. Be bold and ask questions that interest you, but don't overdo it. 

Be polite, show your companion attention and respect, and avoid slang and rude words. 

Forget all the advice from men's magazines and chat rooms; just be yourself, smile, look the lady in the eyes, and listen to your intuition.

And one more tip: don't spend a lot of cash on a first date. You don't know if there will be a second date, so why waste money?

Where to start a conversation

what to talk about on a first date with a girlCommunication can begin with some neutral topics. For example, if you meet in a park, you can admire nature, the benches' comfort, and the paths' beauty. If the first meeting is in a cafe or restaurant, praise the place ( mainly if your lady chose it), the cuisine, and the service. Express the hope that she will like it here, too (if you selected it). And then you can move on to questions: How was your day? How do you find the weather? How did you get here? How is your mood?

If the girl has just come from work, you can ask about her work life cautiously. Maybe she doesn't like what she does and doesn't want to go into that subject. But, on the other hand, if you both have pets, you can talk about them for hours. You can even take pets on a date if you're meeting at the park and the pets are dogs.

In a restaurant, you can distract yourself by ordering food and drinks. After that, it is convenient and logical to continue the culinary theme. It is neutral and enjoyable for everyone. In addition, it will help to know the lady's tastes and increase appetite before the meal.

Don't turn a date into an interview

One of the reasons a first date becomes awkward is because the conversation subtly turns into a mundane interview. Try asking about the person's life at the moment. Find out what the companion lives, dreams about, works on, and does. And by no means interrupt their speech. Some people find it challenging to start a dialogue. They can lose the narrative thread and shut themselves off if they need clarification.

Also, it would be best if you did not jump abruptly from topic to topic. Let it happen organically, and then the conversation will be comfortable for you and your companion. Practice active listening, understand what the girl is saying and feeling, and give feedback. Be sure to comment on what you hear, and if appropriate, express your point of view on this or that issue. People usually open up more when they are listened to.

Universal themes for the first meeting

According to surveys of those who occasionally go on a date, they compiled a list of topics girls like: travel, recreation and leisure, hobbies and favorite activities, character traits and temperament, favorite books, movies, and music, and plans for the future.

These topics will help the lady reveal herself and show her different sides. The last point can cause questions. To clarify what she dreams and wants to achieve in the next six months to a year can be unobtrusive, with half a hint. But look different from a psychologist or coach who tries to work through the topic and direct the girl in the right direction. No pressure. Let's find out any question gently and with humor. Humor is another part of a great date.

You can ask her what she expects from dating right now. She needs a friendly conversation with an attractive man, a light flirtation, or a meeting with the prospect of creating a family. You'll have to discover this point to understand how to behave further. And whether you need any communication with this woman, if she wants to meet with men from time to time, and if you wish to have a faithful life companion.

Give sincere compliments

During communication, try to compliment your lady, but with substance and not only about her appearance. For example, you can express admiration for the style of her clothes, her purse or jewelry, and the depth of her knowledge in chemistry, interior design, Chinese, and the national cuisine of Italy (underline). Or admit that she is a great interlocutor, and you are ready to talk to her for the rest of your life. A little flirting will lighten the mood. 

If you receive compliments, thank the person. Even if you're not used to admiring words from women, don't make excuses or diminish your strengths. Often you can see your muscles better from the outside, so say, "Thank you, I am delighted."

What's best not to talk about

what not to talk about on a first dateThere are some topics that it is better not to touch on in the first meeting with a girl so as not to cause her negative emotions. They are old psychological traumas and resentments, past relationships and discussions of former partners are the major taboo on a date with a woman, religious issues, politics, your victories and achievements in non-stop mode, something you don't know anything about, topics that bring pain and negativity.

And now, let's look at the top forbidden questions you should never ask a lady at the first meeting because they can offend her or put her in a daze. Do you make a lot of money? How about paying for my dinner/coffee/cocktail? Have you been with many men? And dates in the last month? Do you believe in God? Do you go to church often? If I get hit by a car, how long before you can start dating someone else? Would you do something crazy for me? What would it be? Do you wish you had been born a boy? And a gender change? How would you like to die? Where would you like to be buried? Have you already written a will? Would you marry me right now? How many children do you want? And who: a boy, a girl? Believe us. The girl won't go to the second meeting if you ask inappropriate and awkward questions. 

Such questions will not show you as an original or a person with a great sense of humor but can discourage a woman from staying with you, even for dinner. So be careful and watch what you say. Be adequate in your expressions.

Going on a date, you must understand what you expect from them. What you can give to the person sitting across from you and what they will provide you in those few hours of conversation. Tune in to offer: a good mood, positive emotions, delicious food and drinks, and exciting stories. And then the date will go on a high note and leave behind a pleasant aftertaste. And what if you finally met your person for life and no longer want to part with them?

If there is an awkward pause

There are often awkward pauses during conversations. It's like a void in your head, and you don't know what to talk about next. What to do? Just be quiet for a while. Or joke about the situation, which quickly and easily defuses the situation. The girl will also smile and probably continue the conversation or start a new topic.

On a date, you should be organic, share with your girlfriend what excites you, and convey positive energy. It will help you to be on the same wavelength, to dispose your lady to sincerity, and make the conversation more soulful. However, the main rule: dating should bring pleasure! Try to take as much as possible from the meeting with a woman. If you invite her on a date, you will surely like her. Let the same enjoy and communicate with her. Try to get to know this person better, let her get to know you, and have a pleasant and fun time!

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